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[Feedback] Post Warrior Awakening PVE Buff.
Nov 19, 2023, 11:05 (UTC)
395 1
Last Edit : Nov 19, 2023, 11:05 (UTC)
# 1

Family Name: Jagdmarschall

Region (NA/EU): EU


I'll go straight to the points.

Grave Digging :
Nice buff, however, the movement, attack & casting speed debuff needs to be removed. It would be nice to have the +26 AP buff refresh on the skill instead.

Slashing the Dead :
Nice buff, but the skill needs to have more connections with many other skills. Plus, the jump at the beginning of the skill should be faster, it's currently taking almost 1 seconds to fully cast the skill because of the jump.

Merciless :
The Critical Hit Damage buff refresh on the skill is really cool, plus the fact the duration got increased by 5 seconds make it very useful. However, the skill needs to change on two points :
1 - The animation should be merge in one.
2 - The skill should lose his CCs in order to be a Forward Guard.

Armor Break :
The damage buff on the skill is really nice and appreciate. However, the skill needs more connection with skills like Grave Digging & Slashing the Dead.

Solar Flare :
The skill got left behind and didn't got any changes. The skill needs to be smoother when casting in before and after some skill, it's currently a bit too raw to use.

Frenzied Strike :
Very cool buff, however, the skill needs to lose the Knock Down in PVP to get a full Forward Guard protection.

Reckless Blow :
Strong buff, however, the skill needs to lose the charge. It's starting to be restrictive to charge it especially when the skill doesn't have a Super Armor Core Skill.

Ankle Break :
Damage on skill are really nice, however having the Bound on the skill is actually making it annoying to use in end game spot. We use to it linger crit Pulverize & Tempest; but having it without Forward Guard can create a window where you can get almost killed.
It needs to lose the Bound for a Forward Guard.

Knee Kick :
Interesting changes, but the skill needs to have more connection than Armor Break. We cannot cast any skill after, we cannot Q Cancel it.


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