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[GUIDE] [Ulukita] Faces of the Fort
Dec 9, 2023, 22:47 (UTC)
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[Ulukita] Faces of the Fort

Greetings Adventurers,

Prince Bareeds III wants to know about the story of Asparkan Fort! You have to use your adventurer's senses (blue arrows on the heads of NPCs) to discover stories from people in Asparkan Fort. Gather clues from people's speech bubbles to progress the story. Hand over the Token of Despair (x5) you received to the Black Spirit to complete the quest.

   Table of Contents

1. I feel bad for the prisoners...

2. Begging for my child...

3. Please check on my husband!

4. This potion can cure any disease!

5. Not enough Iron Ore!

6. Lots of talk around the work camp...

7. Money is the basis for everything

8. No way he's a Janissary!

9. Show me your money devotion!

10. Wish I had some nice clothes...

11. That damn beggar!

12. Her crying will bring us bad luck!

13. Where did they run off this time?

14. Why haven't they been dispatched yet?

15. He told us to find something shiny

Here's a list of the NPCs I found and how to "solve their problems". Remember that you need only 5 of them!

◈ I feel bad for the prisoners...

There's a Regretful Guard who's bothered by the fact that everyone is bullying the prisoners (usually he was the only one doing it!). Talk to the 2 Excited Rich Men who are tormenting the prisoner behind the Gallows.

Problem Solution
Talk to the Regretful Guard. Talk to the 2 Excited Rich Men.

◈ Begging for my child...

There's a Begging Woman asking for some money for her child. Upon giving her some money, she tells you that now she can buy food for her child. She and the child then disappear. Right after, another villager reveals that the woman neglects her child and buys herself drinks! Go to the tavern, as the villager suggests. On one of the tables in the corner, you can find the mother drinking. Upon asking where her child is, she just says that she likes to be alone. Then, she starts ranting about the fact that she was once the lover of the majordomo under Tukram. At last, she kindly tells you to F off.

Problem Solution
Talk to the Begging Villager. Find the mother in the Tavern.

◈ Please check on my husband!

There's a woman worried about her husband. She asks us to check on him: he was dragged away protecting their girl. Once we accept, she goes back to work. Next to the Gallows, we can find the husband in one of the prison cells. Listen to the conversation between the man and the soldier in front of the cell. The soldier tells him to "stop yapping". The man (AKA the husband) is trying to explain that a boy kicked her daughter and he was only trying to stop him. The soldier replies that the must've done something to the boy. Also, he reveals that the boy who was kicking the girl is a merchant guild officer's son.

Problem Solution
Talk to the Worried Wife. Talk to the Harsh Soldier.

◈ This potion can cure any disease!

There's a Cultist in the Market saying that he's selling a potion that can cure any disease in the world. A woman complains that there's no such medicine: if it were true, why would anyone die from illness?! The man replies that skepticism is also a disease. Then tells a man he looks pale and weak. The cultist asks if the man suffers from heartburn and painful headaches. The man confirms, takes one of the potions, and claims that it healed him. Turns out the potion costs 100 silver. However, the woman is still skeptical and says that the general good shop of Asparkan Market should be able to tell if that potion is phony. We decide to show one of the potions to Hisala, the General Good Vendor.  Turns out is just Sunrise Herb steeped in water (aka a fake potion). At last, she thanks us and says that she's going to do the same!

Problem Solution
Talk to the Cultist in the Market. Talk to <General Goods Vendor> Hisala.

◈ Not enough Iron Ore!

<Blacksmith> Mukadder explains that they're not meeting our quota for iron ore. He suspects the trade manager. <Trade Manager Appraiser> Ametullah is supplying iron ore and says that they've recently found a "nice vein" and she's looking for laborers. This interaction will activate an autopath leading you to the worker camp under Asparkan Fort. At the end of the auto path, you'll find 2 Exhausted Children. It seems they're using even young children for labor to deliver iron ore. You have to go back to confront Ametullah. She justifies herself saying that children were exploited even under King Tukram's rule and she at least pays the kids a fair share!

Problem Solution
Talk to <Blacksmith> Mukadder. Talk to <Trade Manager Appraiser> Ametullah after talking to the Exhausted Children.

◈ Lots of talk around the work camp...

A Vicious Man says that there's lots of talk around the work camp. Out of Asparkan Fort, near the bridge, there's the work camp. Here, two workers are arguing about a box. Talk to the Infuriated Worker. He convinced another worker to steal the box and now claims its ownership. On the other hand, the stealer does the same. Yes, they're arguing about the ownership of a stolen box.  The interaction with the workers will trigger an interactive cutscene. Bypass them and go to the marked location (golden light). Find <Work Camp Supervisor> Haydar and give the box back. However, he complains about this: he could've told the patrons they got ambushed, but now they're gonna get mad for the package being late!

Problem Solution
Talk to the Vicious Man. Talk to the Infuriated Worker. Talk to <Work Camp Supervisor> Haydar.

◈ Money is the basis for everything!

In the Market of Asparkan, a Rich Man is boasting about the fact that his son knows exactly what he can do with his money. The man taught his son that money is the basis for everything. You can find the son (Boastful Child) at the entrance of Asparkan Fort. He's insulting and hitting another child - with the support of a friend - and then paying him for it. The bullied child hints that an adventurer able to kill mobs in the City of the Dead might be intimidating enough to stop the bully. You have to go grind some mobs in the City of the Dead to get Mark of the Black Sands and show it to the Boastful Child. If you do that, the spoiled bully will get scared and run away. Then, the bullied child will ask you for some money since he imagined that someone who can defeat such powerful monsters must be rich! Upon giving him some money, he's going to complain that it wasn't worth it and being bullied by the rich children was more profitable.

Problem Solution
Talk to Boastful Rich Man. Show Mark of the Black Sands (City of the Dead drop) to Boastful Child.

◈ No way he's a Janissary!

On the bridge leading to Asparkan Market, a Doubtful Man is complaining that a guy is claiming to be a Janissary! At the entrance of Asparkan Fort, you can find a Retired Soldier who's begging for money: he says, indeed, to be a retired Janissary (the title given only to the finest Mediah's soldiers). He claims to be one of those who turned their back on King Tukram's tyranny. Also, he explains he's begging since he swore to not taint the name of the Janissary with lowly labor. Bareeds III explains that there is no such clause in the Janissary oath. Besides, the "soldier" is too young to be one of his father's. Despite the suspicion, you give him some coins. The soldier thanks you. But that's not all! After that, you have to continue the dialogue and inspect the armor the soldier keeps on his side. Something is inscribed in it: "I sacrificed my youth to Mediah's star. And yet, my star became a comet, falling into Mediah. Ashamed I no longer dare don this armor. My body is worn, my heart tired, reminiscing of days long gone... all to be buried in this land." This hints at the fact that not only the man is pretending to be Janissary, but also stole an old Janissary's armor from a tomb!

Problem Solution
Talk to Doubtful Man. Talk to Retired Soldier and then his armor.

◈ Show me your money devotion!

"The Mediahn royalty passed down their crown for generations! But where is this crown now?!" At the entrance of Asparkan Fort, a Follower is talking about Tukram the crownless Tyrant (consumed by the Three Days of Darkness, and the missing prince (Bareeds III). He's preaching about how wise Premier Neruda Shen is! And what a great leader too! He is pretending to be a close advisor to Shen himself! He asks you to show him some devotion, AKA money. While you're talking, you notice a fallen document behind the man. Check the Dropped Paper behind him. It seems like the man who preaches about devotion dropped it. Taking advantage of the distraction provided by the crowd around the man, you examine the paper: "May 13: Collected 4.3 million Silver... Guards bribe: 1 million Silver. Guild registration fee: 1 million Silver. Daily profit: 2.3 million Silver". He's extorting those in need behind the guise of the guild. Talk to the Desperate Man in the crowd. Ask him why he's offering his money. He explains that his child is very sick and he has no means to cure him. He's trying to reach out to the alchemists in the merchant guild. When asked how he's going to get the money, he presents two ideas: rope off a bridge and demand a toll, rob a wagon in Serendia. And even asks if you want to help...

Problem Solution
Talk to the Follower. Check the Dropped Paper. Talk to the Desperate Man.

◈ Wish I had some nice clothes...

At the beginning of the bridge leading to Asparkan Fort Market, there's a Shabby Man. He says he doesn't have money to buy decent clothes. He explains that dressed like that, in a fort full of rich people, he'd be practically invisible. Give him Flax Thread x5. He thanks you and enters the fort. HOWEVER... Upon entering the fort, you can find the Once Shabby Man: he's trying to scam people.

Problem Solution
Talk to the Shabby Man and give him Flax Thread x5. Talk to the Once Shabby Man

◈ That damn beggar!

During the day, at the entrance of Asparkan Fort, a Strong Merchant is complaining about a beggar robbing him every single night. He hiked up his prices, and now the beggar keeps stealing his wares. Wait for the night, then visit the walls above the bridge leading to Asparkan Fort Market. He will tell you that he threw the beggar down the walls. Go down and talk to the Determined Man. He will tell you that he's not going to stop until he dies. Give him HP Potion (Extra Large). He will leave, determined to pursue his revenge.

Problem Solution
Talk to the Strong Merchant (day). Talk to the Strong Merchant (night). Talk to the Determined Man and give him HP Potion (Extra Large).

◈ Her crying will bring us bad luck!

At the entrance of Asparkan Fort, an Irritable Man is complaining about a woman crying. Nearby there's a Wailing Woman. Talk to her. She explains that a few days ago her child was hit by a passing carriage and died. To hide the accident, the escorting soldiers set fire to her body claiming she had died of disease.

Problem Solution
Talk to the Irritable Man. Talk to the Wailing Woman.

◈ Where did they run off this time?

North of Asparkan Fort Market, a Senior Guard complains about some guards skipping their shifts. Nearby some guards are harassing an otter. Talk to the Harassing Guard. The guards tell you to mind your own business while they try to feed an otter with rotten fish. Tell them to stop and trigger the interactive cinematic. Release on them all the frustration accumulated while failing your enhancements. Talk to the Pitiful Otter. The otter is safe for now, but still scared because they know the guards will come back.

Problem Solution
Talk to the Senior Guard. Talk to the Harassing Guard. Kick their asses and talk to the Pitiful Otter.

◈ Why haven't they been dispatched yet?

On the wall NW of Asparkan Fort Market, a Soldier says that the detachment requested a rescue, but their troops haven't mobilized yet! They keep giving excuses and refusing to go. Follow the soldier's indications and talk to the Officer. You ask what is happening. The officer explains that they are waiting because a rescue request means they'll be wiped out soon! And free loot will just be lying around for the taking (aka armor and weapons). Upon being asked why they don't prioritize saving their allies, they reply that they're on the payroll, thus it's not worth it. Moreover, the officer hasn't fought since Tiktamn was a king and wants to keep going. The military is overrun with thugs.

Problem Solution
Talk to the Soldier. Talk to the Officer.

◈ He told us to find something shiny

In the work camp under Asparkan Fort, two children are working. Upon talking to one Working Child, a Wicked Man will suddenly appear. He tells you to go away and that the children are his workers. Tell him he's despicable. He's going to reply that he took in the orphans, giving them food and jobs. Trigger the interactive cutscene and give him a lesson on how bad child labor is! Upon threatening after the fight, the children beg you to not hurt him, otherwise, they won't have any means to survive. You finally leave, unable to change anything.

Problem Solution
Talk to the Working Child. Talk to the Wicked Man, defeat his mercenaries, and then talk to him again.

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