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Addressing the Current State of Succession Corsair
Jun 28, 2023, 17:37 (UTC)
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Last Edit : Sep 20, 2023, 16:24 (UTC)
# 1

Succession Corsair, the Mermaid left Gasping for Air...

Succession Corsair is a unique class that has the ability to break blocks and stop guard regeneration. Using her quick and precise movement, she was able to splash around her enemies as if they were drowning in her ocean. But, this is no longer the case. Yes, she was obnoxiously strong on her release, but as time has passed and class REBOOTs were released she fell well below the wayside of your average player. Nowadays, she is required to have near hardcapped gear score in order to survive. Her lack of crowd control abilities, and slow uncancelable animations during her mermaid form cause her to greatly suffer in nearly every aspect of Black Desert Online. With the communities support, I would like to address my proposed changes to Succession Corsair in order to drag her back to an ocean of opportunities. 

PvE Issues:

While Succession Corsair has recently gotten buffed in this department, she still struggles a bit compared to other classes. Her slow cast time abilities in mermaid form and lack of damage in some abilities force her to overwork to meet ends meet. With the recent release of The Land of Morning Light and the Boss Black Shrine Blitz, Succession Corsair's are especially having extreme difficulty in clearing most of the harder varients. 

What I propose to fix these issues are fairly small, but I believe will go a long way in helping.

Firstly, her PRIME mermaid abilities (PRIME: Mareca: Jet Stream, PRIME: Mareca: Whale Song, and PRIME: Mareca: Spiral Soak) should be increased in damage for PvE. They are currently our hardest hitting abilities, and while the reduced cooldown did help out immensely, she is still in need of some hand holding in order for her to perform. 

Secondly, PRIME: Ocean's Allure and PRIME: Wave Lash should also be increased in damage for PvE. Increasing the damage of these two abilities would allow Succession Corsair to flourish with additional comboes to vanquish her foes. 

Quality of Life Buffs and PvP Changes...

With the current state of Succession Corsair, she is required to have near maximum gear score in order to do what she does best, fluidily dancing around her enemies using her water-like movement and dazzling everyone she passes. However, even with maximum gear score she still struggles greatly due to her lack of crowd control abilities and slow wind-up animations in mermaid form. Due to this, her survivability as a beautiful water dancer is cut short as she is turned into sashimi. As such, my proposed changes should help alleviate many of her issues during Black Desert Online's best content, PvP.

Mermaid Form Abilities:

Mermaid form abilities should be allowed to be affected by slows and attack/casting speed increases. Doing so would ensure that Succession Corsair could follow up on certain tactical advantages provided by her teammates to assist in fighting more effectively.

PRIME: Mareca: Jet Stream- Increase on-hit healing from attack 2 and 3 from 60 -> 80. Return the i-frame on the dive down of this ability.

This ability is used to suction her enemies close together in order to do massive group wide damage. However, it is currently used as either an escape or bait and switch as many times during this ability's cast time where she dives down, she will be taken to the verge of death before even dealing damage. Giving back her i-frame on this ability will help make sure that Succession Corsair has a place of disrupting her enemies.

PRIME: Mareca: Whale Song- Increase on-hit healing from 40 -> 60. Speed up the ability when used after PRIME: Mareca: Spiral Soak and RABAM: Mareca: Spiral of Dreams. 

Currently, this is one of Succession Corsair's hardest but longest animated ability's. When fully cast, it takes roughly over two seconds to fully cast. During which, you cannot cancel or move in anyway. When cast after another mermaid form PRIME ability, the animation is sped up significantly. However, it still feels janky and slow compared to her PRIME: Mareca: Spiral Soak follow up. When casting PRIME: Mareca: Spiral Soak or RABAM: Mareca: Spiral of Dreams followed by PRIME: Mareca: Whale Song, there is a slight frame delay where it feels like it is stuttering before PRIME: Mareca: Whale Song is cast. Speeding up this interaction would increase the flow of her battle greatly.

PRIME: Mareca: Sea Stroll- Change the 100% BSR ability to go from 700HP on cast -> 1400HP on cast and increase healing every two seconds from 200HEAL -> 300HEAL.
As of right now, there is hardly any difference in Awakening Corsair's 100% BSR of this skill and Succession's. This change will allow Succession's 100% BSR to be substantially better and show a clear difference of worth whileness. 

PRIME: Mareca: Spiral Soak- Add on-hit healing to this ability +30. Speed up the animation of this ability by at least one second.
Unlike Whale Song that can be near fast-casted following a mermaid ability, Spiral Soak is stuck in the full animation cycle. By adding some on-hit healing and speeding up the animation, Succession Corsair will be able to survive in skirmishes much longer.

RABAM: Mareca: Spiral of Dreams- Add 10% accuracy rate to this ability.

Sword Abilities: 

PRIME: Storm Surge- Revert the change made of Float on last hits PvE -> Float on last hits PvP. 

This ability was Succession Corsair's bread and butter ability to crowd control the flow of battle. Forcing yourself to dash into your enemies in hopes of crowd controlling them was one of her amazing factors. Since the removal of the Float however, she has been severly struggling in crowd controlling any class. There are many circumstances where classes such as Berserker and Warrior hold down the W key and don't protect themselves because they know that Succession Corsair will never crowd control them onto the ground. Reverting this change will help enable Succession Corsair to thrive once more.

Additional Option if above cannot be met- Change Absolute: Overflow into a PRIME ability, and make this ability have Super Armor while keeping the Floating on hits.

PRIME: Wave Lash- Change hit 2 from Down Attack to Knockdown.

Nearly every class in Black Desert Online has a form of Knockdown, but Succession Corsair. Her only Knockdown is Attack 1 of this ability. Allowing Attack 2 to also be a Knockdown would greatly increase her effectiveness in certain scenarios. 

RABAM: Rising Whirlpool- Revert the entire animation of this ability to what it was previously.

The older animation was much quicker and more exciting to cast. This "newer" version of this ability is much too slow and full of too many holes to use aside from Pre-Buffing yourself with +15DP before entering combat.


With the above issues addressed, I truly do believe Succession Corsair could once again flourish and thrive as being a unique supportive-style class. These are the main gripes and issues that us very few Succession Corsair's currently have.

Thank you for reading :))

- A certain fish unda da sea 

Last Edit : Jun 28, 2023, 18:28 (UTC)
# 2

ty for take the time to do this, plz stop powercreeping this spec into the trash PA 

Last Edit : Jun 29, 2023, 10:31 (UTC)
# 3

This should be an invaluable resource to the devs as they clearly have 0 clue what to do with this spec based off recent changes. 

Plz listen to this mans PA

Last Edit : Jun 28, 2023, 18:48 (UTC)
# 4

I would like to add, please reduce prime sea stroll cooldown to 15 secs. if Awk drak can move half way around the globe every 15 seconds, we should also be on a 15 second timer

Last Edit : Jun 28, 2023, 19:25 (UTC)
# 5

Staright to the point. Succ corsair is really in need of adjustments in this current meta.

Last Edit : Jun 28, 2023, 20:12 (UTC)
# 6

Very important to notice, this class could really use a nerf in either the block shred or the block debuff passive before it becomes playable, as it can become completely out of hand if the class is ever in a good state (the more people play it the worse it will be for the enemies)

but in compensation give the class better utility, look into the mobile plunder passive + give her some sort of buffs/heals that apply to allies.

Also rework her ebuff, is just useless

Last Edit : Jun 29, 2023, 02:53 (UTC)
# 7

Corsair should really be looked at. The state of succession is terrible and both specs should be looked at in PVE. 

Last Edit : Jun 29, 2023, 03:36 (UTC)
# 8

shuld also update the E buff in succession to match the strength of some more modern e buffs

Last Edit : Jun 29, 2023, 18:03 (UTC)
# 9

Also Jet stream flow should have same cd as the mainskill itself... so weird that it doesnt line up.

Aside of that amazing work Layfonda

Last Edit : Jun 30, 2023, 06:12 (UTC)
# 10

Removing her iframes was also too much of a nerf, especially in this meta full of iframes and fast classes we can't do much with those SA. Then we have the lack of cc. Completely overwhelmed. I beg PA, please consider this post.

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