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UTC 14 : 36 Jul 15, 2024
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[Awakening Woosa] [PVE] General Issues, feedback & how to solve them.
Dec 14, 2023, 12:09 (UTC)
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Last Edit : Dec 14, 2023, 12:23 (UTC)
# 1

Family Name: Gameru

Region (NA/EU): EU


Awakening Woosa has an attractive and interesting design; however and unfortunately, it doesn't work. The class has significant design issues that prevent it from functioning correctly in the vast majority of situations since her release. Before this latest overall balancing, the class still had a bit of salvation in some spots of the game. However, regrettably, Awakening Woosa is now slowly dying if it continues to be ignored.

General problems

1. Delayed Damage: Delayed Damage is a cool concept, but completely poorly designed. Especially if it takes so much time to cast in the first place, and then the time to activate. Even worse if the rest of its kit doesn't provide the necessary damage to supplement this slowness. You can't force a class (already slow in itself) to depend on this damage that takes so long to arrive. Damage that it isn't as strong as it should on first place... That's why it's necessary to change how this works.

-Delayed Damage suggestions-

The follow skills:  Bloomburst (피어오르리), Bloom Deluge (떨어지거라) and Soul Cleanse (스쳐가는 영) are fine as they are.

The follow skills: Mark of the Moon (달의 노래), Life Lure (추수) and its flow Seocheon Field (파종) need changes; These three skills need to change the way they work.

First, increase the time during which the flowers are active to a total of 10 seconds. These flowers will no longer activate on their own. Additionally, add a new skill that triggers the flowers that these three skills can create. This new skill should have a 2-second cooldown and include Super Armor to prevent losing that damage due to CCs, desync, or any other inconvenient. To prevent people abusing of flower stacking in PvP, cap the amount of flowers that can be stacked to a total of 2. Capping it at 1 would be counterproductive for the class itself, because in an optimal PvE rotation, there might be cases where the flowers overlap sometimes. Also, because if you grind in a party with another Awakening Woosa, you ensure that both have access to this damage.

Additionally, both Life Lure (추수) and its flow Seocheon Field (파종) they urgently need to be much faster. They are too slow, even with the mentioned changes; it will still be really tedious to use. I am not exaggerating when I say they need to be at least 50% faster.

And to conclude, another attractive additional suggestion, together the new skill, is that these flowers can also be activated through the skill Moonlit Blast (휘영청 떠오른 달).


2. Skill: Blooming Death (꽃부름)

This skill needs its own section; it's simply a disaster and the second biggest burden this class has.

The class depends entirely on this skill, due to her delayed damage and the fact that 90% of its other abilities don't provide the necessary damage as support.

Due to its high cooldown (13s), the class suffers from a significant bottleneck because of this. Literally, the class penalizes you for playing her well or having good gear since this skill will always be on cooldown when you need it, preventing you from creating any truly optimal skill rotation. 

Reducing the cooldown of this skill to 9 or 10 seconds would be ideal. It really doesn't matter if it ceases to be a T3 skill. Everything else is fine with this skill. 

3. Casting Speed

The class is excessively slow, to the point of really feeling like it only functions correctly when you have the Z buff or Shai casting speed buff active. As it is right now, she feels really clunky. Together again, her delayed damage, you have the perfect cocktail of why this class doesn't work. 

However, I understand the concept of the class and that if you want something that feels faster, there's its succession. But this is excessive; it needs some slight changes

-Casting Speed suggestions-

- Add a Casting Speed buff of 10% to a skill, such as Netherstrike (옆차기). (However, if this skill receives the buff, its cooldown will need to be reduced to 2/3s, as this skill is used as a trick to move faster and cancel some skills. It would be counterproductive to depend on a skill like this for movement and at the same time receive the casting speed buff, we generally don't use this skill for damage).

- Additionally, add a 15% casting speed to its class buff, Lunar Serenade (달맞이) . This way, we have support for when the Z buff is not active.

Both Life Lure (추수) and its flow Seocheon Field (파종) needs to be at least the double as faster.

The Skill Moonlit Blast (휘영청 떠오른 달) needs to be slightly more faster.

The skill Mark of the Moon (달의 노래) needs to be drastically more faster.

Note: This changes are with the 10% casting speed buff in mind.

4. Awakening to pre swaps and viceverse

Currently, our only good options from Awakening to her pre-awakening kit is by using Shif+Q or rabams and C key after doing Perilous Waltz (꽃놀이), which is not really that helpful. The C key needs to be MUCH smoother. This way, you can switch from Awakening to Pre-awakening and vice versa more naturally, while also casually using the options we already have.

Swap from pre-awakening with Moonlit Blast (휘영청 떠오른 달) on quick slot is great, but it is too clunky. It would be greater if you could do it but way more smoother. 

As suggestion, being ablo to swap from Awakening to Pre-Awakening by using Cloudrise (먹구름) on Quick slots would be really cool. As the skill is a llittle powerful and would be great to directly have access to that skill.

5. Damage

Except for Blooming Death (꽃부름), most of her other skills lack a bit of damage. It would be good to have a better balance between them.ㅤ

- The flow of Except for Blooming Death (꽃부름) [River's End (물렀거라!)] should have the same special property of dealing back attack damage from the front, just like its previous skill.

- The Skill Moonlit Blast (휘영청 떠오른 달) should deal 30% more damage.

- The Skill Sahee's Descent (사희 강림) should deal 20% more damage.

- The skill Mark of the Moon (달의 노래) should deal 23% more damage.

- The skill Perilous Waltz (꽃놀이) should deal 15% more damage.

- The flower damage of the follow skills: Bloom Deluge (떨어지거라) and Soul Cleanse (스쳐가는 영) should deal 15% more damage. 

━━━━━━━━━━━ ◦ ❖ ◦ ━━━━━━━━━━━

Top of Form

This is a post with the sole objective of improving the existing problems of our class while being as objective as possible and understanding where our problems come from, far from trying to make our class "the strongest" or anything like that, please understand it and do not create unnecessary drama or toxicity in the comments.
And of course, any kind of feedback is welcome as long as it is done with respect and elaboration.

Last Edit : Dec 15, 2023, 00:14 (UTC)
# 2

heres my updoot and some reddit gold kind stranger

Last Edit : Dec 15, 2023, 00:59 (UTC)
# 3

All of that, i beg.

Make Awakening Woosa somwhat of a viable class.

Last Edit : Dec 15, 2023, 13:43 (UTC)
# 4

Please make this eyecandy of a class playable PA

Last Edit : Dec 15, 2023, 18:27 (UTC)
# 5

I love Woosa Awakening, even tho I can't say I have much experience with her.

I would love to see some positive changes listed here going live so I can learn her better.

I mainly play succession, and I love it, but the flowers look really pretty, like a feast for the eyes ^^ 

Last Edit : Dec 15, 2023, 19:48 (UTC)
# 6

I love this class, but she does feel like the neglected spec.  When people say they play woosa, there's no question about spec and it's always assumed Succ.  Then the person asking is surprised and even laughs a bit when you say awakened.  It's just that bad.  Upvoted, and lets hope for some buffs.

Last Edit : Dec 16, 2023, 01:39 (UTC)
# 7

Hi! I've been playing awakening woosa since release and I absolutely love her aesthetic and playstyle. I don't usually focus on the performance aspect of classes too often so i dont usually chime into class balancing but my good friend gameru and I were discussing about the class and they suggested that I should share them in hopes to improve the class.

I think the suggestion to allow her to create timed delayed bursts utilizing moonlit blast to detonate her flowers is such an interesting idea!
However I am kind of on the fence about the suggestions to make her a faster-paced class. I personally prefer slower-paced classes so making her a faster-paced class makes her less appealing for me.

I do agree however that if a class is designed to be slow and have a delayed burst, it should hit like truck. This rewards players who are proactive and plan ahead with their flower bombs which I think was the idea they wanted for the class since that is something not really focused on as a class mechanic before in BDO.

I will also suggest that more of her slower-paced spells like sahee's descent, moonlight blast, and mark of the moon to also naturally spawn extra bombs if the player decides to complete the animation. It is quite a slow animation so I think players should have this idea of, "do i want to complete the cast for extra damage, or do i cancel it early to do another ability/move out of the way".

Mark of the moon also has a lot of utility that is lost if the player decides to use the 100% bsr version of it. The normal ability applies a doomflower debuff and has a 250hp on-hit recovery on the last hit which is amazing for sustain. The 100% bsr version does not apply the debuff or provide any hp on it. I think these utility aspects for the ability should be retained in the "stronger" version of it.

One thing I would really love is a rework for her spell "Bloodflower". Currently it's simple 200hp/mp regen for 30 seconds for the party which is a little boring. I think it would be more interested to have it maybe drop flowers that explode in a radius to heal allies. Maybe that would be more on-brand with her unique aspect of delayed burst damage, but in this case, delayed burst heal.

Hopefully our feedback makes it through! Also happy holidays everyone <33

Last Edit : Dec 18, 2023, 23:43 (UTC)
# 8

my point of disagreement is that the trigger for manually detonating flowers should not be restricted to a melee range aoe and would be better served done by a new or reworked skill so she doesn't lose a damaging attack when she wants to ranged bombard on larger fights

Last Edit : Jan 17, 2024, 14:27 (UTC)
# 9

Most interesting class and spec but I agree it feels like it was left unfinished. 

I agree totally with Gamer changes. Hopefully PA reads these threads. Every patch update I check to see if there is any woosa changes but it never comes. Almost all the other classes are getting massive buffs and we continue to fall behind.

Last Edit : Jan 27, 2024, 18:07 (UTC)
# 10

It really blows my mind that almost every class has gotten major buffs yet awakening woosa still hasn't received any significant changes and is being neglected once again.  Are the devs even reading the forums? Or just the korean forums because why is awakening Woosa still struggling with the same issues it had at the release of the class... 

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