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[Spring Greetings] [NA] MidnightPaws Guild Introduction :3
Feb 27, 2023, 23:14 (UTC)
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Last Edit : Feb 28, 2023, 01:02 (UTC)
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 Meowdy pawtner!
Looking for an Adventure? So are we! Come join our pack and we'll go on an adventure together! 

Extra-Large guild with active guild chat and weekly guild activities! including but not limited to:

     - Weekly XL Khan + full Guild Boss runs! Come fite big fishie n monsters with us!

     - Vell platoon every Wed/Sun

     - Casual node wars for funsies, or Paw-v-Paw BA/RBF practice.  It's not too serious, but it can be fun to sharpen our claws from time to time. Come if you like or don't that's fine! 

We also offer ~~guild specific benefits~~ including but not limited to:

- Max daily pay of 5mil

- Guild missions run daily and announced in guild chat, also available upon request along with ~mission specialist roles~!

- Full pawssive guild buffs available.  Active Lifeskill and Combat/Skill +20% exp guild buffs on request

~~ but whoo are we, might you ask? ~~
We're a fairly casual mix of seasoned and returning players who are proficient in lifeskilling, PvE, PvP, you name it!  

We are friendly and willing to lend a paw to help each other out.  We don't take ourselves too seriously

No toxicity/drama or we'll have to show you our claws! 

We also have an allianced sister guild MidnightClaws for those that prefer to hibernate a bit more often but still have some pals when active

All activities are optional but please be in our guild discord for easy communication regarding guild activities (vc/mic not req)

(Please note that while we are friends to all and respectful of all our pals n pawtners in life, we are not specifically an ERP or furry kinda guild )

Disclaimer: Side effects may include but are not limited to an increased enjoyment of BDO the game, heightened exposure to cute aminal gifs, goofy antics and occasional visitations from our friendly guild troll (you'll find out who they are soon enough), poor dental advice from ThatOneDentist, an extreme increase or decrease in your RNG, having all your Vell's heart drops go to one guild member, failing all your tets attempt so that you can one tap your pens, never being in another BDO guild, getting announcements of incoming guild buffs but still not seeing the message and getting buffed on the wrong character, vivid dreams of the black spirit, other terms and conditions may apply. 

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