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Battle Arena Upgrades
Aug 30, 2023, 10:36 (UTC)
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Last Edit : Aug 30, 2023, 16:40 (UTC)
# 1

Hello again devs… I'm back with more suggestions. Hopefully I can convey my ideas in a way that is easy to understand. I have and will always continue to spend a majority of my free active time PVPing, practicing or RBF-ing. Ive spent quite a bit of time in the Battle Arena and after you recently changed some things. It got me thinking about some possible design changes that would be good for the B.A. and good for learning pvp in general. 


As it is currently the B.A. has a few problems.

  1. 1v1 arena takes up valuable space.

  2. Scarecrows are mostly useless

  3. Arena of Solare statues are in a bad spot.

  4. Circular safe zone island is unnecessary;all npcs should be together.

  5. Enormous arena should be divided into more smaller arenas.

  6. Cubicle style arenas would reduce unwanted interruptions and give a better viewing area.


My ideas:


Take the 1v1 arena and the solare statues, move them to the hill area east of the place where you load in. you could make a walking path up the hill and expand onto the hill, turning that into a pantheon of pvp… make a decently sized circular arena, surrounded by a 2 level horseshoe viewing area with the lower level being pvp viewing area and upper level being the solare statues. You can make it very visually pleasing and give walls and seats so people can go into spectate mode and zoom out to view the whole arena while possibly seeing some statues too.( if horseshoe shape like the arena below. we could all move our spectate cameras to the entrance opening and view the full arena and solare monuments simultaneously.) 1v1 arena also needs a size increase. if you make it more visually apealling and fix the queuing and tell people whos up next. more people would use. maybe if enough people use it within a certain time it sends out a notification telling more people fights are going on.


Moving the statues and 1v1 arena would free up space for some other changes that would really help alot in my opinion…For pvp ⅔ of the overall arena oval should be devoted to pvp cubicles and the remaining ⅓ should be reserved to create a practical training area.


Pvp area:

In honor of our history of wall standing and loitering in the battlefield while watching other people fight, i believe we should have a raised promenade extending from the entry to the far wall dividing the pvp area in half while giving a viewing/loitering area where you are far less likely to be killed or have your typing interrupted. wall should be hard enough to get up you dont do it on accident. and top of wall should be a safezone so people cant just troll you from the wall.


This promenade could have walls branching off of it further dividing the remaining area into pvp cubicles. The cubicles just need to be big enough to avoid excessive contact with walls due to the camera getting messed up by walls. Cubicles would be better than open field because it makes it far harder for randoms to interrupt your fight on accident or on purpose. I think it would discourage trolls too because they would have to use the promenade again after interrupting every single fight, instead of just dashing around the open field interrupting 1v1 after 1v1. Walls would also stop random range spells from hitting unintended targets. would also box in the mosh pits keeping it away from the people who dont want to participate. A majority of the pvp classes that loiter in the ba don't actually need a ridiculous amount of space to fight comfortably. While ranged classes could justify using a lot more space… because of the above factors I believe 2-3 large cubicles and 4-6 small or medium sized cubicles would be enough to support the amount of regular ba attendees.


Training area: 

All human dummies should be exactly equivalent to players. They should also get up from a grounded state slightly faster, players are constantly inputting so they get up faster. It would be nicer if they were more similar to players. There are also common things people do like getup grab, getup iframe, getup runaway that could be incorporated in some way. ( i  think dummies with getup actions should be outside the dojo i suggest below) the current dummies if made exactly like players in regards to cc would be perfect for inside the dojo suggestion below.


In my opinion the scarecrows are placed poorly and should be moved to a spot that doesn't interfere with the training dummies(lock on/ dash abilities). I personally think the scarecrow's best use is figuring out the width and depth of a specific skill. There should be visual measurements on the floor and dummies spaced in regular intervals with offset rows so we can accurately imagine where our skills' effective range is.. We cant see damage numbers so they aren't useful for that and we have human dummies to hit for practice so i can't really imagine a pvp practicer wanting to hit the scarecrows over a training dummy. Scarecrows should be placed like an army or a legion in a spot of the training area that's less used ideally in my plan near the entrance to the 1v1 pantheon… 


There should be a circular dojo type area with 8-10 human dummies spaced decently inside the circular area. with nearby pillars of various heights that can be climbed from outside the arena and used to jump into the dojo area from height or attack from above for the people who can. There are a few classes that can engage from above and this is something that should be practicable. In pvp situations there are also times where you want to engage people one after the other so having many dummies in a circle would allow for me to engage then cc finish and move on to the next dummy practicing target acquisition. 


I also think it's time to add a couple more different human dummies as well and I think these should be outside the “dojo” near the entrance to the new solare arena idea but away from the scarecrows. We should have 3 more human dummies but in different outfits.. The dummies should have increased evasion. There should be 3 tiers, 1000/ 1200/ 1400 or something similar to decent evasion, high evasion, most/all evasion. So we can practice combos on targets that would be most similar to players. Outfits should denote evasion i was thinking regular soldier, commander, general or something like that


Some other notable things. There should be a long distance engagement into the dojo maybe from pvp pantheon to dojo tamers, lahns, drakanias could fly over drop down and engage dummies.


Ranged shooting gallery there could be a shooting area on one side and targets could spawn on the opposite side of the arena on the mountain or in the air being killable with like a 30 sec respawn so you can practice precision shots.


Obstacle course ( many fights happen in places where there are walls, puddles, level changes, turns.) could be good practice.

horseshoe arena example

please take my 5min sketch with grain of salt im sure you guys could come up with something better...

Last Edit : Aug 30, 2023, 16:46 (UTC)
# 2

ex. something like this for a cubicle would prefer solid walls (archer arrows)



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