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UTC 17 : 20 Feb 22, 2024
CET 18 : 20 Feb 22, 2024
PST 9 : 20 Feb 22, 2024
EST 12 : 20 Feb 22, 2024
Forest Wagon Wheels etc revamp, no longer profitable
Dec 1, 2023, 10:22 (UTC)
411 6
Last Edit : Dec 1, 2023, 10:22 (UTC)
# 1

The changes on 15th November increased durability of Forest Wagon parts eg.g wheels

Forest Path Wagon Parts (Wheel, Cover, Flag, Badge) Durability
Max Durability 100 → 100 (same as before)
Max Durability 100 → 120
Max Durability 100 → 140
Max Durability 100 → 160
Max Durability 100 → 180
Max Durability 100 → 200
Max Durability 100 → 220
Max Durability 100 → 240
Max Durability 100 → 260
Max Durability 100 → 280
Max Durability 100 → 300

Before patch you would make a wheel with durability 100/100 and you could then sell it on Central Market but was hardly profitable. So most of us would utilise their god awful enhancing system to at least +7 or +8 and bring the durability back to 100/100 with some mem frags before selling at a better profit

With raw materials average today it costs approx 385million silver for a basic +0 and sale price is approx 400million. Hardly worth it to keep the contribution points at the wagon shop. 

So with the old system you would enhance to +7 or above and then use mem frags to bring back to 100/100 and sell on central Market. Cost of wheel plus mem frags etc approx 600m to 750m depending on how unlucky you are with RNG but still make a decent profit selling a +7 for approx 985million

Now after the changes you have to use mem frags to bring it to 240 at +7. an extra 140 Durability points, extra mem frags approx 420Million worth before you can register it on central market.

I brought this up with the GMs and they said "Tough, suck it up!"

I cannot see anyone creating Forest Wagon accessories for market anymore. I just enhanced and "repaired" the 5 wheels I have and broke even and put the contribution points to something more profitable and sell the Traces or use them in alchemy which BDO have also ripped the profit out of but that's another rant.

Last Edit : Dec 2, 2023, 08:47 (UTC)
# 2

In addition

As of 2nd December on Central Market preorders

Forest Path Wagon Wheel

+0 175 On Preorder

+6   12

+7     2

+8     7

+9  37

+10 65

No one will make these anymore for people to buy. The +0 you can make 20 - 30 million profit but why would anyone bother?

I for one got back 14 cont points from Grana and now have three workers making me money

Last Edit : Dec 2, 2023, 15:23 (UTC)
# 3

I really don't care about your "profits" because it allows me to have my wagon gear AFK train for more than 6 hours before it breaks.  

If you want to argue that the max price needs to go up, sure but do not touch the increased durability.

12 265
Lv Private
Last Edit : Dec 3, 2023, 13:41 (UTC)
# 4
On: Dec 2, 2023, 15:22 (UTC), Written by Centaurs4life

I really don't care about your "profits" because it allows me to have my wagon gear AFK train for more than 6 hours before it breaks.  

If you want to argue that the max price needs to go up, sure but do not touch the increased durability.

I also appreciate the change, but I agree with the OP that if an item suddenly costs 420m more to create, even if you are absolutely RNG carried, the prices should be increased to reflect that.

If the current durability went up with the max durability when you are enhancing, that would be one thing, but you have to use memory fragments to get the durability up even if you succeeded.

Last Edit : Dec 5, 2023, 12:28 (UTC)
# 5

Was waiting for one of the 12yr olds to reply so thank you Centaurs "waah I got mine so it not a problem innit bruh" 

No one is suggesting changing the durability. I for one appreciate the extra durability on my Forest Wagon and complete gear set I made myself.

The post points out it is no longer profitable to make these items and is actually negative money. I know there are people like centaurs who gain loot and give it away for no profit as they are such humble heroes but the rest of us tradeskill to make some silver to upgrade our gear. Who will make parts and sell them at a loss ?

Not many people made these parts anyway as you have to do dailies at Merindora, collect traces and weeds and have a worker and workshop/storage in Grana hence the large number of preorders on CM. I did this and was fine with it as I made some coin (like everyone does on gear) but have now got rid of Grana workshop etc and no longer make parts for Central Market. Anyone who was making these parts will also stop. I was putting wheels onto the market every week, i made silver and someone got to upgrade their wagon.

The GM (Zigmund] has absolutely no concept of the math so cannot even go back to their team and point out the problem they have caused.

What could fix it is that when you enhance an item the durability goes up in line with the max durability or like the previous reply change the max prices across the enhance level

Last Edit : Dec 5, 2023, 18:43 (UTC)
# 6

Trade mastery when?



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