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#Community Support
Don't increase the price of Crons!
Sep 6, 2023, 13:46 (UTC)
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Last Edit : Sep 8, 2023, 19:38 (UTC)
# 1

Family Name: LeiIany
Region (NA/EU): EU

I'd like to address an important matter today that concerns all of us and has the potential to impact our experiences in Black Desert Online. It's about the proposed price increase of Crons, which has recently been introduced in Korea and may soon affect us as well.

Currently, a Cron Stone costs 2 million silver. This is already a substantial investment for many of us who enjoy enhancing and optimizing our gear. However, there's a proposed price increase of 50%, which would raise the price to 3 million silver. This move is highly concerning in my view and could have significant repercussions on our gameplay.

Why is this price increase problematic?

Firstly, it means that players who want to enhance their gear will have to invest even more time in the game to earn enough silver for Crons. This can be frustrating and detrimental to the overall enjoyment of the game. Additionally, older players who were able to benefit from the cheaper Crons will have a clear advantage over new players or returning ones.

We shouldn't be forced to spend our hard-earned money to remain competitive to buy costumes for crons.

I call upon the entire community to oppose this proposal and raise our voices to prevent this unfair change. It's essential that we make our concerns clear and highlight how this price increase could negatively affect our gaming experience.

Let's work together to take action and persuade the developers that a price increase of Crons is not in the best interest of the players. Let's stand together and fight to keep Black Desert Online a fair and enjoyable game for all.

BDO has earned a good reputation in recent months and has made very good changes. Why is this now being destroyed again?

Last Edit : Sep 6, 2023, 15:13 (UTC)
# 2

Total support.

They think they have to "balance" things due to area's junk items silver value being increased.  They make the beginning stage of the game so flipping easy (which I've never liked, my opinion entirely) but they're scared to let end game become just a little easier.

I don't get these people.

It already takes so many crons to even have a hope to successfully enhance top-notch gear already..... why make it more unbearable?

Last Edit : Sep 6, 2023, 15:38 (UTC)
# 3

Its so bad, this completely killed my will to continue playing. The raise of prices of costumes is good but the cron price is such as trash. 

The new players will feel this hard in the future when they will enchance end game gear. 

Last Edit : Sep 6, 2023, 15:49 (UTC)
# 4

And the newplayers such as myself that don't have billions and trillions of silver nor can they farm as much are getting slapped in the face why exactly?

Doesn't that mean item prices in market will also be adjusted to reflect that increase?

Last Edit : Sep 6, 2023, 15:57 (UTC)
# 5

PA gives out so many free crons either as just crons or through free event outfits or in-game events, that I've literally never had to buy crons or outfits to convert to crons. I've played since Jan '22... and I've got relatively good gear and was able to do it with all with free crons.

Now... if they additionally RAISE how many crons it takes to keep gear from downgrading, that'll definitely suck --- unless they start to give us like 5000 crons during their big events instead of like 2000 like they have before.

Last Edit : Sep 6, 2023, 16:40 (UTC)
# 6

I've got to be honest, as a new player, I'm really frustrated about the proposed Cron price increase. It's making it tough for me to enjoy the game and make any progress.

With this 50% price hike, going from 2 million to 3 million silver, I feel like I'm being put at a disadvantage and losing motivation. It's getting increasingly difficult to keep up with the veterans who benefited from the lower Cron prices.

This situation might lead me to consider quitting the game altogether. I genuinely hope that as a community, we can voice our concerns together, making the game fairer and more balanced.

Last Edit : Sep 6, 2023, 17:04 (UTC)
# 7

I say let it go.   If this causes even a couple of F2P grinders who already surpassed 750gs to Quit, I say whatever.  They were only HURTING the rest of us anyway by net-producing nothing but Silver and further driving up the prices of mid-tier commodities (while Fail-smashing all the Distos and Crescents at sub-200 stacks).

Someone who actually understood Economics, would point out that the real issue here is how Failstacking itself is just a PLACEBO.  It's not a true Streak breaker coded mechanic for PEN attempts or even for most TET attempts.  And it's an even bigger joke for Dream horses.  And that means that progress is almost entirely random and gated by a player's character seed or account seeds.  You can work your butt off and CRON every single attempt like a responsible adult yet still never succeed because the game is rigged and it always has been.

Don't petition to Revert this.  Petition for more guaranteed options.  More scavenger hunts.  More ACTUAL content and less dynsasty warriors treadmill gambling garbage

Last Edit : Sep 6, 2023, 18:13 (UTC)
# 8

In Pearl Abyss's most recent investor meeting they showed that across the board NA/EU as a region make up 60% of their income. If you want this to change, stop swiping and start dropping that % and they will make changes.

TL;DR This is a change that only existed in Korea because people accepted it there, this is NA/EU and we might view things differently, vote with your wallet if you want things to change 

Last Edit : Sep 6, 2023, 19:57 (UTC)
# 9

idc about the crons, im 713gs

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Lv 61
Last Edit : Sep 6, 2023, 20:00 (UTC)
# 10
On: Sep 6, 2023, 19:57 (UTC), Written by Adonaj

idc about the crons, im 713gs

How are you going to get more gear , since crons are more expensive less people will enhance for profit making your gear increase stale. Since getting costumes will still be problematic.

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