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UTC 10 : 15 Feb 23, 2024
CET 11 : 15 Feb 23, 2024
PST 2 : 15 Feb 23, 2024
EST 5 : 15 Feb 23, 2024
[Sorceress Awakening] Revert/redo violation change
Dec 6, 2023, 20:32 (UTC)
295 2
Last Edit : Dec 6, 2023, 20:32 (UTC)
# 1

Title: Revert Violation movement change
Family Name: Kamotiko

Region (NA/EU): EU

The latest update reworked the movement when changing the camera direction during Violation. While making it more intuitive for newer players trying out sorceress, I feel like it's limiting to advanced players. It feels, and might actually be, slower. I've been using Violation during its cooldown for movement and repositioning. Being limited in turning speed now not only ruins your positioning, it makes it more difficult to anticipate actions of the enemy. While I do believe people will get used to it, I also believe it limits potential mastery of using certain combos.
On a more personal note, I fell in love with this class the moment I started playing this game. Every change in animations or movement has been decent, or could be 'easily' adjusted to in gameplay. This change made me feel dirty (in a bad way) whilst grinding. I've never switched class before and never thought I would, and it's now the first thing on my mind. Don't make me lose this lovely class please :(
Either revert it or give players the option of how they want to use Violation. Old and new has both pro's and con's, depending on the situation...
A very sad thanks,
Last Edit : Dec 6, 2023, 21:04 (UTC)
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