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Allow the change of look of Pearl outfits by fusion
Nov 5, 2023, 09:07 (UTC)
454 1
Last Edit : Nov 5, 2023, 09:22 (UTC)
# 1

Pearl Abyss,

Having the same lifeskill costume again and again because none offers the same caracteristics is boring.

I'm on the seas and there's no much choice about outfits there: Dadum, Splat or Coco.

I would love to gather under the sea with my Nereid outfit, or fish with my Kibelius if I like it. I rarely fight on lands with my Corsair so I would like an occasion to wear those costumes wich look nicer than a shark tail.


Make a possible fusion within outfits, the first being the outfit you want to keep the look of, the second being the one you want to fuse to apply its caracteristics on the 1st one.

This way, for you, it would mean more outfits sold.

For us, it would mean we could go under the sea with something else than always the same look for years.

The fusion is already an existing system within Pets so it's certainly possible to do such with pearl outfits that we pay for.

I just don't buy Dadum and Splat because they are fun to watch the first time but then it's sad and boring (and ugly, depending of the taste ofc). Please make it possible to have the same "water" abilities by just changing the look of it.




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