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Increase Monetary Reward for Red Battle Field (RBF)
Apr 25, 2023, 00:42 (UTC)
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Last Edit : May 4, 2023, 02:32 (UTC)
# 1

Family Name: EU_Choice

Region (NA/EU): EU


There is currently no sustainable way to earn gear for PvP while PvPing, therefore I suggest that Red Battle Field rewards be increased to be more competitive with grinding and lifeskillng. PvE players that want to progress their gear can PvE, lifeskillers who want to progress their lifeskilling gear can lifeskill, and currently there is no way to progress PvP gear while PvPing. With my suggestion, they can.

Lets start with the Valencia City RBF. My proposed structure is as follows:

1. Rewards are based on performance in the RBF.

2. Captures of points are worth 3 points each, kills are worth 1 point each. Max 3 pts per same person killed. Time on contested point = 1 point per 10 seconds. As long as not in iframe. 

3. Rewards max out at 331.5m in value, with minimum reward being 50m in value. (This can be consumables, crystal materials, silver, accessories, whatever is balanced by PA) This is on a per RBF basis for the #1 player on the victorious team, and scales down based on losing/worse comparative performance.

4. Max reward is scaled on number of players at the end of the match + Percentage of time in match (20 Minutes = 100%), Min reward is based on participation. Minimum 30k damage mitigated/received to be eligible for the minimum.

5. Upon entering RBF you can choose to have your loot scroll active for an additional +30% in rewards.


Q: Won't people just AFK in RBF to get free rewards?

A: RBF has afk timers already built in that will kick you if you are afk, and a minimum of 30k damage received/mitigated is required to earn anything at all. Even if you do the bare minimum, average afkers that move somewhat often but don't participate are likely to make 243m/hour which is far less than the already afk activity of bartering. Seasonal players make 400m/h at centaurs, so this really isn't a good use of your time even for a low effort way to earn money.

Q: Won't people abuse dead rbfs with their friends to artifically get 1st/2nd place and farm rewards?
A: Due to the players at end of match modifier, a rbf that ends with only 4 people in it will cut the reward obtained by 300%, barely making it more than the base reward.

Q: Won't people intentionally feed their friends kills to make them get 1st place?

A: You can only get points for killing the same player 3 times in a single match which prevents this abuse.

Q: Why can you earn more money with a loot scroll in RBF?

A: PvPers that want to progress through PvP dont grind much and have many loot scrolls, giving them a real use. Also, if RBF has comparable money to grinding, comparable resources should be used as well such as loot scrolls.

Q: Won't players with more gear make more money in RBF?

A: Yes. Just like in PvE, higher gear players make more money per hour because they can grind faster. Just like in lifeskilling, higher mastery players make more money lifeskilling. This is no different, and follows general game progression.

Q: How will DP/Healer players make money in RBF? They can't kill anyone.

A: Time spent contesting a point gives points, and capturing a point also gives points. DP players have a greater efficiency in contesting points so it should even out since they can't kill anyone.

Q: If you reward PvP won't RBF be filled with meta classes and people trying to perform better?

A: Yes. People always have the option to roll to meta classes just as they do in PvE. There is a reason that meta classes are plentiful in every grind spot, so therefore this is no different and PvP players shouldn't be resticted from earning money PvPing for this sole reason alone. This says more about class balance than it does the subject of PvPers earning money.

Q: Won't people join RBFs that have 10 minutes left to play 6 RBFs per hour instead of 3?
A: Since part of the modifier that determines your reward is time spent in the match, if you were only in the match for 10 of the 20 minutes, your reward will be cut in half. In fact, players will be incentivised to join new RBFs to maximize their time to accumulate score.

Q: What happens if you DC while in RBF?

A: Players should have the option to rejoin just like Arena of Solare, if the match ends before rejoining, players get their lootscroll timer refunded but otherwise get nothing.

Castle Ruins/Garmoth RBF Reward Structure

Since there are no points to capture in this RBF it makes rewarding it much harder for DP players. Therefore, the only solution I can see is ranking players based on the same criteria as Arena of Solare. Damage received, health regenerated, number of debuffs/CCs landed, and KD ratio. This will make it more fair for DP players cause they can heal to gain points, they can live longer to CC more people, and will generally have a higher damage received in most circumstances. Reward table to be exactly the same as outlined in the Valencia City RBF explanation above.

Last Edit : Apr 25, 2023, 00:44 (UTC)
# 2

very good idea

Last Edit : Apr 25, 2023, 00:44 (UTC)
# 3


Last Edit : Apr 25, 2023, 00:45 (UTC)
# 4

Seems like a good suggestion! This would be HUGE!!!

Last Edit : Apr 25, 2023, 00:45 (UTC)
# 5


Last Edit : Apr 25, 2023, 00:45 (UTC)
# 6

good idea my PIMP Choice

Last Edit : Apr 25, 2023, 00:45 (UTC)
# 7

i agree we need a dedicated pvp mode to earn silver

Last Edit : Apr 25, 2023, 00:45 (UTC)
# 8

I would get into PVP part-time if this goes live.

Last Edit : Apr 25, 2023, 00:45 (UTC)
# 9

good idea i love it

Last Edit : Apr 25, 2023, 00:45 (UTC)
# 10

This has been long awaited and the reward system has been neglected for too long.

The community stands with Choice in this matter and PA should really take in this advice. 


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