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Rework/Expand LoML into a Lifeskiller Paradise
Oct 2, 2023, 18:45 (UTC)
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Last Edit : Oct 2, 2023, 18:45 (UTC)
# 1

Family Name:  Verendis

Region (NA/EU):  NA


Please give players a reason to return to the Land of the Morning Light after the Main Quest content is completed. The entire area is gorgeous, detailed, & very scenic. However, it feels very empty & is missing many quality of life amenities that are present back on the main continent. It's such a shame and feels like such a waste that LoML is empty of players when it is obviously such a labor of love by the developers.

I would love to spend more time here!! The music, environment, & culture are all so beautiful!! But beyond the boss rush & maybe sniper hunting, there isn't any good reason for most people to spend time in LoML. Since there are no grinding areas, & this seems to be a stylistic choice, I propose expanding LoML into a Lifeskiller destination to encourage players to spend time there. I'd really like to see a dedicated effort to add lifeskilling support for this region, but even doing the bare minimum of adding basic lifeskilling amenities like Imperial Delivery NPCs would probably go a long way towards adding enough utility to the LoML area to draw some players back.

Here are some of my suggestions for improving LoML into a "Lifeskiller Paradise:"

- Add all Imperial Delivery NPCs to Moodle and Dalbeol.
- Add wild horse spawns to the LoML map. LoML is already great for horse training. Add wild horses so we can do all of our horse stuff in one place please.
- Add Truffle caves. We can always do with more truffle spawns~!
- Add high volume harvest node locations for in-demand resources. For example, Pilgrim's Haven in Valencia is the best place to mine rough stone because the harvest nodes are so close together. LoML would be much improved if some Pilgrim's Haven-esque harvest locations were added around the map. Give players a reason to hike out into the lovely remote overlooks of scenic LoML!!
- Add a Residence in each town so players can do cooking/alchemy lifeskilling close to the vendor & storage NPCs. The manors are so far from the towns that they are inconvenient for lifeskilling. I suppose if PA really does not want to add Residences to LoML (omission seems to be a stylistic choice) an alternative could be a free Storage Container that we don't have to rent for 10 CP. Maybe we could earn it via a short family quest. If PA doesn't want to add residences to LoML then something needs to be done to make lifeskilling from the manors more economical.
- Add a Season/Plump Coelacanth fishing location. Moodle probably would make the most sense for a location.
If anyone else has suggestions I'd be happy to add them to the list. :)

The Land of the Morning Light is SO BEAUTIUL. I would love to move my lifeskiller here. But it is just not feasible in its current state. The other Regions have so much more to offer. I'd hate to see all the love and hard work that went into crafting LoML end up wasted on a dead zone. Please PA, rework & expand this region into a Lifeskiller destination!! Thank you for your consideration.
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Last Edit : Oct 3, 2023, 03:55 (UTC)
# 2

So true.

It would also be nice if there was something for everyone here, like all regions.

Regardless, work needs to be put into it.

PA needs to stop all new development and work on refining all exisitng content.  There are too many dumpster fires to put out, and too much dead content that needs resurrecting, for anything new to be introduced that would have any real meaning or value to this game.

Last Edit : Oct 3, 2023, 12:12 (UTC)
# 3

I agree to upgrade LoML for lifeskillers.

- Residence is far away from villages 

- it needs some extra activities

I still keep my Shai on LoML. I like Sniper-area and I occasionaly gather trees, cabbage, radish..

Last Edit : Oct 3, 2023, 15:39 (UTC)
# 4


I would love to see this happen to the Haso region. More lifeskill things to do there would excellent.

Unfortunately it seems PA hates making lifeskill additions to BDO. The guy who is in charge of this has massive contempt for anyone who wants to trade or fish or farm, or do just about anything with making the mastery system work for all lifeskills.

He is determined to keep lifeskilling down. 

I only say this because I'm fed up. I've been here on the forums since launch asking for better additions and submitting feedback/ideas. Its been years and we still dont have mastery for all lifeskills. 

Last Edit : Oct 3, 2023, 16:40 (UTC)
# 5
Before Margoria Fleet was added I used to live on LOML. Sniper hunting right outside my manor that I could quickly cook. I could breed or transport horses to AFK train on nice long loops all protected by safezone and crocs and Lekrashan was super close for all my sailing needs. It was great! But now Fleet is too good that the only reason to really live there is for sniper hunting. Sure you might visit every so often for trade crates, but I can cook anywhere, train horses anywhere that its just not worth it for just sniper hunting.

On top of everything already listed;

-Buff nearby sea monster spots.
-Add more vendors/types of items that can be bought (The cooking vendor that you can summon to your manor lacks very vital ingredients that can only be bought on the mainland). Crow coin shop like the one on Lema island, fruit and mushroom vendors and any other vital vendors I've missed.
-Attach Dallae Pier to Nopsae storage so that we can use it for bartering.
-Add active trading. Even if its a dead lifeskill it deserves to be included.
-You already suggested Imperial Fishing delivery added to Dalbeol, but I think it makes more sense in Nampo and Nopsae. Imperial Crafting in Dalbeol is fine.

EDIT for clarity: There is a fruit vendor on LOML but it doesn't sell Paprika/Strawberries.
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