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more pvp suggestinos
Dec 6, 2023, 13:36 (UTC)
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Last Edit : Dec 6, 2023, 13:36 (UTC)
# 1


Stop shooting yourself in the foot and give us more meaningful ways to enjoy combat.



1v1 organized.

Make a new 1v1 arena but make it a grand spectacle. It should be a double layer horseshoe stadium layout with all the pvp statues on the second level for all to see. The open end of the horse shoe should be set up for spectating and shoutcasting, everyone else should be able to take a seat and spectate the arena from their seat. This will make 1v1s streamable, if the 1v1 arena is busy it should send out a world notification saying this 1v1 arena is busy right now go check it out. Would be good for guild fun and competitions. This could even allow teams to enter for 2v2 or 3v3 without needing to go to solare or arena of arsha.


1v1 open world

Need something like a hero vs villain system to break people up into 3 factions, non participants, good, evil. There should also be a silver sink system created to facilitate bounties and bounty hunters while also allowing for you to put a hit out on another player and get them assassinated. Go negative 300k become evil, do evil things while evil aligned  gain points for ranking, at a certain level make it possible to accept assassination requests for some profit reduce tax rate as become more evil. Make penance system or community service dailies a requirement for these people to become neutral again, if 300k positive karma gain good person points for ranking and at a certain point make it possible to see evil people on the map as elite mobs, allow them to hunt evil people for bounties higher good points reduce tax rate, 2-3x negative karma gained from killing same alignment players. Make it possible for neutral/ dont want to be bothered players to buy protection.if fighting opposite factions make it impossible to lose crystals or items. Make bounties only startable by a person who was killed, limit bounty 10-20m per person per week. So that it takes 100-200 people paying into your bounty for you to get constantly griefed by the opposite faction. Give hunted a reward if they can escape having their bounty claimed. Something like keep 50% of the bounty placed on your head unless status dictates reduced taxes. Make it cost5-10x the bounty price to have someone assassinated with a similar buy in system. This could evolve into a small team v team if the bounty was high enough.


Gvg open world,

There are things that can't be replicated in a instanced session so make it reasonable to gvg open world, it would be good if there was some sort of reward for participating could even be cool do do some sort of king of the hill guild mission 1-2x per day that would funnel everyone who wants to fight to a specific area and have them fight to capture a node similar to nodewars but in 10-20 man teams.


Gvg ranked 

Great idea, seems like a cool way to fight with your guild for clout instead of because someone griefed your new member at a low tier spot.

Arena of Solare 

Great make available 24/7 , make ranked available from 10am-5pm, maybe have an open queue so people can take a premade squad? Pretty sure this was addressed with custom games.


Red Battlefield

Make payload gamemode, make more maps, queue for match with waiting room before game starts so one team can't immediately snowball, no team swapping, better rewards, penalty for leaving early, some sort of incentive to work together instead of trying to 1vX, vote for next map with people who re-queue, random maps instead of select map, disable ghillie suit completely in game modes.use heatmaps of player conflict to see where most conflicts have historically happened then make maps based off of those areas.make 10v10 guild v guild fights. just make all capped content use the selectable gear from AOS.have capped and uncapped queue, make matches 10 mins at most 15 if include queue time. Will give a little time for strategy. Make fighting within 50 feet of base damage enemy players like in mobas where if you stand in spawn you take damage per second. Payload, hardpoint, team deathmatch preferred.


Node wars

Remove caps use selectable gear from AOS on all capped content make wars possible at noon too minimum or noon, 6pm and midnight. Not everyone can participate at 6pm. Introduce nodewar scoring system where guilds can accrue lifetime points which could disqualify them from lower tier node wars, make reaching a new node war tier pay 5-10x the normal payout to incentivize growing guilds instead of guild hopping.



Make sieges happen less frequently but pay more so it's like the every 2 week or once a month super bowl, i feel like this would incentivise a real fight and give a reason to prepare harder and pull everyone for a big fight. This would be far easier for me because I literally can't siege on Saturdays because of my job. If I only had to take 1-2 Saturdays off  per month and clear the time slot it would be more manageable than needing to be available 3 sieges per month to stay in a siege guild.


War of the roses 

Is a good idea but should be modified to be available when siege or node war isn't so if my above idea to make node wars happen at different times is impossible just make war of the roses happen at midnight and noon for all the people who cant siege/node war, make it 100v100 or 200 v 200 and rotate it through the kingdoms as the days pass. Make 2 kingdoms that are next to each other fight it out by hiring mercs who can accumulate a mercenary ranking, 1-2 hr pre war signups so at 10am and 10 pm notice goes out saying a big fight is coming, pre register  if you want to fight. Make it pay 500m to the loser or 1 billion to the winner, make it take an hour.



I don't know enough about to have an opinion



There should be some standardized buffs for all pvp game modes available from vendor for 50-100m per match that don't disappear on death and last the whole match and that only work in the pvp game modes. If this is a non capped game mode you can bring your own buffs but have the choice to purchase the pvp buffs from a vendor if you don't want to use potions that could be used in higher tier fights.


The goal should be to funnel new players into voluntary pvp then have them expand if they see fit. New players shouldn't be forced to fight experienced people at first but there should be a point where you can no longer participate in the new player only modes. The same way new guilds shouldn't have to fight top guilds. The games combat is too good not to expand on pvp and allow us to pvp in many new and different ways. If i was the lead dev i would have stolen any cool game mode from shooters and mobas and put it in as a temporary event to gauge reception. You could easily do a node war event where payouts are 300m-500m for 2 weeks to see what happens. Things don't necessarily need to be permanent additions until you know its a worthwhile investment. I really don't see why you can't do a trial period for some of this stuff then get feedback and rework it later if it turns out to be something worthwhile.


I personally think that more people would participate in pvp if it wasn't negative money per hour, or griefing. Not everyone is a griefer, the majority of the time I'm out openworld grinding. I don't want to be bothered so I just grief them till they leave or just leave, myself because I don't want to fight unless you have something to lose or I have something to gain. Fighting for the sake of fighting alone isn't enough incentive for me to stop what I'm doing. Then consider the fact that i may be utilizing limited quantities of rare drop boosting buffs, spending tons on elixirs that go away on death, am going to either waste buffs if i win or die and lose 50-150m silver and the spot i was grinding. I don't see why anyone would want to fight in that situation, I may even be using elixirs that I have to gather and craft myself… making it even more annoying to get them back. PCs also can lose crystals… obviously not very enjoyable.


Flagging should also only be possible in a safe zone, if you want to flag you should have to stay flagged till you get to a town, jail or red player town. More red towns please. If you want to flag outside of town it should cost 10-50m silver and last 15-30 mins minimum. So that once you flag you are fair game for the people you intend to grief/harass.


If  you cross the line and do something extremely harmful or illegal a gm should review and ban. If it's below the ban/suspension line you should just get a silver fine/community service, and potentially a bounty so that people will come give you a taste of your own medicine. These sorts of interactions are the most fun and meaningful.cite 1: why most guild wars start in the first place… cite 2 archeage…


We need more depth in the pvp area of the sandbox, less restrictions but more rails and paths for players to progress down without feeling the gear difference or being harassed without repercussions. 



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