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New classes versus new specs
Dec 7, 2023, 00:16 (UTC)
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Last Edit : Dec 7, 2023, 00:16 (UTC)
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I wanted to give my thoughts on new specs versus new classes. 

So PA obviously releases new classes constantly, which players will often roll to due to power or gameplay.  I think it is fair to say that Maegu plays a bit more smoothly than some launch classes. Realistically I think everything from Archer onward is buttery smooth and most early classes need some sort of "tech" for movement, I am not saying old specs and old classes are bad, but clearly PA learned more and more on how to design kits as they continued to do so.

I often hear "Let's do another reboot and redesign" The issue with that is there are veterans who enjoy the way their class of 6 years plays. They don't want the spec they've grown to love to be changed, which is fair. Look at the violation change that just rolled out. Newer sorcs are going to like it while veteran sorcs might hate it.

Another thing I heard was "A third spec for each class will just imbalance the game" My counter-argument to that would be something like, would giving Warrior a third spec really change the game in any regard that a full-blown class addition wouldn't already effect? Would a warrior running around with two swords be any different than a brand-new class running amok? The idea isn't to release some new OP spec, it's to add a new option to existing classes without touching the ones players currently love. Power-wise it would/should obviously be in line with the current succession and awakening specs.

Before we talk about the release order, we need to take a step back and be real for a second. Sure maegu would get her third spec last...but she just came out she hasn't had the same stuff for 6 years.  if they focused on this instead of new classes, then maybe they could do multiple at a time since they aren't fully designing a base kit, an awakened kit, and a succession kit from the ground up for a new class.

I think going in this direction is a win-win. for everyone

I think there are some key pros to adding a new spec to the game with very few real cons.
First. They already have designed base kits, and themes so creating new weapons and skills in theory should be a bit easier. 
Second. Being able to give each class a new kit that is "buttery smooth" like a freshly designed class without touching things veterans love.

Third. Gives players more class fantasy, like Ninja getting a chain sickle, Warrior getting two broad swords, and Valkyrie getting a 2handed hammer just as examples.



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