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UTC 18 : 55 Sep 26, 2023
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PDT 11 : 55 Sep 26, 2023
EDT 14 : 55 Sep 26, 2023
[Feedback] Warrior's Rabam.
May 29, 2023, 00:57 (UTC)
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Last Edit : May 29, 2023, 00:57 (UTC)
# 1

When Rabams got released it the game, Pearl Abyss sold them to us as insanely strong skills that'll carry our gameplay in PVP and PVE. Issue is, only few Rabams in the game are interesting.
They haven't been touch since years. Their connections are bad, the damages are bad, the bind are bad, their utilities are bad and they have long cooldown for some.

In this thread I'll focus on the Warrior's one.

Siesmic Strike (13 seconds CD)

Attack damage 1030%x7
Critical Hit Rate 50%
Accuracy Rate 5%
Magical DP +15 for 10 seconds
Spin the target (PVE), Pull the target (PVE) & Bound (PVE)
Super Armor
Down Smash & Down attack
Damage -30% in PVP

Commentary: My main issue on the skill is mostly the damage of the skill and it has slow animation. In PVP & PVE damages don't follow at all. The low crit rate and low accuracy aren't an issue, it can be fixed with self-buffs.
But it's so sad to see a skill like this being pointless. It would also be nice to have the Bound on it for PVP, because the only Rabam that Warrior has with a CC is Frenzied Spear and it's a stiff.

Frenzied Spear (12 seconds CD)

Attack 1 damage 1535%
Last attack damage 1075%x5
Critical Hit Rate 100% on last attack
Accuracy Rate 3%
Magical DP +15 for 10 seconds
Stiffness on attack 1 hits
Down Attack
Attack 1 damage -50% in PVP & last attack damage -51% in PVP

Commentary: Worst skill animation. It doesn't NOT match with the skills used to make it. It's Spear & Ground Smash, but the insead of having a big spear or something throwing Spears around you, no.
You legit throw a spear, if it hits something, you rush it and that it. The run has no protection and it can legit kill you because it's automatic so if you don't pay attention you rush and get CC. You still can use some specific skills to bypass the run.
I don't even care about the damage in PVP & PVE because it's useless skill. It needs a total rework.

Shield Assault (9 seconds CD)

Attack 1 damage 900%x4
Attack 2 damage 1015%x5
Accuracy Rate 5%
Spin the target (PVE)
Knockback on attack 1 (PVE) & Bound on attack 2 (PVE)
Forward Guard
Attack 1 damage -35% in PVP & Attack 2 damage -51% in PVP

Commentary: First, slow animation, it's insane, it feels like in slow motion. PVP and PVE are just terrible, no critical hit rate so basically no utility. Making it faster, giving 50% critical hit rate, making damage better and improving skill connections would make it interesting.

Shield Tide (13 seconds CD)

Attack 1 damage 1145%x2
Attack 2 damage 862%x4
Accuracy Rate 3%
Super Armor on attack 1 & Forward Guard on attack 2
Floating on attack 1 hits (PVE) & Knockback on attack 2 hits (PVE)
Air attack & air Smash on attack 2 hits
Attack 1 damage -35% in PVP & Attack 2 damage -51% in PVP

Commentary: It's a nice skill to use & move. Impossible to deny it. Animation still a bit slow and the damage, it would be having at least PVE damage on it because it'll be useful.

Counter Slash (13 seconds CD)

Attack 1 damage 995%x3
Attack 2 damage 1293%x7
Critical Hit Rate 50%
Accuracy Rate 5%
Floating on attack 1 (PVE)
Forward Guard
Air attack
Attack damage -61% in PVP
- 2 hits in PVP

Commentary: First thing, why are damages so low in PVE ? Second thing why - 2 hits in PVP ? It means attack 1 at 1 hit and second attack 5 hits. And last thing, why is hard such bad connection ?
It needs to be improve.

Dusk Slash (16 seconds CD)

Attack 1 damage 916%x5
Attack 2 damage 916%x10
Critical Hit Rate 100%
Accuracy Rate 3%
35 Bleeding damage every 3 seconds 27 seconds on hits
All DP +10 
Push target (PVE)
Attack damage -35% in PVP
- 3 hits in PVP

Commentary:This skill is interesting, bad in PVE, ok damage in PVP. But no CC, no protection, slow animation, bad connections.
Also why is the first attack losing 3 hits ? Last I understand but why the first one too ?
PVE damage are terrible it's insane, it has the damage of an Absolute skill.
It needs to rework.

Final commentary:
We have a total of 6 Rambams and we can only choose 3 of them. We can't for exemple choose Shield Tide for first Rabam, Shied Assault for second and Dusk Slash for last. It's really sad.
We should have the right to decide which rabam we want and not being stuck.
And finally, all the Rabam's on Warrior have to get rework. Their utility and damage in PVP / PVE don't follow witht the actual game. We don't need them to be broken, but at least to be decent and not just something you can skip.

Last Edit : May 29, 2023, 22:28 (UTC)
# 2

Most classes have useless rabams, but warrior ones are very far from the worst, many got much worse ones...

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Last Edit : May 30, 2023, 00:13 (UTC)
# 3
Écrit le : 29 mai 2023, 22:28 (UTC), par : CatDK

Most classes have useless rabams, but warrior ones are very far from the worst, many got much worse ones...

I made this thread a feedback for Warrior, not the others. I aware the others have bad rabam. Warrior has at least one useful rabam, Shield Tide. Beside that, the rest is useless.


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