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How do I start main quest lines if I leave LoML
Aug 13, 2023, 19:34 (UTC)
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Last Edit : Aug 13, 2023, 19:34 (UTC)
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I started my character in LoML and have since regretted it. I would like to take this character to the main land and start quests there but some have quest conditions I'm unsure of. 

These are the questline conditions for the "breaker of chains" questline and as you can see there is different conditions for those who start in LoML. As a fairly new/returning player im unsure how im supposed to meet these conditions and i cant find information anywhere. 

Am I able to just leave the LoML and start these missions?

Must I reach level 56?

What is awakening and succession?

Im completely lost trying to find out what the quests mentioned in 3 and 4 are

If anyone has answers please enlighten me. I feel if I'm confused by this others will be too and any help wont just help me but others that may have the same questions as me in the future. 

Last Edit : Aug 14, 2023, 15:46 (UTC)
# 2

Hello there, your question was posted in the wrong section, this section is for user created guides. I would recommend that you post your question here and delete this question. You can copy and paste your post in full and it should paste exactly as how you created it here :)

You need to reach level 56 and complete LoML, complete both your awakening and succession questlines or talent for shai, skill preset coupon from the BS, and a fresh adventure quest before accepting balenos. Your alternative is to create a new character since you can't pick and choose which questline mid-way.

Sorry to tell you the bad news :(

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