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UTC 16 : 58 Jul 22, 2024
CEST 18 : 58 Jul 22, 2024
PDT 9 : 58 Jul 22, 2024
EDT 12 : 58 Jul 22, 2024
#Gameplay_General #Update
NA Node War Report Spreadsheet --- Week 347
May 5, 2023, 02:11 (UTC)
1276 3
Last Edit : Aug 27, 2023, 23:28 (UTC)
# 1



188 Total Forts Placed


Total Guilds Won


7 Total Guilds Placed




6 Total Guilds Placed




3 Total Guilds Placed




6 Total Guilds Placed



NOTE: The spreadsheet is updated daily. This post is updated weekly, on Sundays after Siege but before NW.

To view this post in-game, press F2 on your keyboard, then click on Community >> General Gameplay.


This is a spreadhseet that has been a consistent, on-going project since Node Wars started in NA on the EDAN server (pre-server merge). It was originally started by Skuldisir, who ran it until week 79 of Global Node Wars, after which I picked it up.

People who have helped over the years are: Draezha of Ingenium and Tig of Grievance.

Current helpers are: Noah of Clash/Apocalypse, Church of Dandelion/Meow, Layvan of Ingenium, and Lugal of Signet (and me, of course).

Edan Node Wars ran from 07/17/2016 until 11/27/2016, a total of 19 weeks.

NA/EU Node Wars started 12/04/2016 and have had a few different "seasons", which is reflected by the separate "pages" at the bottom of the spreadsheet.

Overall, as of writing this post, Node Wars have been running over 7 years!


For the most part the spreadsheet should be self explanatory when looking at it.

The only part I can imagine that can be confusing at first are the columns to the right of the freeze line:

The bolded numbers are the total forts that placed that day, and the guild name is who won it that day.

If/When you see "---" instead of a guild name, that node wasn't won by anyone and has "rolled over" for the next time it's fought over.

In the Siege section at the very bottom, in addition to just who won you can also see who placed (this is not feasible to do for node wars, but for siege we're able to take screenshots of the Conquest window in-game!).

If you want to look up a guild, use CTRL+F. Keep in mind that many guilds have had name changes or were/are in alliances, so don't immediately dismiss a guild you don't initially see many wins for. NOTE: CTRL+F only works for the page you are currently on, so you will have to do it for each page. 


Last Edit : May 30, 2023, 13:53 (UTC)
# 2

While cool, it would be more informative if you showed what guilds were allied, but I know that sadly is probably too much information to have to gather each time.

Last Edit : Jun 6, 2023, 00:59 (UTC)
# 3
On: May 30, 2023, 13:53 (UTC), Written by TheSeaman

While cool, it would be more informative if you showed what guilds were allied, but I know that sadly is probably too much information to have to gather each time.

I would love to, but the in-game UI doesn't display which guilds are in which alliance except for Siege, which would require tons extra time basically hunting down whigh guilds are in which alliance, and sometimes guilds will keep an alliance name but change out who is in the  alliance. :(

For those interested in keeping up with that though, I can see if there is a public discord for it. In the meantime I recommend just lurking in the NA guild reruitment discords.


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