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#Warrior #Berserker #Tamer #Striker #Mystic
Global Labs Addon update is going to Hurt Classes without abusable Slows
Nov 21, 2023, 00:37 (UTC)
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Last Edit : Nov 21, 2023, 00:41 (UTC)
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Was just on Global Labs and i saw the Addon changes and i understand what they were going for they think by ruined the addons of spammable skills and keeping Rarer Skills of 20 second cooldown with higher addons that they are going to make addon abuse better in pvp but all its done is ruin the mechanics alot of classes had as many classes literally cease to function on lower level addons for example...Im on mystic awkening mystic heavily dependant on addons like attack speed% i know many classes are dependant on attack speed or casting speed. 

Classes that dont abuse Down smash, or Slows (no mystic awk does not do any of those things) suffer alot in rotation and comboes as whats the point of every class getting addon nerfs when they can still just stack -4atk speed% and -4% movement speed on the same slow that has like 10-15% or hell no 30% aatk speed % debuff on it like it doesnt change anything its just a nerff its like a nerf into buff into nerf overall

Hasashin what does he get 2 Slows 1 is SA both huge range. You get clipped by one grain of sand Slowed , 10 second cooldown, 10 second duration so easily loopable . Does not matter if its a t1 addon he can just stack slow on it . and Me i only got 4% speed cause does not realise that some skills are more usefull than others.

Classes with no iframe good luck. Zerk Doesnt matter if he got 1Addons he gets 100% down smash all the time on the same skill without addon doesnt matter. Hash and warrior too they get like moves that basically have 100% down smash for some reason because coding of the game or something.

Me no i now have to play on my Tamer or mystic, Work a combo . miss the 30% chance and im too slow to complete the combo they get up and im grabbed or something they suffer nothing.

Slows in general are just a bad feature of the game that should be removed. Everyone should be faster no one should be made slow

Atleast with more speed% its up to the player to use said speed wisely..

HOPEFULLY THIS DOES NOT RELEASE and its actually just incomplete but this is aint what it sounded like when people were screening the buffs to come with the Addons

and i just am looking mid process into the coding changes 

Last Edit : Nov 21, 2023, 09:01 (UTC)
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It will be interesting to see what BDO looks like in a few months in terms of population. The only people i heard saying these changes are good are BDO partners.

Also heard a BDO partner on twitch mention something about an NDA agreement where they can't discuss something, not sure what they meant exactly but it was recent they were starting to talk about the changes and you could see his was struggling to figure out what to say even though you could tell he wanted to and then he clammed up saying something about an NDA so he can't say much more.

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Last Edit : Nov 23, 2023, 12:20 (UTC)
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Slows honestly shouldnt exist 


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