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UTC 1 : 28 Apr 23, 2024
CEST 3 : 28 Apr 23, 2024
PDT 18 : 28 Apr 22, 2024
EDT 21 : 28 Apr 22, 2024
Suggestion: New Always-Active King-of-the-Hill OWPvP Event with Rewards for the Occupying Guild
Nov 26, 2023, 12:01 (UTC)
413 2
Last Edit : Nov 26, 2023, 12:05 (UTC)
# 1

Family Name: HeartKing

Region (NA/EU): NA

Suggestion: Open World constant PvP event that gives everyone in the occupying guild on the Arsha server a benefit.
OWPvP feels very dead to me and it seems like many others would agree. This was a very strong selling point of BDO in the past and now it seems like a distant memory. I hope to give PA ideas on how we can revitalize and give purpose to open world while also filling a void they recently created in OWPvP with dec changes and all the private room additions.
I suggest there be a capture-the-hill event that is permanent on Arsha where if your guild occupies the hill, every member across the whole Arsha server receives a benefit.
This event would be very malleable to changes and improvements due to its simplicity i.e size of the hill, duration required to capture it successfully, spawn points, etc. You could also very easily add some flare like rotating capture points so the spot where the event takes place doesn't get stale and actually make use of this beautiful open world (Please give me a reason to be in LoML more than once a week! This would be such a good reason!). It would also be extremely easy to keep track of "total capture time" or "x number of kills while captured" that way people can feed their ever-gnawing ego.
The big issue is that I genuinely do not know how you would reward owning the hill other than something like a 50% drop buff or item quantity buff for grinding on that server. Maybe if you own it for 10 minutes each guildy gets like 20 mil and a resplendent medal of honor or something pathetic so it isn't exploitable but at least pays for some consumables. Paying guild funds or access to node war shop after a set amount of time owning the hill also comes to mind. I'm not sure really and it would be something PA would have to think about and determine what is fair to receive. The only problem is that it will be DoA content if the rewards aren't worth the effort and we all know how PA treats rewarding PvP in this game.
There's also the Cho issue where no one but Cho will own it since they have... uh... the most active player base with their legendary "start plat 8" call :) Maybe you would be able to cap the amount of time a guild can own the hill for the day but then we run into the same issue of no contest if the timer is too short and no impact if the timer is too long. Maybe it can be a signup where GM, advisor, or staff are able to designate a small number of champions to fight for the hill. Maybe it just isn't an issue and if Cho members want to dedicate time to hill defense they should and anyone who wants to run into a zerg and get farmed shouldn't feel discouraged.
There is also an issue with alliances where 50 members just straight up won't be able to participate since the alliance system doesn't consider them to be allies. Kind of a bummer.
The next big negative is that Elion's Tears kinda go crazy in OWPvP. But that could be remedied easily by making it so you don't have the ability to tear while in the capture zone.
If the capture zones are near mobs you also have the issue of people feeding you to them since for SOME REASON even though the forum post has OVER 4000 UPVOTES on the adventure board crystals still break. Crystals not breaking would solve this issue. idk something you could just listen to your player base for or you can be petty and not give us what we want even though it is one of the most upvoted forum posts ever xdd.
Lots and lots of issues but I think the effort would be well worth it especially if PA can figure out an adequate reward system.
I'd love some thoughts! ☺
Last Edit : Nov 27, 2023, 17:04 (UTC)
# 2

I like the idea of a permanent king of the hill game occurring on Arsha. 

I think you are very correct about elion tears - in order for open world pvp to feel more meaningful, the way we respawn should be re-evaluated in some situations. 

If you're not sure how to reward participation, the "king" guild owning the hill could receive empowered/superior guild missions only on the Arsha server - guild missions give additional wealth in a community way, and they also require guild members to go out in the world doing things (and thus be vulnerable to further PvP), which might even produce additional pvp hotspots or draw some of their forces away from the "hill" that needs protecting  
Sidenote, and slightly unrelated - i really wish they'd bring World Bosses to Arsha server, for the people who don't mind the anarchy and chaos. People doing world bosses on normal servers do not want to be griefed when trying to loot, but having a big brawl after a world boss is fun for some people... so why not add the bosses to arsha and see if anyone does anything with this?



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