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UTC 23 : 18 Sep 28, 2023
CEST 1 : 18 Sep 29, 2023
PDT 16 : 18 Sep 28, 2023
EDT 19 : 18 Sep 28, 2023
[BUG/Error] Tagging and Red Player issue
Jun 4, 2023, 02:41 (UTC)
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Last Edit : Jun 4, 2023, 02:46 (UTC)
# 1

Family Name: Snoods

Region (NA/EU): EU


As far as I can see, a post has not been made but I know this issue has been raise by red players through the ticket system. Yet, I fear it’s misunderstood or ignored by staff. This is not a minor bug, it's impacts a major game play function.

Issues; A red play cannot clone/tag gear to an alt. This used to be possible and was not mention in patch notes as an official change (I am told) therefore, most likely a bug (we hope)

I have also notice, although this has been reported, it has not been listed as current Known issues.

Give the player bases this involves, we cannot expect a fair reception the forum, so I ask that Cms take that into account when looking at votes and posting this issue on to devs.

I also ask that CM do not blanket judge all red players as the same. I know of your personal interaction and issues with some members [events], I am kept informed by this community too.

Tagging is a QoL function, and it would be strange to take this away from red players, and force them to buy more maids, and rely on evens to swap coupons, as coupons are not longer part of the pearl shop.

I also worry that this has not be dealt with correctly, so see video (Public)

(no, I am not a red player, this is not about me – see video if you think it is)



As far as I understand;

-Red players that where already tag before this bug an stay tagged,

-Player tagged as white and then go read, retain their tag.

-Players that are red and wish to tag,no longer can.

Maybe CM/Gms an test out this red status bug? As I do not wish to go red to test if for you. I am merely passing on the information.


If for any reason this is intentional, it’s only fair its included in patch notes with reasoning. Else you are not showing equal respect to all players. This would not be a small change if it’s not a bug.



-character slots, Outfits and other purchases may have been made before this change, with the intention to play the game as it was at the when purchase where made (no lead warning of changes was given).

Service has changed without notice or reason. This is not fair on effected players



I use video and AI voice as I can't be certain of my words (I have language difficulties both written and verbal)


Last Edit : Jun 4, 2023, 03:22 (UTC)
# 2

This was a reactionary update a while ago during the initial 1 marni fuel tag event. It unfortunately is working as intended.

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Last Edit : Jun 4, 2023, 08:20 (UTC)
# 3
On: Jun 4, 2023, 03:22 (UTC), Written by Voxous

This was a reactionary update a while ago during the initial 1 marni fuel tag event. It unfortunately is working as intended.

you mean its intentional? Was it listed in any patch notes?

And if so, would really help if you knew which ones so i can pass them on, ty.

Sad day if PA acted like this and not good outside of KR. We would hope, but i won’t count on it, that out CM would express the disgust at this from some, if it indeed intentional. ya know represent the players a little, from all sides that play in this MMORPG.

A CM or Gm can read this post and clear up is its intentional, when/where it was list. Let’s hope they don’t make this more difficulty that it needs be, else something else is going on here.

If it was not listed anywhere, express its was going to happen at all, we may have issues relating to player that spent money who are now inconvenienced.

recordinging of how this goes starts now i guess.. do i get another 6 month report at the end? we will see. I fear for the game if it doing this softy direction. Sure, if i walk away thats just a 2 k a year, but i won’t be the only one... im a blue player that’s disgusted at PA (if this is not a bug)



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