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Awakening Warrior: bugs and problems megathread
Aug 25, 2023, 17:02 (UTC)
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Last Edit : Dec 4, 2023, 17:57 (UTC)
# 1

Family Name: YberDC

Region (NA/EU): EU

I'm not sure if this should be under bug report, class discussion or feedback. Any GM feel free to move this around if you believe it should be.

Awakening Warrior has a number of bugs, issues and problems that the community has gathered information on over time. This thread compiles most of them. I may update it over time or in the future.

ALL SOLUTIONS ARE SUGGESTED BY ME, it's not necesarily a consensus by the warrior community.

Thanks to Gambit, Yuva and Rengo for their clips.


All skills with Right Mouse Button (RMB) or Left Mouse Botton (LMB) inputs have unintended gaps.

All skills that require RMB or LMB to input begin an autoattack animation before the skill is casted. This creates delays and gaps that vary between skills. This is easily visible in certain skills due to the orange "cancel" glow that warrior has: when an action is cancelled, we glow. Here are some examples, all of them have side by side perspective (intended inputs vs quickslot) to show said gaps.

Autoattack on Gravedigging (left input, right quickslot):
Additional clip: (@gambit_. )

Clip sync'd with forward guard loss out of qblock. As you can see, with the regular input, there's a large delay and gap when casting gravedigging, because the character begins performing an auto attack (bug) rather than actually casting the skill.

Autoattack on Flow: Slashing the Dead (left input, right quickslot):

Clip sync'd with forward guard loss out of block. As you can see (probably not let's be honest) there's a 1 frame delay and gap when casting Slashing with inputs, because the character begins performing an auto attack (bug) rather than actually casting the skill.

Autoattack on Pulverize (left input, right quickslot):

Clip sync'd to Super Armor loss. Pause the video at the beginning and watch the initial frames carefully. Same bug as before on a different skill.

Autoattack on Merciless (left quickslot, right input):

Clip sync'd to the same starting frame. Pause the video slowly or slow it down even more, you'll see there's an auto attack cancelled that creates a gap. This was done with Core: Merciless. Same bug as before on a different skill.

Autoattacks also happen on Solar Flare and Balance Strike, but I believe this is explanatory enough.

Flow: Reckless Blow damage and CC delay: clip in process.
Reckless Blow damage is immesenly delayed compared to the Knockdown effect. Often times, targets receive it but receive 0 damage because a crowd control effect is applied to the Warrior performing the attack. There's also a large delay between the attack having finished the charge up and the attack being performed.

Flow: Hilt Strike teleport upon hitting target:

Same bug as before reintroduced at the end of november.

Potential solution:

I'm unsure how this can be fixed without recoding the class head to toe. The easiest fix is to allow us to lock Greatsword (autoattacks) and have that be default. Alternatively, you could disallow for greatsword attacks (autoattacks) to cancel block, as long as that doesn't cause issues with responsiveness. This would fix the majority of issues this bug causes, given autoattacks can't interrupt other skills (Gravedigging into Flow: Slashing the Dead has no autoattack induced gap/delay) and I heavily suggest this option is at least tested by the development team.


Forward Slash and Goyen's Greatsword (Cswap) Frames Per Second (FPS) dependency.

This problem has been present in the class since it's inception, and while it's been addressed for all new classes and most of the old ones, it's still extremely prominent in Awakening Warrior: Absolute: Forward Slash and Goyen's Greatsword (cswap) suffer heavy FPS dependency. It is exponentially worse the less framerate you have.

Example clip:

Left with slowdown due to FPS dependency, right without. Both animations synced on the same frame. Framerate is 70 stable on the left, 100 stable on the right. The delay is relatively inconsistent, it doesn't happen every time and it can happen even at high framerate, the condition is to drop frames during the skills. This example is very minor, I'll add more when I find more agregious ones.

While all classes suffer from some form of FPS dependency (mostly in the form of air attacks not registering all that well), the severe animation slowdown suffered in Absolute: Forward Slash (used to swap to Awakening quicker than only using Cswap) and Cswap cripples warrior players who don't have very high end systems, sending them to other classes in the best case, and out of the game in the worst.

Suggested solution: remove this FPS dependency the same as it's been removed for other classes and even for other warrior skills. Make it consistently fast so good players are rewarded, instead of punished.

Lack of protections in Player vs Envionment (PvE):

Awakening Warrior has 1 forward guard (technically 2, you can flow one into the other but not use them separately) skill, and 2 super armors. For PvE, this is extraordinarily insufficient, and exacervated in the new grinding zones released in the past patches that are very damage and debuff (CC) heavy). As a class, not only do we have some of the worst area of effect and damage skills in the game, we also have next to no protections.

Example clip comparing Awakening Warrior, one of the least protected grinding classes, to Succession Woosa, one of the most heavily protected grinding classes:

Both combos (performed suboptimally as they may be) are the respective best possible grinding combos, or at least close to them.

Awakening Warrior requires better protections, in particular better frontal guards, in order to not shoot yourself in the foot if you want to play it during PvE.

Suggested solution: currently, Awakening Warrior players use Core: Frenzied Strikes in PvE to give that skill frontal guard. This helps, as the skill is useful but has a very long animation, so having it protected significantly reduces damage taken and likelyhood of mobs debuffing the player. However, given Frenzied Strikes is a PvE only skill as admitted by Pearl Abyss developers during the buffs Awakening Warrior received some months ago for PvE, it's inexcusable that we require this core, rather than having other options, and just so that we can be protected a fraction of what other awakening classes can achieve without a PvE oriented Core skill.

Therefore: make the bound effect PvE only (currently applied to the last hit for PvP), add forward guard to the full skill, remove Core: Frenzied Strike and substitute it with another Core. This would alleviate the problem, even if doesn't fix it completely.

Absolute: Chopping Kick's second kick shouldn't exist

This one affects both Awakening and Succession warrior. This skill is 1 of the only 2 Super Armor mobility skills warrior has (the other being Shieldtide, a Skill Enhancement with half Super Armor half Forward Guard). The skill can be tapped once for 1 full Super Armor kick, and held down for another. However, the 2nd kick is completely unprotected, and constantly activates during PvP when your animations are sped up due to collision with attacks or hitboxes. It's completely uncancelable and outside of the player's control when it's activated or not in these circumstances:

Example clip:

Practical case: (@gambit_.)

Suggested solutions:

a) Remove the 2nd kick entirely (again, activated by continueing to cast the skill). This is the prefered solution by the community that I've interacted with.

b) Add super armor to the 2nd kick, making the full skill Super Armor.

To reiterate, this is a problem that occurs when your animation is sped up, effectively making the game think the player is holding down the keys to cast the 2nd part of the skill, which would never be done in practice as it's entirely useless, and we'd like for that part of the skill to be removed.

Flow: Slashing the Dead's Super Armor ends too quickly.

Flow: Slashing the Dead is a skill with super armor from start to finish that and no lingering protection (not LSA, just not lingering during the rest of the animation). However, it's also a skill that can't be followed up with any other skills that are protected. This leads to the necesity of using a stance swap (Cswap) cancel into a preawakening skill (Absolute: Shield Charge or Absolute: Chopping Kick) in order to continue moving with some semblance of protection. Alternatively, it's possible to enter block immediatly after the animation, removing the gap. However, this leaves the warrior static, and given how extremely slow and predictable Flow: Slashing the Dead is (can't change direction, always the same fixed dash distance), means the warrior is extremely easy to grab. This makes the option of blocking after slashing nonexistant against any class with a grab in a duel, and also unusable in groupfights.

Example clip:

Practical case: (@yuvaleeus5eva)

Suggested solution: linger the Super Armor status on the skill, just like Gravedigging, or give it fully protected flows into other movement skills. As it is, throwing any skill at a warrior who is using Flow: Slashing the Deadl has a very high chance to succesfully CC them.

Headchase input and block interact negatively.

Example clip:

Practical example:

Headchase with regular input on the left, shift held beforehand on the right. As you can see there's no gap on the shift version. This is because, if the inputs are done with any sort of delay (we're talking 1 single frame), the character begins walking, which is obviously unprotected. As warrior is the only superarmor block class that can't move while maintaining block, this means "we create" a gap that can't be created by any other super armor block class in the game.

Suggested solutions:

a) Allow Awakening Warrior to move maintaining block.

b) Don't allow Awakening Warrior to cancel block with movement keys, making us unable to walk out of block.

Flow: Slashing the Dead misses target entirely and doesn't do damage

Flow: Slashing the Dead is very likely to miss the target completely by jumping over them instead of "colliding" or being stopped by the entity on the floor, despite that the skill doesn't bypass terrain (a peeble or branch blocks it as if the player was walking). This was a result of the Class Reworks introduced a year and a half ago and has never been addressed. The issue mostly occurs when the target is immobile or on the ground. The damage occurs on the landing point rather than in the whole area, meaning that the area the skill jumps over is "safe" from any damage. This makes our combo damage very inconsistent in both PvE and PvP, although it's by far a much bigger issue in PvP.

Practical case: (@gambit_. )

Suggested solutions:

a) Increase the area of effect of the skill to include the area jumped over (effectively making the skill hit behind the landing area rather than only around said area).

b) Rework player collision during the skill (mostly works fine for standing targets, we end up getting back attacks on them) so that we don't jump over players who are on the floor. Likely to create new problems or restore the previous unhealthy FPS dependency.

In my eyes, option a) is the best, as it should be fairly easy to do and shouldn't create new issues.

Fixed bugs and problems:

Teleporting on Balance Strike/Flow: Hilt strike.

Stagger on the 2nd hit of Gravedigging.

Last Edit : Aug 25, 2023, 17:33 (UTC)
# 2

Preal Abyss please look at these bugs for warrior... we been dealing with this for years. the class dying no one playing it...

25 38
Lv Private
Last Edit : Aug 25, 2023, 18:00 (UTC)
# 3

Great work man! These bugs are very annoying and happen quite often. It would be great if PA could fix them as soon as possible.

Last Edit : Aug 25, 2023, 18:13 (UTC)
# 4

PA i wish  you guys can fix those bugs we all want them fixed so we can enjoy our class 

Last Edit : Aug 25, 2023, 18:31 (UTC)
# 5

Great job as always Yber. Hopefully they will fix at least one of those issues.

Last Edit : Aug 25, 2023, 23:33 (UTC)
# 6

Great job with the post. Especially with all the clips showing the evidence of the bugs. I hope PA actually works on fixing these bugs.

Last Edit : Aug 26, 2023, 07:30 (UTC)
# 7

I appreciate the effort that went into gathering evidence and making the post; these bugs remove a lot fluidity from the class, can't count the amount of times I've gotten the slower versions of these skills. pls fix.

executioner (shift + e 3 min steroid) also features a bug where the ap disappears completely upon using the q block ap.

Last Edit : Aug 26, 2023, 10:14 (UTC)
# 8

I really hope that one day they fix all this and don't leave the warrior in oblivion (Thx Yber)

Last Edit : Aug 27, 2023, 10:36 (UTC)
# 9

Spinning slash and counter are also affected by fps and, by extension, attack speed [de]buffs.

Last Edit : Aug 27, 2023, 12:37 (UTC)
# 10
On: Aug 27, 2023, 10:36 (UTC), Written by WarriorFixWhenPA

Spinning slash and counter are also affected by fps and, by extension, attack speed [de]buffs.

All skills have variant degrees of FPS dependency (some much worse than others), regardless of class. The cases I've mentioned in this thread are most agregious and gamebreaking: Forward Slash and Cswap FPS dependency is so big that combos that are possible on 120 FPS are impossible on 80 or less. If you were to try, you'd have to skip 2-3 full skills, and your combos will often flop due to warrior skills not buffering. Counter and spinning are much more forgiving in this sense.

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