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UTC 22 : 45 Apr 22, 2024
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Nova SUCCESSION UP PvE! Please notice us!
Jan 9, 2024, 17:19 (UTC)
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Last Edit : Jan 9, 2024, 17:19 (UTC)
# 1

Category: Class Balance.

Reason: Nova SUCCESSION Too weak PvE segment, lack of accuracy at Ulu-Kita spots, etc..

Nova SUCCESSION Requires Up PvE and PvP - Why didn't you update it like the others? Why don't you notice the problems of this class? Why are you making the already strong Guardians in the legacy even stronger? Nova SUCCESSION Lacks insane accuracy for Ulu-Kita, lack of Damage, 1100+ attacks picks at Darkness for 20 seconds and more... When the Guardian is 5-8 seconds... Scolaria 7-8 seconds...
Why do people playing Nova SUCCESSION ask you to introduce a slope cutting debuff, but do you ignore it? Why do they write to you that she doesn’t have enough damage, but do you ignore them?
All classes currently have insane damage, they forgot about Nova SUCCESSION... which has 1000x4-x6 and up to 1700x10, but you need to take into account that there are skills that take a long time to cast, yes there are calls, but they are not a panacea, they don’t do that much damage damage, 50% calls, 50% new. but the calls also have 1400% damage... We need to increase the damage, on new spots there is an insane lack of damage... And constantly with 950+ accuracy you can see on mobs “Miss Miss...” the class does not have more than 1 buff of its own for accuracy, or dodge debuff, and has 5-8% skill accuracy, why do you hate it so much?
I also want to mention that the Skill that buffs Nova by 50%, the chance of a crit for 5 seconds is TOO short in duration! Previously = You could press "F" it lasted 10 seconds and during these 10 seconds you could do combos, etc... Now you press "F" especially in a mass mix before the Burst = You only get 0-1 skill with crit. .. if you press "F" to buff again, you die! Extend the buff to 10 seconds.
Let's touch on PVP = with skills 1000-1300% x 4-6 she has a cut from 55% to 70% when many characters 2600x14 have a cut of only 60%... or 2600x20 (Guardian Legacy) with a cut of about 65%, it’s also not clear why.. Nova's legacy doesn't live in Mass PvP because she always hits in Resilience, she has no healing, no damage, nothing... the cuts are colossal and crazy, 50% chance of crit for 5 seconds, which doesn't give anything in Mass PvP use...

We have written many times about the problems of Nova SUCCESSION, we write again and ask the developers to pay attention to this class! rather than ignoring it completely.


Last Edit : Jan 9, 2024, 19:26 (UTC)
# 2

Some of her skills are just laughable. Swooping Ring deals close to no damage (9x1100% with -50% damage reduction in pvp) both in pve and pvp while being a Prime skill with slow animation. As mentioned in the first post Frozen Earth deals 10x1700% while having high cd and a very slow cast time. Zerker's roar deals at least 1.5x damage more than it (which is semi-understandable for a 40 sec cd skill) while being an instacast skill. Let alone Guardian Succession's skills. True, Axian (the bat) and pawns add more damage but Axian drains extra SP over skills' own SP cost. And what we get for having these extra damage from pets? Having subpar damage on skills compared to other classes damage skills' raw numbers. She has chain damage mechanic in some of her skills, the mechanic itself broken so you good luck dealing realiable damage -or damage at all- with chain damage skills. Please address these issues already. Right now Nova's only strong side is "being annoying" because of pawn ccs that people think they're random which is not true. Even streamers like Armin admitted that she is weak but annoying. Nova can bear losing some her her ccs but having low AP/Accuracy while having no AP/Accuracy buffs and 0% accuracy rate on pawns really hurts her both in pve and pvp. Some of the classes have both which is like having 2 free accuracy accessory and deboreka set effect over her. The worse thing is you can't see MISS indicators when pawns miss. So if you're not a veteran player you might be unknowingly losing considerable damage in some spots if you're playing Succession Nova. 

Other than since her release Quoratum's Vigor passive (+40 HP regen) ONLY works outside of combat which makes it practically useless. I sent a couple of tickets adressing this issue but I didn't get any positive answer. 

Last Edit : Jan 9, 2024, 22:36 (UTC)
# 3

You'd be better off asking for a full rework of the class. I don't think they can make the class good with its current kit. 

Last Edit : Jan 10, 2024, 14:58 (UTC)
# 4

She used to be so amazing.

But, then again, this whole game used to be so amazing.

I'm fascinated by the fact that BDO's and Nova's fates seem intertwined.

I am not a robot

Last Edit : Jan 12, 2024, 12:46 (UTC)
# 5

Would love to see a hardcapped player grinding dekhia Ash... with succ nova.

The mob slows you... which is sentencing you to eventual death.

Speaking of slows, +20% slows casting/movement are super unfair towards slow casting + slow movement classes. The debuff is a straight animation slower, classes that instantly cast a skill in 1s their casting becomes 1.2s while classes that take 5s it becomes 6s, maybe an exaggeration but the whole point of slows was to bring faster classes to a more aproachable speeds but instead slows hurt slow classes exponentially more than fast classes.

Reason why one of the must have addons on musa/drak/awak sage is slows, makes it super easy to punish slow classes.

You gave scholar a Rabam that removes slow debuffs because shes a slow caster, you forgot others...

Last Edit : Jan 12, 2024, 17:01 (UTC)
# 6

As the lore says, Nova is the forgotten princess of Calpheon.

Bites that they're so keen on playing up the lore here.......

Last Edit : Jan 13, 2024, 03:38 (UTC)
# 7

Nova Succ deserve a buff in PvE and PvP like Say @Nowar every classes get buffed When Nova receive mostly only nerf and now Nova Succ is far behind, even more in PvE where she is .... BAD.

PA please give some love to the Queen ! 

Last Edit : Jan 13, 2024, 09:27 (UTC)
# 8

Succ Nova would be cool if soldiers and Axiom lingered more hits.

But I think PA is worried about her overperforming even more in PvP, and just want every Nova to swap to awakening and grind.. which is lame because this is just a sign of an abandoned class.

Maybe double all Axiom and Solder damage hits, with a reduction in PvP damage.

This was deleted by the writer.
Last Edit : Jan 17, 2024, 08:53 (UTC)
# 10
On: Jan 17, 2024, 06:41 (UTC), Written by EnragedHusky

I don't want to be mean but when it comes to pve succ nova is very underrated and that is most likely why they are not buffing her. If you are pulling bad numbers in pve you have a very bad skill rotation and you need to work on that. I only pve on succ nova and with lower ap I get well over the average per hour. At jade forest with agris and lvl 2 loot scroll when I had 285 ap I was getting over 1 billion silver an hour only using villa, food, and frenzy. I have tagged almost every other class and succ nova kills jade mobs faster than any of the classes I have tested using their pve combos that are supposed to be good for pve. I made my own succ nova combo for pve and pvp so it's not the class it's your combo.

uhh so whats your combo? let me try it out to compare with my awk witch tag

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