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Narc's Crimson Tear - Disappeared from Inventory
Mar 21, 2023, 22:32 (UTC)
547 2
Last Edit : Mar 21, 2023, 22:32 (UTC)
# 1

Hey All,

Just wanted to see if anyone else has had items disappear after one of the last several patches? I know that our QoL updates as of late have dealt with numerous inventory & storage perks so, it stands to reason that something might be a bit buggy.

In my case, I recently returned to the game to begin the arduous task of farming the last pot piece I need for Odore's Spirit Essence (tanning chickens). As I began to search for the other two pieces I had already collected, I discovered only one remaining in my inventory (Markthanan's Gland). The Narc's Crimson Tear has completely vanished from my inventory. I even ran a search for the item to no avail.

I have yet to submit a ticket and wanted to canvass the forums to see if perhaps this is a Known Issue beforehand.

Cheers all and thanks for any assistance.

Last Edit : Mar 22, 2023, 01:16 (UTC)
# 2

Hi there, personally I havent heard of this so far, neither on here on the forums nor on the discord. Please check that you dont have the piece in any mount inventory or Clorinces Travel Bag, as the item search does not check there.

If you cant find it, please do send a ticket.


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