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Waves at Vell during world boss spawn
Jun 4, 2023, 21:13 (UTC)
154 1
Last Edit : Jun 4, 2023, 21:13 (UTC)
# 1

Why is this STILL a problem? It's been over a year since they started happening. First time I saw them was in April last year, then it stopped for a while, then its been non-stop since June/July 2022. It's a coin flip whether or not the waves show up too. I thought maybe showing up 30mins to 1h before Vell spawn would help, and it seemed to work but then during that spawn they showed up again. It honestly feels like the magnus was created, imo solely but probably partly, to ignore ships and sea content and fixing something that PA cannot actually fix or don't know where to even start fixing(the broken shadow textures that we've seen over the years has been an issue for a lot longer than this and even that's still an issue).

For the record: These waves drop your boat under the water line, making any cannon shots fail as they're attacking from the under the line. The waves bounce your boat up and down a ridiculous amount and you can desync off the boat and into the water. It makes repairing your boat practally impossible if using green grade repair materials as you desync off the boat 9.9/10 times during the 10 second use time(I've had situations where I almost sunk because of this) and this bug artifically slows down the fight entirely. 

I'm pretty sure there was also a patch that said it fixed them, but either that patch doesn't exist and I'm speaking out my ass here remembering shit wrong, or it flat out didn't fix what it was supposed to. I know its a minor bug because it only affects a specific time of the week for a very little amount of gameplay time, but I've tried getting help from Support multiple times and have(every time) been told to make bug report on here. 


I will. 

And now I have. 

Fix this fucking shit. It worked before you broke it over a year ago.


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