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Deve's Encyclopedia volume 5 - "Ogre items"
May 31, 2023, 12:16 (UTC)
323 4
Last Edit : May 31, 2023, 12:16 (UTC)
# 1

Hello Adventurers and GMs,

I found this problem when I gathered Ogre Ring, Ogre blood and the Dim Ogre Ring in my inventory and went to Deve to collect his first reward of Deve's Encyclopedia volume 5. However, I couldn't receive the reward. I summited an inquiry and GM responed Dim Ogre Ring is not an Ogre related item, which made me confuse. Since Dim Ogre Ring is dropped by Muraka, King of Ogre and it has "Ogre" in its name why does it not consider as Ogre item? So I suggest BDO Team to add this item to the list, and if they do so it can also encouraging players to participate the quint/ muraka boss fight. 

Please share your ideas below, thanks!


Last Edit : May 31, 2023, 13:49 (UTC)
# 2

In today's patch, they reduced the required items from 3 to 2, so you should be able to complete the step with the Ogre Blood and Ogre Ring.

Last Edit : May 31, 2023, 13:49 (UTC)
# 3

With today's update, you need only 2 items related to Ogres. So it's easy to use Ogre ring  and ogre blood. 

It's not an issue anymore that you'd need items that are rare drops.


Lv Private
Last Edit : Jun 1, 2023, 14:49 (UTC)
# 4

Thanks guys. That helps. 



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