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#Suggestions #Community Support
Mystic Awaken needs improvement
May 26, 2023, 17:20 (UTC)
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Last Edit : Sep 7, 2023, 14:51 (UTC)
# 1

Family Name: Noiroi
Region (NA/EU): NA

Mystic Awakening is underperforming and outdated for PvP. The concerning lack of updates addressing its PvP performance, critical bug regarding Martial Spirit, and overall lack in QoL exacerbate the issue. It does not perform well in large fights. The class lacks protection and CCs on crucial skills for close range fighting, the Health recovery effects are on awkward or inefficient skills, its low damage skills have a lack of effects to apply to the enemy, and etc.

Cestus Training

The attack speed value is too low and redundant since the class already has several attack speed buffs.

Images of conflicting Attack Speed buffs:


● Change "Attack Speed +5% for 10 sec when using standing, forward, jump, or sprint attacks" to "All Evasion Rate +9% for 10 sec when using the skill". Or raise the value to 10%.

Tidal Burst

This skill is not used for CC or damage in PvP because it doesn't flow well with any combos, its damage is low, and the animation is long as well as unprotected. Its current state also forces you to take the core for PvE to avoid constantly receiving CC from enemies when generating Martial Spirits and recovering some HP, which leaves Spiral Torpedo open to easily being CC'd during PvE. It also has no self buffs or debuffs.


● Add Forward Guard during the skill by default. Change Stiffness and Floating on hits to PvE.

● Change Core: Tidal Burst so that it enables Stiffness and Floating in PvP.

● Add Melee DP -20 for 10 seconds on hits.

● Remove Air Smash.

Rapid Stream

Only ever used to apply evasion buff to self and DP reduction to enemies. The animation is too long for its low damage, and the CCs could use some changes due to the low damage of awakening in general.


● Renew the skill by using Black Desert Mobile's Knee Thrust animation and visuals.

● Change Stun on first hit to Stiffness. Delete Knockback. Change Floating to Knockdown.

● Change All Evasion to All Accuracy increase.

Media of Knee Thrust:

Raging Wind

The skill in its current state has no Down Attack or decent damage, no CC, and no protection.


● Add Stiffness and add Down Attack. This would be the best possible change it could receive for usability.

Dragon Strike

When this skill was called Dragon Shatter pre-reboot, it had both Stiffness on the flurry of punches and Knockdown on the last hit. It lost both CCs and had its cooldown doubled for a faster animation, which is just the last hit, resulting in an overall weaker skill.

Images of Dragon Shatter and Dragon Strike:


● Add Knockdown and remove Down Smash.

Wave Orb

It is never used to apply the Bound. It is never charged for the 200 HP. The reason for both is that it is a waste of the skill to charge it for healing and too unsafe in general. It is typical to be CC immediately while charging or attacking with this skill, in both PvE and PvP. The skill also does not attack in the direction the camera is looking.


● Change "Forward Guard while charging" to Forward Guard. Change Bound on hits to PvE.

● Change Core: Wave Orb to enable Bound on hits in PvP.

● Make it so the skill attacks in the direction the camera is facing.

● Delete the HP recovery, since there are better skills to add it to.

Sea Burial & Flow: Sea Burial

This skill does not feel impactful in PvE or PvP. The consumption of 1 Martial Spirit effect is a hidden negligible increase in damage, while hindering the ability to reach 3 Martial Shards quicker. The flow skill also doesn't feel impactful and has a negligible Martial Spirit Shard recovering effect, that recovers 4 shards, not even half of a Martial Spirit.


● Delete "Upon obtaining 1 Martial Spirit, 1 Martial Spirit will automatically be consumed to increase damage", and add the hidden increase to the skill by default.

● Rework the function of the skill with the following: Delete the automatic Flow: Sea Burial, and add a "Hold RMB for combo attacks" to Sea Burial. The combo attacks should have the effects of the original flow skill. Renew the animation and visuals of the skill by having the combo attack utilize the ones from Black Desert Mobile's Fury Dive.

● Change the way the Sea Dragon damage is applied from "1265% x1, max hits 6" to "1265 x6".

Media of Fury dive:

Rising Dragon

It has Air Attack that it can't effectively utilize, lowering the overall effectiveness of the skill unless the core skill is taken, which is detrimental to overall performance of the class. The skill lacks Down Attack but has it on its Black Spirit Rage version.


● Add Down Attack or change the Air Attack.

● Make this skill combo quickly from Binding Knee Strike, Twisted Collision, and Spiral Torpedo.

Black Spirit: Rising Dragon

It used to pull targets in PvP back in 2017 on the Korean servers, but was changed to PvE-only when Black Spirit Rage regenerated every time the player was hit, resulting in an endless spam of this ability's pull. Black Spirit Rage has long since been changed in how it regenerates, so the old issue that resulted in this losing its PvP pull is gone. It also has a weaker DP reduction effect than its normal version.


● Change All DP -15 to All DP -20 on hits.

● Enable "Pulls in targets on hits" in PvP.

● Decrease the delay of the last hit so that it applies the damage quicker.

Hurricane Sweep & Black Spirit: Hurricane Sweep

The HP recovery being on this skill takes away from its possible use as a combo skill, because often times it will be used far away and hidden from enemies to recover some HP. The Bound on low kicks is unnecessary and negatively impacts combos by reaching CC cap too fast.


● Change Bound on low kick hits to PvE only.

● Delete +200 HP recovery per kick. Delete +10 HP per hit. Moving the HP recovery to another skill would further improve this as it won't be used strictly for healing while hiding.

Spiral Torpedo

One of Mystic's primary ways to engage and disengage in certain situations, so it is often used when taking a lot of damage. The skill also has openings right at the beginning of the skill and the end, so it is not uncommon to be CC'd during the skill when hit stutter occurs. The AP buff from this skill also conflicts with the AP buff of Dragonize. If Dragonize is active, it completely nullifies Spiral Torpedo's buff and it can't be applied until Dragonize ends.

Media of conflicting All AP increase:

[Link here]


● Add HP recovery +400 on use. This is where Wave Orb's and some of Hurricane Sweep's HP recovery should go.

● Change All AP +16 to Melee AP +16.

● Increase activation speed of Spiral Torpedo when used during Flash Step and Double Flash.

● Increase the duration of Super Armor at the beginning and end of the skill.

Gushing Waters

Overall a good skill, but could use minor tweaks and skill linkage.


● Remove Down Smash.

● Add "LMB after Combo: Bolster Thump, Flow: Savage Fang, Absolute Fist Fury, and Dragon's Pit" for activation.

Earth Splitter

A bit slow, unprotected, and the Bound is questionable but it is an ok skill. Minor tweaks are needed.


● Increase speed of the skill.

● Change Bound on hits to PvE only.

Infinite Fortitude

This skill in its current state feels clunky to use when in the middle of fights since it can only be activated via hotbar. It is also awkward to use when you can't activate it from Gauntlet which a lot of time is also spent in. In order to quickly cancel and evade while the skill is active, you're forced to use Flash Step or Silent Step, wasting the cooldowns of those skills while not even preserving the damage reduction of Infinite Fortitude. The Martial Spirit Shard recovery effect is unneeded and impractical.


● Add "Hold Space during Crouching Wolf to activate", and make it available in gauntlet.

● Add "↓ during the skill to evade backward, Invincible while evading backward". An input for evading during the skill will help preserve Flash Step and Silent Step.

● Add HP +400 on use. This is where the remaining HP recovery of Hurricane Sweep and Wave Orb should go.

● Change Recover 1 Martial Spirit shards on hits to Recover 60 HP on hits. This would act as a small buffer since the skill is typically used near multiple targets when HP is low.

● Remove Infinite Fortitude from the skill add-on list and replace it with Dragon's Rip. Infinite Fortitude isn't suitable for skill add-ons because it is used defensively, has a very long cooldown, and can't effectively utilize the effects of add-ons.

Dragon's Rip

This skill animation locks the user into its action while it is possible for some enemies to escape the pull during that. In the event that the user is locked, a way to quickly end the pull would be preferable to playing out the whole animation.


● Allow Spiral Torpedo, Silent Step, and Flash Step to cancel Dragon's Rip.

● Add the ability to activate the last hit of Dragon's Rip if ↓+E is pressed during Roaring Tiger and Elbow's Edge.

Dragon's Pit

Clunky to use due to being a close range hotbar-only skill, and it is unsafe to use around any targets that aren't CC'd because it has no Super Armor or Forward guard. The damage is also extremely low in both PvE and PvP.


● Add "Hold LMB after Dragon's Rip" to activate.

● Add Forward Guard.

● Add "↓ after the skill to evade backward, Invincible while evading backward".

● Add Down Attack.

● Increase damage per hit by at least 3 times the current value. Add 75 pain damage every 3 seconds for 18 seconds on hits.

Double Flash

This skill was originally going to give All Evasion Rate increase when the reboots were in progress, but it was scrapped. It makes sense for evasion to increase as you move, so I think it was a mistake to abandon that change. It would also feel more natural to apply evasion with this method anyway.


● Add All Evasion Rate +9% for 10 seconds when using the skill.


The description mentions making attacks become explosive, but it would be nice if it actually did that.


● Sea Burial, Wave Orb, and Rising Dragon's <Sea Dragon Effect> should automatically activate without Martial Spirits for the duration of the buff.

Hidden Claw

This skill locks out awakening skill inputs for a moment when used from awakening stance because it triggers weapon swap cooldown. It also has a delay before other actions can be taken, and a very short invincibility duration.

Media of Hidden Claw preventing skill activation inputs:

[Spiral Torpedo]

[Sea Burial]

[Dragon's Rip]

[Gushing Waters]

[Wave Orb]


● Make this skill activate without activating Banha's Cestus cooldown when used from awakening stance, or create an Awakening "Enhanced" version that doesn't swap to mainhand.

● Allow connection to other skills immediately after evading backward.

● Increase the duration of invincibility.

● Increase distance traveled.

Mass Destruction

This skill received a change granting it PvE invincibility before the attack. In practice it is not functional since Mystic's version of Mass Destruction automatically initiates the elbow attacks with its input, and comes with a brief animation lock, preventing the character from smoothly using it back to back.


● Separate the sliding animation and attack into different inputs, similar to Striker.

● Make it so that ← + RMB or → + RMB performs just the side slide alone. Holding RMB initiates the elbow attacks.

● Change the All Accuracy increase to apply when using the skill instead of when initiating elbow attack.

Dash Buster

There is no practical way to use this skill, so a way to do so would be nice to give it a purpose.


● Make this skill usuable during Flash Step and Double Flash by pressing Q.

● Reduce "All Evasion Rate -12%" to "All Evasion Rate -9%".

● Improve the connection speed and smoothness of all skills used after Dash Buster.

Flow: Landslide

This skill does not need the All Evasion Rate decrease since it is impractical.


● Delete the All Evasion Rate -9% effect.

Nature's Wrath

This skill is never taken for PVP since it is hindered by the crowd control effect, lacks smooth skill connections, and has weaker damage potential.


● Change Bound on hits to PVE only.
● Remove Attack Speed +5% for 10 sec.
● Change All Accuracy Rate to Melee Accuracy Rate.
● Add Critical Hit Rate +50%.
● Improve the connection speed and smoothness of all skills used before and after Nature's Wrath.

Martial Spirit

Mystic has a roughly 5 year old bug when it comes to generating Martial Spirits and using skills that are powered up by it. If a skill that utilizes the 3 Martial Spirits activation requirement to power it up is used right at the moment the 3rd spirit is obtained, the character will be interrupted and unable to take action for 1 to 2 seconds, while receiving the "Please try again in a moment" system message. The skill enters its cooldown without the animation or effects activating during that moment. It appears to be affected by high network latency. When attacks visually land on a target via their animation, the Martial spirit shards are not instantly applied and appear to apply only when a damage tick occurs, since they are based on hits(the number of times the skill applies damage per attacks). You can see the delay in the following media.

Media of Martial Spirit bug:

[Link here]

[Link to a thread featuring multiple videos of said bug]

List of interactions that produce this error:

● If you use Wave Orb at the moment you get the 3rd Martial Spirit through Adamantine, Hurricane Kick, Mass Destruction first hit, and Elbow's Edge.

● If you use Rising Dragon at the moment you get the 3rd Martial Spirit through Tidal Burst.

● If you use Sweeping Kick at the moment you get the 3rd Martial Spirit through Mass Destruction with the 1st hit.

● If you use Crouching Wolf at the moment you get the 3rd Martial Spirit through Tidal Burst.

Proposal: To see if it fixes the issue, make all skills that generate the Martial Spirit Shards apply their shards instantly at once per attack animation, instead of applying consecutively when a damage tick or hit occurs. For example Tidal Burst currently has 4 attacks, with 4 hits each, with each hit of the attack generating 2 shards. The proposed change would have it so the first hit of the attack applies all 8 Martial Spirit Shards simultaneously per attack. Martial Spirit Shard generation sequence would look like 8,8,8,8. Instead of the current 2+2+2+2, 2+2+2+2, 2+2+2+2, 2+2+2+2. Please try to resolve this bug because it results in too many PvE deaths at high-end spots.

Regarding PvP damage

With the increase in defensive stats via the new items, Awakening Mystic with its already low damage in comparison to others, struggles even more in PvP to deal meaningful damage.


Decrease the PvP damage reduction of some awakening skills.

Edit: Updated suggestions.

Thank you for reading.

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Last Edit : May 26, 2023, 19:34 (UTC)
# 2

May the Copium be with us, maybe someday we get a reboot

This post was deleted by the writer.
Last Edit : May 26, 2023, 19:55 (UTC)
# 4

Maybe.. Maybe? surely one day prayge

Last Edit : May 26, 2023, 20:26 (UTC)
# 5

today i dualed with awak tamer (380DP) vs mystic trial (279AP), lmao had to full combo everytime and i couldn't even DMG vs SA trade cause... mystic got no dmg while i kept getting deleted in SA (1 - 3 tap)... 

Her PVP dmg is so low that it really makes me feel suffocated while knowing that anyone can easily kill me with no effort. M not a succession player.

I hope mystic gets overall rework before the new content release on june 14th.

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Last Edit : May 27, 2023, 13:21 (UTC)
# 6
On: May 26, 2023, 19:34 (UTC), Written by Nezor

May the Copium be with us, maybe someday we get a reboot

On: May 26, 2023, 19:55 (UTC), Written by carvern

Maybe.. Maybe? surely one day prayge

Surely the copium will be worth it some day. Encourage other Awakening Mystics to read this over and interact, so we can continue to let PA know we're still expecting proper adjustments. Especially since our reboot is below good standards.

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Last Edit : May 28, 2023, 18:55 (UTC)
# 8

+1 it's high time the class got fixed.

Last Edit : May 29, 2023, 14:33 (UTC)
# 9
On: May 28, 2023, 18:45 (UTC), Written by SparkShot

+1 it's high time the class got fixed.


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Last Edit : Jun 2, 2023, 04:56 (UTC)
# 10
On: May 29, 2023, 14:33 (UTC), Written by Cursed


Aye x99999999

Do you know striker has 7 echo-spirit summoning skill and echo spirit just automatically targets & hits your main target?

Do you know mystic has 4 dragon summoning skill and dragon doesn't even touches your target most of the time? lmao the 4th dragon summoining skill doesn't even have a PVP nor PVE dmg, just 30% atk&move debuff which we need to put on ground hoping players are dumb af to just walking inside a 1m radius circle.


---------------------[Plot Twist]---------------------

Dragon Prince by shrimpHEBY on DeviantArt

Banha's True Form

Mystic now summons Banha in his true form after she taps into her latain power knows as Dragon's Divinity. Banha now actually talks to mystic more frequantly and skills such as summons Banha in his true form and doesn't consume Martial Spirit.

becomes a new skill. 1500% x 1, 12hits and Banha's dmg 1500% x 2, 5hits. 100% crit rate | Superarmor during skill and iframe when evading backwards | Downattack | 50% PVP dmg recution | 9sec CD . Takes exactly 1sec to complete the whole animation.



let me dream... just this once... it looks so good...

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