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End Game - Meaningful Leveling Experience
Oct 1, 2023, 17:42 (UTC)
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Last Edit : Oct 1, 2023, 17:42 (UTC)
# 1

Title: End Game - Meaningful Leveling Experience

Family Name: FaeriePrincess

Region (NA/EU): NA


As of the moment leveling in Black Desert Online after level 60 earns you nothing but some mid-tier item rewards and bragging rights (LOL). I beliwve if theres anything that needs to be revisited by the devs, it's definitely this one. 

With that being said I think leveling in any mmorpg needs to be meaningful and rewarding. I suggest that leveling after 60 should allow adventurers to be able to pick some non-game breaking personalized stats. Think of it as a cross-roads selection everytime you level up. Here's what I suggest

Per level adventurers can choose one of the following:

[Option 1] Overpower:

- Accuracy +10

- Ignore All Resistance + 1%

[Option ] Protection:

- Evasion +10

- All Resistance + 1%

[Option 3] Subjugate:

- Monster Damage +5

- Damage taken from monsters - 10 

Last Edit : Oct 1, 2023, 18:19 (UTC)
# 2

i disagree,

you dont have to push 67, only if YOU feel pride in achieving this goal.

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Lv 61
Last Edit : Oct 1, 2023, 18:28 (UTC)
# 3
On: Oct 1, 2023, 18:19 (UTC), Written by Adonaj

i disagree,

you dont have to push 67, only if YOU feel pride in achieving this goal.

she said past 60, not just 67

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Lv Private
Last Edit : Oct 1, 2023, 18:35 (UTC)
# 4

This would be AIDS. You already get stats for leveling, we ain't not need any more.

244 4634
Lv 63
This was deleted by the writer.
Last Edit : Oct 2, 2023, 09:50 (UTC)
# 6

Level should not be something that gives you (significant) power. lvl 60-61 is ~0.03% of 66-67. 61-62 is ~0.12%. 65-66 is ~5% of 66-67. 

Maybe. Just maybe we can add passive skills up to 66. not beyond with the current 403bil fixed exp from 67-100. But thats it. The problem with EXP is, its not rewarded by dificultiy. There are just spots that have more EXP per mob or less. You would need to equalize EXP for the dificulty and maybe even add penalties so ppl stop grinding lower spots. If everyone grinds gyfin like epx on 280 or higher zones, leveling itself isnt that hard and much more accessable. But if it really needed? 

We get one hidden ap for 63, 64/65 (depending on class), 67, 70. You could just have 1 per level if you want. 1ap on dehkia and ulukita spots is alread 0.4-0-6% more total dmg (becasue of how high the dr brake point is in these zones). Having a 62 vs 66 grinding there would be ~10%.



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