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[Feedback] Warrior Succession.
Jun 4, 2023, 08:58 (UTC)
571 1
Last Edit : Sep 15, 2023, 17:30 (UTC)
# 1

Family Name: Jagdmarschall

Region (NA/EU): Europe

The Succession Warrior is completely different that Awakening and it has been build to be the front line.
It had a lot of nerfs & buffs, and lately, it got some decent Qol like skills connections and animations. Overall, it has decent but it still not a front line.

Succession Warrior has been designed as a front line. But it still far behind Valkyrie which as heals, PA, one minute DP & Accuracy buff, one bombing ultimate and one bombing skill.
The biggest issue of Warrior Succession is the fact he has very bad HP sustain, and for a front line, it's not good at all.

Succession has three skills to recover HP.
Prime: Heavy Strike (7s CD)
Recover 15 HP per hits. (effect nullified in cooldown)

Heavy Strike HP sustain only works when there are multiple targets but the skill is also impossible in PVP because it doesn't have any protection. There is also something annoying, the Absolute version recover 10 HP so between Absolute & Prime, there is a difference of only 5 HP which doesn't make sense. The difference should be bigger.

Ideas :
Recover 50HP per hits. (effect nullified in cooldown)
Add Forward Guard effect. (effect nullified in cooldown)

Prime: Pulverize (8s CD)

Recover 400 HP when using the skill.

& Prime: Pulverize are the same. The only difference is the fact that the Prime version doesn't have Flow: Tempest to complete the skill and the AoE is very small. In Awakening, Flow: Tempest recover 150 HP per hits, which makes it really usefull.
There is also another difference Pulverize & Flow: Tempest are Forward Guard in Awakening, making the HP sustain really nice because the Forward Guard will tank damages while recovering HP.

Ideas :
Recover 1000 HP when using the skill OR recover 400 HP when using the skill and 150 HP per hits on the last attack. Increase the AoE.
Change the Super Armor for Forward Guard.

Succession: Meditation (30s CD) 
Recover 200 HP when using the skill

The amount of HP you can recover and the cooldown don't match at all, a big cooldown for a low HP sutain.

Idea :
Recover 15% of max HP when using the skill.

There is also another thing. Valkyrie has Heaven's Echo which provides her a one minute DP buff with an accuracy buff. Warrior a similar skill, however, our skill War Cry, is far behind Heaven's Echo.
War Cry & Succession: War Cry (1 min CD)
Effect applied to max 10 allies
Increase attack area
All DP +20 to self and all allies nearby for 20 sec
Draw the attention of surrounding foes.
Forward Guard

The skill got reworked during the Reboot, sadly it's not useful in Succession skill because it gives 20 DP for 20 seconds, when our block gives the same buff, for the same duration.

Ideas :
Effect applied to max 10 allies
Increase attack area
All DP +30 to self and all allies nearby for 1 min
Draw the attention of surrounding foes.
Forward Guard


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