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UTC 10 : 2 Jul 17, 2024
CEST 12 : 2 Jul 17, 2024
PDT 3 : 2 Jul 17, 2024
EDT 6 : 2 Jul 17, 2024
Add visual indication of the Hollow Maretta spawn for hearing impaired sailors.
Nov 22, 2023, 18:43 (UTC)
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Last Edit : Nov 22, 2023, 18:43 (UTC)
# 1

As cool and immersive of an idea it is to require hearing to find the Hollow Maretta, there are deaf/hearing impaired people who play this game and need reasonable accessibility features to enjoy the game and new content like everyone else.

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Last Edit : Nov 22, 2023, 20:13 (UTC)
# 2

I play with all game sounds off, don't even need to be deaf, you just have to not be willing to listen to the in game sounds.

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Last Edit : Nov 22, 2023, 20:32 (UTC)
# 3

They should add it for the deaf impaired, but, having to sail all Margoria not knowing if the mermaid is dead or not and having a 1h spawn time is really not well thought out. Looking for a needle in a haystack.

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Last Edit : Nov 22, 2023, 21:33 (UTC)
# 4

For sure! The ghost ships make the sea around it foggy, the mermaid should have some sort of visual effect in the area as well.

Last Edit : Nov 22, 2023, 21:41 (UTC)
# 5

I also play without sound and reading information about today's update I was very disappointed by the fact that Hollow Maretta does not have additional text / visual effect information.

Last Edit : Nov 23, 2023, 02:19 (UTC)
# 6

Even worse, after running into the siren background music just north of Oquillas Eye heading to Vell, it won't stop. 

I tried to 'follow' it for an hour, but heard it over the entire ocean.  The only part that I didn't get to was the Black Rust corner.  Figured by that time it would be best to try again some other time.  So I went back to OE, siren music playing the whole time.  Swapped to an alt in Heidel - and the siren music continued.  Swapped some more, and it's everywhere for everyone.

Just me? If anyone can confirm, it sounds like a bug that makes this content impossible to find except by sheer luck.


12 1006
Lv Private
Last Edit : Nov 23, 2023, 02:35 (UTC)
# 7

Yeah she should have a visual effect as well. Fog/mist. Being a siren, they disorient sailors. A visual aid like that would help a bit more than just having sound. Also I'm not too crazy about her (song) it was too busy for my taste. It should be slower. I don't think they should overdo it on the instruments, just have the siren singing in a haunting but beautiful tune. Somehing akin to World of Warcraft's Nightsong (Night elf theme). Something in that tone. 

Last Edit : Nov 23, 2023, 03:45 (UTC)
# 8

Ended up having to restart the game to get rid of the siren music.

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Last Edit : Nov 27, 2023, 03:25 (UTC)
# 9

All they need to do is add a little mermaid icon that pops up somewhere on the UI when audio would cue for anyone else. Similar to how the BDO LIVE icon pops up. Keep in mind that if someone finds her first (read: gains her aggro), the audio stops playing for anyone else. The icon should follow these same rules to keep it identitical to the audio counterpart.

Also, the siren seemingly has set spawns. She spawns close to most bartering NPCs and sea monster icons. The spawns away from these things are not the norm. You can find this resource on the Sailing Discord server as well as some kind sailors that do call out when they slay her on that specific server. Not everyone does it, but at least you will see what servers to not waste your time on here and there.

PA terribly executed a great idea, but the [sailing] community is mitigating some of the more annoying aspects about it. As long as people are willing to co-operate, that is.

Last Edit : Nov 27, 2023, 03:28 (UTC)
# 10
On: Nov 23, 2023, 03:45 (UTC), Written by Entropoid

Ended up having to restart the game to get rid of the siren music.

Lol same. Was in my usual grindspot which is far away from the ocean, the damned music still played...wish they'd change the music too. The fast playing harp gives me a headache. It's more annoying than anything.

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