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UTC 17 : 14 Apr 22, 2024
CEST 19 : 14 Apr 22, 2024
PDT 10 : 14 Apr 22, 2024
EDT 13 : 14 Apr 22, 2024
Make more crop exchanges available
Jan 4, 2024, 17:35 (UTC)
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Last Edit : Jan 4, 2024, 17:35 (UTC)
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Family Name: Knights_Radiant

Region: NA

Suggestion/Comment: Could there be more exchanges available for crops from the NPCs that already offer it? Right now, I think only onions, garlic, and red pepper are the only crops you can exchange specialty for, correct? That's great - but only for a FEW recipes for cooking or alchemy. How about doing it for mushrooms or pumpkins or well... ANY crop? 



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