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UTC 13 : 45 Feb 24, 2024
CET 14 : 45 Feb 24, 2024
PST 5 : 45 Feb 24, 2024
EST 8 : 45 Feb 24, 2024
#Dark Knight
Dear J you wanted suggestions? here is for Awakening Dark Knight
Nov 22, 2023, 05:38 (UTC)
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Last Edit : Nov 22, 2023, 05:45 (UTC)
# 1

ID: 2422

KR name: 지배자
Remove the 24% Critical Hit Chance its a useless State for Awakening Dark Knight. The E buff should give you Stats that you can use like +30 AP.
ID: 2403
Spirit Hunt I
KR name: 정령 사냥 I
Add 10% attack speed so we dont need to go preawakening anymore for PvE and PvP. Increase the Distance Range of the skill so the Core skill will have more value for me to pick up and use.
ID: 2416
Hallucination Gap
KR name: 환영의 틈
Increase the Range and Animation Speed. i havent used this skill for 5 years already.......
ID: 2412
Flow: Spirit Blaze
KR name: 흐름 : 정령 산화
Add Super Armor and increase the Range so can we use it for PvE and PvP. Its that simple.
ID: 2413
Flow: Bombardment
KR name: 흐름 : 폭격
Make the damage the same as shattering Darkness the skills is a skill where if you use it you have a very high chance to get cced or killed it should do the same of not more than the first part shattering darkness use your brain please use it once.
ID: 6798
Flow: Darkness Outpouring
KR name: 흐름 : 어둠 산개
Give Iframe while moving the same as Airstrike this skill cannot be used in a realistic pvp situation imagine if air strike wasnt iframe while moving this is how it feels like always cced and killed while casting this skill its too easy to predict it and hit the dark knight when she uses it. also allow us to use the skill without Casting Flow bombardment give it a new input W+F.
ID: 2414
Flow: Root of Catastrophe
KR name: 흐름 : 뿌리내린 재앙
So what is the purpose of the skill? nothing. give it a purpose or a reason for me to USE IT!!!!!! im wasting more time using this skill than others.
Increase the damage and make it the same as the first part Seed of Catastrophe and also add Air Attack damage so if i catch someone with Seed of Catastrophe using Root of Catastrophe will actually benefit me and not waste my time.....
ID: 2399
Spirit Legacy I
KR name: 정령의 유산 I
This skill does not instantly cast so we can move the forward guard but the issue is if we do so the Forward guard doesnt follow the character please fix it.
ID: 2395
Spirit Blaze I
KR name: 정령 산화 I
Add Forward Guard and increase the Range of the skill.
ID: 2417
Twilight Dash
KR name: 황혼의 질주
Reduce the Cooldown from 9 seconds to 7 would make PvE and PvP feel better for sure. also remove the unprotected Gap at the start of Twilight Dash its supposed to be Super Armor.
ID: 2420
Cluster of Despair
KR name: 빗발치는 절망
Switch the 25% Movement Speed Slow from Cluster of Despair and give it to Trap of Vedir and give Cluster of Despair the -15% Evasion Debuff.
Finally that would fix the skill identity issue of Trap of Vedir and the purpose of it.
ID: 2418
Trap of Vedir
KR name: 베디르의 함정
Increase the Distance Range of Trap of Vedir and also Fix the Foward Guard effect and remove the unprotected Gap at the very end of the skill cast.
ID: 2419
Soul Snatch
KR name: 낚아챈 영혼
Increase the cast speed dramatically and add the Stiffness back so we can use it as a good catching skill in PvP currently its useless for PvE and PvP.
ID: 2421
Grip of Grudge
KR name: 원한의 손아귀
Add Super Armor to this skill so we can use it in PvP as well.
ID: 2391
Touch of Exploitation I
KR name: 착취의 손길 I
Add Stiffness to the first hit of this skill.
ID: 6037
Core: Touch of Exploitation
KR name: 본 : 착취의 손길
Change to Last Hit from Bound to Knockdown.
ID: 6038
Core: Spirit Blaze
KR name: 본 : 정령 산화
Remove the Forward Guard effect and add Stiffness on First Hit.
ID: 6042
Core: Shattering Darkness
KR name: 본 : 비산하는 어둠
Add Stiffness also in the magic hits not just the phantom blades.
ID: 6039
Core: Seed of Catastrophe
KR name: 본 : 재앙의 씨앗
Fix the unprotected gap at the start of the Super Armor please its really sad i get cced so many times even tho its supposed to be Super Armor.
ID: 6040
Core: Spirit Legacy
KR name: 본 : 정령의 유산
Remove this Core skill its completely useless no type of CC could make it worth using this core skill and change it to Twilight Dash Core and Add Stun on hits instead.
Dark Knight








86.04% 94.16% 94.16% 89.29% 94.16% 94.16% 94.16%








86.04% 94.16% 94.16% 94.16% 94.16% 77.93% 77.93%



Dark Knight





94.16% 94.16% 105.53% 90.91% 94.16% 88.48% 81.17%





94.16% 94.16% 94.16% 94.16% 89.45%

Please fix this already like its horrible for PvP especially Arena of Solare. Increase damage modifier for Warrior, Berserker, Valkyrie, Mystic, Striker, Shai, Hashashin, Nova and Meagu to 94.16% please end this horrible gameplay design as a whole if possible.

Last Edit : Nov 22, 2023, 05:49 (UTC)
# 2

That's not constructive feedback at all, that's straight up asking to make class OP.

Last Edit : Nov 22, 2023, 08:29 (UTC)
# 3

I would kiss PA's feet if only they fix the damage ratios against other classes. Just standertize them, it's such an easy win. I feel powerless when fighting Strikers, Mystics, Valks, Warriors and Novas. 

This was hidden by admin due to the reports it has received.
This was hidden by admin due to the reports it has received.
Last Edit : 1 Days ago
# 6

Buff DK when...

Last Edit : 1 Days ago
# 7

Ranger & Dk nearly got the exact same ratio and yet Ranger awakening does far higher dmg then all this 4 "high dmg dealer" classes in black box. I wander why...


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