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Install the Black Desert Launcher to start the game.

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UTC 23 : 58 Sep 28, 2023
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EDT 19 : 58 Sep 28, 2023
Some idea for new male character
Jun 3, 2023, 21:46 (UTC)
188 1
Last Edit : Jun 3, 2023, 21:46 (UTC)
# 1

Hi! I realy enjoyed new heroes - Maegu and Woosa - but I prefer playing male characters, and it is quite long time since we recieve new one lately. Maegu and Woosa have some japanese feeling (Woosa giving kitsune feeling), so I think that next character developers could add might be male character inpired by japanese Oni, with mace (japanese Kanabō) as one of his weapons.

What do you think about it?



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