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Mystic changes?
May 24, 2023, 06:42 (UTC)
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Last Edit : May 24, 2023, 07:20 (UTC)
# 1

Hi, I'm Onister.
I have been playing BDO since before NA release and have had time to play every class to a decent skill level.
Currently I have a few things that I would like to mention about a few of the classes that have not received balance changes over the past few years.
Currently There are more classes not receiving changes then there are due to how many classes have been added over the years. The main one I want to focus on in this post is Mystic.

There are many reasons I have left this class and some reasons that have gotten fixed over the years but even at its current point there are not many reasons to pick it up as a main. Mystic is a strange one to balance but with feedback from the community I think it wouldn’t take too long.
I’ll mainly be talking about awakening atm since succ isn’t something that I enjoy and there's many more better people that can talk about it then me.

Mystic’s damage is just overall poor at the moment with new AP brackets being hit; nothing really feels like it changes in PVP. Currently I think overall most of mystics skills just lack damage and some skills are even useless.
For useless skills there's Dragon's Pit, Dragon's Rip, and Flow: Sky Rammer.

Dragon's Pit
This skill has amazing debuffs but lacks protection, damage, and is rather slow.
It has no CC’s and is almost never used in pvp or pve.
The main way I would change this skill is by adding a Forward Guard or speeding the skill up.
The damage is worse then most awakening skills in the game overall classes sitting at 
“Attack damage 547% x2, max 7 hits”
This skill is probably the worst awakening skill in the whole game and needs changes or needs to be replaced with something better.

Dragon's Rip
This skill is a problem due its lack of damage, lack of cc, and length.
Charged attack damage 350% x6

Explosion attack damage 764% x5
Like really? For awaken skill? Its only redeeming factor is its super armor and downsmash.
Honestly If we just up the damage on the skill and leave it as is it would be FiNe but, Speeding the skill up and upping the damage would be the best course of action with this one and if we really wanted to add hp on hits.

Flow: Sky Rammer
Ok this is a personal complaint to be honest but why is this skill a thing?
Strikers get movement and a flow into their awakening with their variation of this skill.
Overall the skill has a use but nothing major or even relevant in most situations.
Main thing I want to see with this skill is some forward movement and either a link to awakening through Hurricane Sweep or Spiral Torpedo.

Pre Awakening Kit.
Her whole pre awk kit is just bad and it's used for buffs/addons or CC’s .
We cant even create shards or use them in pre-awk which leads to not not using it often if at all.
The damage of her absolute skill is just a joke.
Most of her skills are less damage then 600% x2 with a few exceptions.
I don't think I need to say more for most players to know what's wrong.
But if you don't see a problem let's look at a few other classes “Absolutes”.

For a new class look no further then Maegu
Absolute: Petalblast “Attack damage 1559% x8”
Absolute: Petal Play Attack damage 1220% x10

Ok, the new class is not balanced right?
then look at Maehwa, an older mostly balanced class.
Absolute: Divider
Attack damage 1251% 2, max 2 hits

Extra attack damage 1350% x3
Absolute: Red Moon
Attack 1 damage 1325% x2

Attack 2 damage 1325% x3

Attack 3 damage 1325% x5

Last attack damage 1325% x3

Rabam skills
Most of mystic rabam skills are just bad outside of Nature's Wrath.

Iron Fist Fury
It's just there, it has super armor and that's it no crit, no cc, no buffs, no debuffs, and no damage.
Really no point for this skill, it just exists.

Perfect Blow
Same problems as Iron Fist Fury but worse due to having forward guard and not super armor.

Unbridled Wrath
Competes with Nature's Wrath and gives no benefits and is less damage.

Thrashing Wolf
This is the better of the two in the last slot but still not great.
Has more damage than a absolute and super armor but that's it.

Raging wolf
It has a slow and super armor but no damage and just lacks any real uses outside of stalling.

Core Skills
Most of them are ok to be honest but there isn't much competition in the pool.

PvP go Spiral torpedo and PvE go Tidal burst for heals or wave orb for a block.
I'd like to see some knockdowns in the mix like for rising dragon or something with hurricane sweep.

Awaking skills
Most of them are alright outside of thier numbers being bad. 
I'd love to have hurricane sweep off cooldown do a lot more damage as right now you dont really see it outside of filler.
Sea burial you're better off if you just use the one shard variation over the 3 shards as its sea dragon effect is just sad.
Spiral Torpedo's damage just is bad with it being 841% x1 it really needs a bump.
Raging wind cooldown is pretty long for what it is I'd like to see it brought down to the rest of the kit at 7 or 8 seconds from its 13 seconds.
Tidal burst and rapid stream seem to just be there for shards and the damage is very lack luster.
But like i said most things just need damage and it would be really good. 

Ending thoughts!
I do love my mystic but over all the class just needs some things to bring it up to pair with other specs.
As of now you’re better going with almost anything else in pvp and in pve we are okish but could have a few small changes to bring us into a new spotlight for new players.

I hope it wasn't too long but I hope we see some changes in the future and bye for now.

Last Edit : May 25, 2023, 00:00 (UTC)
# 2

The preawakening skills of all old classes need to get looked at. Nowadays Absolute skills damage multipliers are outdated and some skills don't even have Absolute versions. 


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