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UTC 17 : 36 Jul 15, 2024
CEST 19 : 36 Jul 15, 2024
PDT 10 : 36 Jul 15, 2024
EDT 13 : 36 Jul 15, 2024
Warrior Qol.
Sep 25, 2023, 16:43 (UTC)
448 1
Last Edit : Sep 26, 2023, 16:13 (UTC)
# 1
    1. For Awakening :

      Solar Flare's connections need to be improving by using the skill before and following skills :
      - Grave Digging
      - Slashing the Dead
      - Reckless Blow

      Reckless Blow needs to lose the charge. Also, the LMB input that make us using Flow: Tempest needs to get remove or improve. The LMB has priority on any LMB input, for example doing SHIFT + LMB to use Grave Digging makes you use Flow:
      Tempest instead, unless you Q block before.
      Flow: Tempest needs to be improve so we could use it when Pulverize is in cooldown.
      Flow: Hilt Strike's animation needs to be merge in Balance Strike directly. For example, if you take Flow: Balance Strike you have a specific extra damage on Balance Strike the same way they did on Musa's Projection in awakening after using specific skills.
      Chain: Heaven's Cleave needs to be improve on the first attack. The range needs to be wider.
      Flow: Slashing the Dead needs to be improve on five points :
      - The first animation makes the character jumping. But this "jump" is way too long, one second pass between the moment you jump and the moment you do the attack.
      - The two little Slashing effects on the side when using Slashing the Dead should be extra damage on the skill.
      - The Super Armor at the end of the skill needs to be extend by at least 1 second.
      - The skill connection of Slashing the Dead after using it, needs to be improve in order to use most awakening skill after Slashing the Dead animation.
      - The linkage between Slashing the Dead & Flow: Overwhelm need to be remove in order to use directly Armor Break by pressing SPACE just after Slashing the Dead. It's not wrote on Flow: Overwhelm you can use it just after Slashing the Dead.
      Merciless and the core needs to be swap. The skill has one issue, it's a Floating then a Bound. Trading the Core and the normal version would give a great forward guard for PVP and PVE. I also believe the skill should be slighty faster.
      Frenzied Strikes needs to lose the Bound and get the Forward Guard from the Core directly on skill.
      Ankle Break needs to lose the Bound for a Forward Guard.
      Pulverize and Flow: Tempest should have 100% critical hit rates in PVE and at least 30% in PVP.

      For Succession :

      Prime: Pulverize needs to restore more HP. Normally, Pulverize always work with Flow: Tempest to help awakening players to sustain their HPs. But the Prime doesn't have Flow: Tempest. So here are ideas :
      - Prime version should restore 1 000 HP directly.
      - Prime version should restore 400 HP plus having Flow: Tempest effect, which makes the skill proving us 150 HP every hits
      Succession: Mediation should restore at least 20% every 30 seconds or 35 seconds. Currently, it's only 200 HP every 30 seconds, which way too low.
      Succession: War Cry should provide a buff of 30 DP for a minute, for a one minute cooldown. The DP buff should also apply to allies.
      Succession: Charging Thrust should prive a Super Armor on the second dash.
      Prime: Counter accuracy buff should last for 10 seconds, instead of 3 seconds.
      Prime: Scars of Dusk needs an accuracy buff of at least 5% on the skill. Plus, the -2 hits on the last attack in PVP need to be remove.
      Prime: Heavy Strike needs a better HP sustain of 50 HP or 75 HP per hits. Also, the skill truly needs three things, first it needs an accuracy buff of 5% on the skill. Secondly, the skill should have a Forward Guard, it has no CC, there is no reason for not having a protection. And lastly, the skill needs the Down Attack effect.
      Absolute: Deep Ground Slash needs to be rework for Prime: Ground Slash. It could also be a specific effect for some skills.
      Prime: Forward Slash & Absolute: Frenzied Dash should be usable directly from the Block Stance. It has been remove for no reason with the last Succession changes.
      Succession: Warrior's Spirit needs to be improve and have more impact on the Warrior Succession gameplay. Currently it applies only on Slash, Prime: Forward Slash & Prime: Ground Slash, which is really low amount of skills while being a small Succession effect.

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