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UTC 19 : 17 Sep 26, 2023
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[NA] [PC] Sea Captains, Sailors & Barterers find your new home at CompassRose
May 1, 2023, 14:33 (UTC)
472 5
Last Edit : 3 Days ago
# 1


          a LifeSkills, PVE and Sailing Guild


CompassRose is an XL Active Ocean-faring guild with 10 Carracks & 3 Guild Galleys.  Group Sailies, Khan, Vell, Crocs & Lekrashan Habitat. Nice People, 18yo+.  Room for LifeSkillers & PVEers.  Easy-going, Inclusive, Friendly and Knowledgeable People.  Guild members specializing in all Life Skills.  No drama.  Play as you like. Group Activites  throughout the Week--as well as Daily Guild Missions available to all.   GMs for all & Guild Bosses.  Family-friendly chat.  Female guildmaster.  (No PVP/Node Wars/Siege, though we do defend ourselves with vigor.)    

Our Ocean Info
10 players with Carracks and others working on it
3 Guild Galleys  
Mentoring on Ship-Building, Bartering & Ocean Content

Ocean Activities
Variety of group Ocean Content--including Sailies, Crocks, Lekrashan Habitat.
Vell 2x a week
Khan 1x a week

Other Activities
CompassRose is an ACTIVE, organized XL guild.  GMs daily and group activites planned for most days of the week.  Guild Missions (GMs) are done daily and may be requested by anyone.  GMs are always announced--ALL guild members are invited and welcome to participate, if they want.  Guild Bosses weekly--everyone invited.  At random times we do Grind Parties for loot, fun or difficult quests.   All planned activities are announced in our Discord server under our #Announcements channel and #Calendar channel.  Most planned activities begin between 3pm Eastern Time to 7pm Eastern Time.

Current Calendar:
Friday: 7pm EDT Sailies & Crocs
Saturday: 7pm EDT Guild Bosses
Sunday: 4pm 17 Sailies and 4:55pm EDT teleport to Vell
Monday: Boss Subjugation GMs
Wednesday: 7pm EDT: 17 Sailies;  7:55pm EDT teleport to Vell

New Member Requirements
:   We currently have 5 positions available to people of any experience level.  This guild is LGBTQIA+ friendly. Treat the guild and all guild members with respect at all times. Language in chat and voice must be family friendly.

Nice, friendly people, no drama.  Our members are of a wide variety of experience and interests--plenty of peeps to help you and peeps for you to help.

:  Play as you like.  Group, Solo or AFK is fine.  Group Activities are all Optional. No open-world PVP, No Node Wars, No GvG, but will defend ourselves.   Solare and Red Battlefield are fine, if you like.

Guild Buffs
:  ALL Perma-Combat Buffs; All Perma-Life Skill Buffs;  We activate hour long buffs throughout the day and at request for Combat, Skill, Life, Gathering, Fishing, Trade & Knowledge.

Discord:  Our Discord server helps you share.  Channels include announcements, activity calendar, policies, and a help-me channel.  We do generally get into voice for group activities.

To Join (or for more information ), visit our Discord Server and follow the directions at

Last Edit : May 1, 2023, 15:37 (UTC)
# 2

CompassRose is blessed to have a truly great group of people.  Everyone is kind and respectful of each other.  We have so many knowledgeable guild members. Ocean content is always more fun in a group.  I enjoy helping people with getting their first ship and learning how to barter.  We've had probably a dozen people get Vell's heart so far.  And yesterday someone got Khan's heart.  Taking the guild galleys out to Vell is always super fun--we let different lower level sailors captain to get the sailing skills--and there is so much comradery out at Vell's Habitat.  People are always stepping up to help each other and the guild.  I just love being in Discord voice with everyone during events--people are such comics and fun to be around.  Thank you everyone for making this a fabulous place to play. :D

Last Edit : May 1, 2023, 17:47 (UTC)
# 3

Well organized and super friendly guild, and ACTIVE. Always someone on in-game or Discord to answer questions, and organize events. Something is going on every day!

Last Edit : May 1, 2023, 20:18 (UTC)
# 4

I am an on again off again player for the last 8 years. I have found this guild to be truely amazing even amoungst it's peirs. The guild master takes her job to heart and works incredibly hard to maintain a status quo, AKA group events, grinding parties, sailies etc. We have all guildies from all aspect of the world and ages that range from 50+ down to 18+. If you are looking for a laid back no drama guild to do anything you want (within reason). This is the guild for you!

Last Edit : May 2, 2023, 16:10 (UTC)
# 5

 The guild is organized active guild and informative, filled with some of the most experienced all friendly players. everyday thay have events or things to do as a guild or you can do whatever you wish, alwase someone willing to help all you have to do is ask.


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