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Repost: Year2: The Changes Shai Deserves!
Feb 6, 2021, 02:31 (UTC)
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Last Edit : May 20, 2021, 16:42 (UTC)
# 1
Updated Ideas Thread here: Shai Needs Buffs!!

Repost from the old Kakao forums. Year2: The Changes Shai Deserves! | Black Desert Online

I posted a very similar thread last year. We've gotten a lot of minor, but nice changes. So I'm updating my thoughts taking into account those changes plus the current meta landscape and roadmap.
Pre-face: These are just my personal suggestions and more represent the spirit of changes the class needs to be what I think a lot of us hope it could be, not an actual laundry list of "demands" (although I wouldn't complain in the slightest if they just copy/pasted)
Current Issues as a Shai Player:
-Being "forced" into building DP for large-scale pvp, just to function, because of lack of comparable damage and very slow animations is annoying.
-Being bullied off of spots or simply out of gathering, for no fault of our own, is also not fun.
-Limited overall speed and mobility is incredibly annoying and holds the class back from doing the most mundane content. (leveling, Potion grinding, over-gearing spots were grinding at)
--sub point, over reliance on quick slots for swapping makes the class feel clunky
-Limited felt/active impact of buffs and actions in general, outside of a few niche things, makes the class feel less important than it is/should be. (actions taken often feel invisible, despite being important)
What I'd like to see design wise:
-Overall speed/flow/mobility DRAMATICALLY improved. (we've come a long way... but long ways to go)
-Slightly more pvp damage, while still being considerably lower than other classes. Something like 75% of their DPS, with the caveat of requiring a few songs rolling.
-More felt impact of actions, less passive effects. Even as little as just more movement would help that a ton, more trickle healing, more short term impact. As a player I want to KNOW I'm doing something.
-Heals Standardized to scale more like Valk heals
TLDR version in BOLD.
Here is what I think that could/should look like:
PvP Damage Mod evened out to an average of ~.50 vs all classes
We have a .6 mod vs archer, where our damage feels low but reasonable.
Our mod vs Striker is .29, which is already a tanky class... too unreasonable.
Our damage would still be significantly lower than average and would still require us to apply buffs/debuffs to get to the point of legitimately killing people.
25% increased hit box size/area of effect on all florang skills
Missing skills on targets right in front of us because of small hit boxes is not interesting.
Over here:
Cooldown reduced to 3 minutes
No longer blocks character movement
Slow increased to -70% for 2 seconds while in Area.
+60% Damage Reduction Rate while using skill
[This skill is awesome, but its too buggy in a game as fast as BDO)
Get Well:
Cooldown lowered to 60 seconds
Heals 15% HP/MP/SP/WP per 1 tick for 3 ticks to self and allies
Come Out, Come Out:
Cooldown lowered to 10 seconds
Duration lowered to 5 seconds
+30% Move Speed while using skill
Area reduced by 30%
Cheer Up:
+10% hp for Self and Friends
+200hp recovery for Self and Friends, lasts 90 seconds
Cooldown reduced to 45 seconds
Play Dead:
Cooldown reduced to 60 seconds.
One, Two, Three/GO!:
One, Two, Three current 3rd hit removed, replaced with a duplicated 1st/2nd hit.
Go! Replaced with the 3rd hit of One, Two, Three
Sprinkle, Sparkle:
No longer gives or takes MP.
Removes all slows, bleeding, poison, burning, and pain effects from ally.
1 Target Max
Tuck and Roll:
Attack speed buff duration increased to 20 seconds
Made PvE I-frame (so we dont have to lock for evasion)
Current BSR 100% removed. 
New 100% - Cheer Up
Super armor
Instantly Heals +50% hp for Self and Friends.
+500hp recovery for 20 seconds.
Go Away:
Hotkey changed to S+F
No longer castable while on CD
(hotkey interferes with roll)
Gathering Whiz - Replaced:
Shai has a 2/4/6/10% chance to loot 1 random alchemy trace from monsters.
Alchemy Whiz - Replaced:
Shai gains 2/3/4/5 minutes of increased duration on elixirs. (excludes perfumes)
Shai No longer has a "talent stance"
All Songs Can be Cast {from Florang} by holding the Swap Key [C] - The ability to Hotbar and play should remain.
All songs Super Armor on Cast and for the duration of the animation. All songs have a standard playing animation/length (approximately 1 second)
Can play all songs while moving, but restricts movement speed to walking during the animation.
[what I imagine is where can be running/moving and hit the "cap locks" walking toggle, no full stop required]

All Songs in talent should generate 1 leaf. 
Talent: Melody of Light
Shai also gains +20% all debuff resistance and +20 all dp for 8 seconds when she starts playing any Song
(effect is unique and stacks with all other sources)
[C+LMB] Tuning: Frontal Guard, +4% hp/mp/sp/wp and per 2 seconds for self and allies around you.
[Artina] Sol now increases the base effect of all Tring (lute) songs
Pri->Pen: 1-5% (on effects listed)
[At Pen]
Sun, Moon Stars +All speed increased +15%
Delusive Light -Move Speed% increased +15%
Misty Haze -All DP and -All Evasion Rate increased +15%
Do it Better +All Accuracy Rate increased +5%
Delusive Light -All Special Damage increased +5%
Artina Sol has the same {hidden} MP value of a Dandelion weapon (for copying)
[May copy 'from' a Sol, but not 'to' a Sol]
[C+Shift+E] New "E Buff":
Troubador, 3 minute CD
+5% HP/MP/SP/WP for Self and Friends whenever the Shai starts playing a song for 30 seconds.
[Shai may choose 1 enhanced song per instrument]
Tring (lute):
(all songs 15 second CD)
[C+F] Sun, Moon, Stars: (+10%[25%] All Speed & +5% All Evasion Rate)
Lasts 60 Seconds.
[Unique, stacking with all other sources. *except Speed Spell]
Enhanced | +.1% (or +5) hp on hit for Self and Friends, lasts 20 seconds
[C+Shift+F] Do it Better: (+7%[12%] All Accuracy Rate & +20 all dp)
Lasts 60 Seconds.
Enhanced | +10 Melee, Ranged, Magic DP for Self and Friends, lasts 20 seconds
(does not stack with Heaven's Echo/Celestial Cry)
(Shai struggles hard with Acc rate outside of Haze window, this would help. Also make the Valk buff more accessible in general)
[C+sft+Q] Delusive Light:
(Critical Chance -25%, -10%[15%] all Special Damage, & -10%[25%] MS)
Lasts 20 seconds.
Enhanced | -50% Attack/Casting Speed for 5 seconds
[Unique, stacking with all other sources. *excluding other unique slows]
[C+Q] Misty Haze:
(-10%[25%] all dp and -10%[25%] all evasion rate)
Lasts 20 seconds.
Enhanced | -50 all ap for 5 seconds 
[Does not stack with other sources]
Tute (flute):
{all songs 30 second duration and 10 second CD}
[C+RMB+S] Summer Rain: (+25% all debuff resistance and +25% Debuff Resistance vs Monsters)
Enhanced  | Instantly removes all negates stat debuffs from Self and Friends effected.(-dp,-eva,-ap,-acc)
[C+LMB+S] Shout to the Sky: (+1000 max hp & +20% hp/mp/sp/wp for Self and Friends)
Enhanced | Instantly removes all slows, bleeding, poison, burning, and pain effects from Self and Friends effected. 
[C+E] Time to Shine: (+10 All AP & 3% BSR per 10 seconds for Self and Friends)
Enhanced | +5% Critical Damage for Self and Friends, lasts 30 seconds.
[Unique, stacking with all other sources.]
Tamtam (bongo):
{+25% crit rate added to all songs}
[C+sft+LMB] Earth's Tremble:
Critical Hit Rate +25%
Accuracy Rate +50%
Damage increased to 1350x7
Enhanced | Invincible while playing
[C+sft+RMB] Sun's Fury:
Critical Hit Rate +25%
Accuracy Rate +50%
Damage increased to 1350x7
Area increased ~25%
Enhanced | Inflicts -99% move speed for 1 seconds
[C+LMB+RMB] Forest's Echo:
Cooldown increased to 10 seconds.
Critical Hit Rate +25%
Accuracy Rate +50%
Damage increased to 1150x1, Max 20 Hits
Area increased ~25%
May Continue playing 1 additional time.
Enhanced | +30% Damage Reduction while playing
[Unique, stacking with all other sources.]
Black Star Upgrade:
Most Shai were disappointed and upset by fact that we were not included in receiving a Blackstar awakening weapon... While I also am, I also would not like to make an additional Pen+ weapon with no way to recoup costs.
My Solution:
Instead of crafting a NEW item: Shai upgrades her Sol via a length/costly questline, which adds a new instrument (with songs) and passive.
[requires Pen: Artina Sol]
Florechestra Sol
130-141 AP
(Otherwise same as Artina Sol)

Shai gains access to the Tara. (Hand held Harp/Lyre)
"The Tara's tune draws musical spirits to your aid"
(100SP for each skill, Requires 63)

Whatever Name Passive:
Increases Shai's damage to Monsters
+15 Monster AP
Tara (harp):
{all songs 15 sec CD}
The Tara's tune draws Musical Spirits that aid the Shai.
[C+Q+S] Winter's Bite:
Critical Hit Rate +25%
Accuracy Rate +25%
Deals 1500x10 in a large area
Freezing for 3 seconds on hit.
Spirits Effect: +50 all DP for Self and Friends, lasts 5 seconds
Enhanced | Spirit: +20% Ignore All Resistance for Self and Friends, lasts 5 seconds
[C+E+S] Calming Snow: 
Accuracy Rate +100%
-12% all accuracy rate, -20 all ap
Lasts 6 seconds.
Spirit's Effect:
Spirit echoes the song every 3 seconds in the area for 15 seconds.
Enhanced | Spirit: -15% MP/SP/WP on hit

[C+F+S] Chilly Nocturne:
Pulses in quick succession (approx 2 seconds total), long range narrow come in front of the Shai (Similar to Ranger's wailing wind/Witch's yoke of ordeal, but approx. 1.5x the range)
Critical Hit Rate +50%
Accuracy Rate +25%
Deals 1200x4, max 6 hits
-10 Melee DP, Ranged DP, and Magic DP for 10 seconds
Spirit's Effect: +50 All AP for Self and Friends, lasts 5 seconds.
Enhanced | Spirit: +15 Damage vs Monsters for self and friends, lasts 20 seconds.

Spirit Rabams:
No longer move
Similar area to Toxic Flood
Last 20 seconds, 20 second CD
Sharing is Caring:
Drops a Fragment of Light:
+4% hp per 2 seconds for Self and Friends, while in the area
+15 magic dp for 20 seconds
Over There:
Drops a Fragment of Light:
Deals 900x2 per 2 seconds while in the Area
+15 magic dp for 20 seconds
Tumble Wumble!: Made baseline skill
(we need this CC to do Pit of the Undying effectively, should just be baseline)
+all dp buff removed.
New 57 Rabam- Combo of Kwik2 + Hop3
Hop and Spin: Shai quickly spins the florang in a circle
+10% Accuracy Rate
Dealing 850%x1. Max Hits 30.
Super Armor
generates 3 leaves
Twirl Boom:
Super Armor Added
+20% Hp for Self and Friends.
generates 3 leaves
added -10% All DP for 10 seconds
1/14/21 FIXEDDDDDD on lab
Last Edit : Feb 6, 2021, 19:09 (UTC)
# 2

Phelsong Thank you for reposting this I was about to make a post about this and I will be setting one up on the suggestion area. 

I am going to Play devils advocate to make her better in a feild then in the hybrid 3 she is right now and she pretty much sucks at it.

Last Edit : Feb 9, 2021, 10:37 (UTC)
# 3

I was very happy with the addons being increased to 6 so that is very good. Regarding all the suggestions indeed we need out speed increased some animations are incredably slow I would like to see more fluidity between talent songs and Florang also lastly the hit boxes to be widened its disapointing to be missing enemies right in front of us.

Last Edit : Feb 12, 2021, 14:36 (UTC)
# 4

I agree with most of this but overall it'd be nice to see some updates to bring the shai more inline with the other classes in the game instead of being a novelty thats summoned to play music 

Last Edit : Feb 20, 2021, 16:11 (UTC)
# 5

Very solid suggestions. If any devs are looking for feedback from actual Shai mains then this post hits most if not all of the critique we have.

Nice writeup!

Last Edit : Feb 21, 2021, 14:46 (UTC)
# 6

Shai need to stick together, more. People really do be coming at us. We should just have a Shai code and resist and bite those who try to bully our fellow Shai.

Last Edit : Mar 13, 2021, 03:43 (UTC)
# 7

This would be amazing. all those changes....

Last Edit : Mar 16, 2021, 18:28 (UTC)
# 8

Those would be really nice changes

Last Edit : Mar 24, 2021, 15:06 (UTC)
# 9



When I read over all these changes, it reminds he how INCOMPLETE shai really is. And then I compare her to any other class and fully realize this to be true. 


PA, please make this happen, the shai class must become a full class. 

Last Edit : Jun 29, 2021, 17:04 (UTC)
# 10

The campaign RAGES on boys!!!


We will not stop until shai is made into the support class we deserve! 


PA, take Phelsongs ideas and make them REALITY!!!

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