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#Game Presentation
My honest vent
May 26, 2023, 04:20 (UTC)
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Last Edit : May 26, 2023, 04:21 (UTC)
# 1

I have started playing this game in 2020. I started Shai, and oh boy, i didnt ever expect to be here.
I started getting more into the game in December 2021, but in the next year... i saw the nerfs to Shai and i legit wondered, at first not caring much. I entered Shai discord to understand. At first i was confused since it seemed an fair nerf (and kinda was... not the best approuch towards Misty). But then, they said they would be nerfing 3 overperforming classes, Succession Striker, Succession Musa and Shai. The biggest thing i question why nerf pve? I legit cant understand. Regardless, the dissapointment was great, i saw some people leaving the class... 
Though what really striked me more was Calpheon Ball... I think everyone knows that Ball. The dissapointment was just too great. But then, when i saw the Sol Tag post into adventure board, there was a slim of hope, i just tought "Why would it go to adventure board and stay for so long", and i hoped that at least it would be taggable... Then, even after so many people supporting it, they just, said no. At that point, i realized the developers of this game are stuck in their own reality, too stubborn to confront the truth about it and the dissatisfaction of the community, so they close their minds. This might be the result of some bias towards Korea and that they wont listen to "Westoids", but i cant know for sure. And the fact they are giving instruments to all classes, tell me they dont really care. Its just too saddening. 
I still keep playing the game, because i still enjoy it, but if it was only for the class, i would have left long ago. To be honest i never expected this. I just selected what i tought, it was Shai. But developers seem to like to punish players, maybe because them not rolling to fotm classes, i have no idea. Not that i can even try another class, im stuck to a class i have the awakening weapon because i can't tag my original. What i wanted to say is, even though i still keep giving feedback regarding the class, its just hopeless to expect changes. Unless there is a change in the developer team of Black Desert mentality regarding Shai, nothing will ever change. This sums up :

Anyway, this is all rather useless vent and post. But its my overall dissapointment of how things have been going. This won't ever reach Koreans, because they are too stubborn to listen, or they dont care about "Westoids" or anything past the South Korean border, and because after all, im just another player in this world like many of us, that may have also dissatisfaction with their own classes too. Just felt like making this, because if i knew i would end up in this situation, i would have never started with Shai to begin with.
Least to say i still like the class, but the neglect is just too great.

Sol post by those wondering :

Last Edit : May 26, 2023, 14:33 (UTC)
# 2

Took em 5 years to fix DK, I feel ya.

It wasnt worth the wait.

Last Edit : May 26, 2023, 15:56 (UTC)
# 3

They're more interested in making shai a loli.  Apparently, so is a lot of the player base, going by the feedbacks posted.

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Last Edit : May 27, 2023, 08:53 (UTC)
# 4

tbh I got why they fixed Misty when Calpheon Elvia came out. With Misty always ready Shai was top grinder there and that by quite a lot. The way they fixed it was shitty, cause Misty is one of our strongest skills not only for pve but also pvp and a protected movement too of some sort. I wish they would have just changed the DP stats of those mobs to be not so high in DR and rather more HP. That would also balanced the effect of Misty out without crippling Shai on other spots where it was good. 

Tbf Shai is still on the Top 10 PvE characters on all the high end spots without any I don't really see a point in complaining about that.

But the whole not tagablitly of our Sol is a big problem. Would be cool to find a way around it where u can maybe just throw caphras in the Sol without any changes to it but then it can transfer to a dandelion if you copy it. Its just super unfair that Shais never can have fun with he tag event or try out new classes without an extra Pen Awa weapon and hand that has to be transferred to the new class permanent. There has to be a way around it. Like an extra copy slot where u can throw in any pen awa weapon and it copys over if u tag a Shai....don't know. 

Doesnt seam like  PA want to do anything about it even if there were many ideas in the forum post to fix it at least in some ways....but yes. Its a great disappointment for sure.  

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