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UTC 12 : 41 Jul 19, 2024
CEST 14 : 41 Jul 19, 2024
PDT 5 : 41 Jul 19, 2024
EDT 8 : 41 Jul 19, 2024
Update Character Creation
Feb 15, 2024, 02:11 (UTC)
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Last Edit : Apr 29, 2024, 03:22 (UTC)
# 1

Character creation options and depth is something PA and BDO should pride itself on. It's always been one of the BEST of any MMO. 
But there's many lacking areas, things games older have as options that BDO doesnt
as time has gone one, even new hairstyles cant even be changed in length, or design. 
Things have been getting more restrictive. 

Hairstyles that certain hair ornaments have should be available (even if you add a pearl shop to the customization screen for the extra work) as hairs for their respective genders for all classes, let us edit the lengths and placement like the old hairs.


This is in HIGH ULTRA and it look 480p all tattoos need a remaster and resolution fix and more of a variety. we've had the same tattoos since day 1
Also Tattoos should have better editing, better mapping, better wrapping around the body, more realism, and better coloring pallettes.
We should also be able to choose more than 1 at a time, having a few slots to add customization.

Facial Features

While there are also Facial tattoos, we lack things like Scars from battle our adventurer may have endured. Something every game out there already has as character customization.

Make up needs updating, and also making freckles not be the same category as blush

Customization as a whole needs a remaster!

EDIT: Added good suggestions by the community

Remove color palettes for everything and add RGB wheel. 

Make Skin color palette a RGB wheel of skin tone colors only

Improve body sliders including for head size

Improve facial sliders to be easier to use

Improve muscle sliders to be less unnatural around the elbows and knees. When muscle sliders are used the arms look more natural than the elbows do

ADD BACKGROUNDS IN THE CHARACTER EDITING MENUS ( and dye menus) to give realistic and better lighting so you can properly color things


Last Edit : Feb 15, 2024, 02:56 (UTC)
# 2

Agreed; this is something that has been needed for quite some time.

This would also be a good chance to update the textures on a number of face makeup options and increase the quality of them.

Last Edit : Feb 15, 2024, 13:30 (UTC)
# 3

Some classes are just really neglected. One voice, one face type. It's like hehhh??

Hair styles are an issue, and I discussed hair ties, too. You can pull the hair around, but you can't tie it? It would def lead to some early-Haruhi hairstyles, but that wouldn't be so bad.

I guess they could so some pearl crap, but I would like basic ability to tie hair in various ways. It would change a lot.

Last Edit : Feb 17, 2024, 00:25 (UTC)
# 4

agreed for a game thats been aournd for 8 years their customization options are very lacking.
20 hairstyles for males , a few more female....laughable.
new indie games coming out with 40 hairstyles by default.

tattoos: very basic and many classes miss several options that others do have, like zerk and guardians war paint.
facial tattoos are a absolute joke
and the body ones can not all be moved so u are stuck with them on awkward places.

Last Edit : Feb 18, 2024, 09:15 (UTC)
# 5

Long-time needed change. 

Also I just want a bit less restrictions when it comes to facial features. Let me make proper elf ears, come on 

Last Edit : Feb 18, 2024, 20:48 (UTC)
# 6
On: Feb 18, 2024, 09:15 (UTC), Written by 文昊

Long-time needed change. 

Also I just want a bit less restrictions when it comes to facial features. Let me make proper elf ears, come on 

This would also be great. Improved bone structure editing 

Last Edit : Feb 18, 2024, 21:21 (UTC)
# 7

Yeah it could use an overhaul for sure. Agree with every idea! Would love an option to give all characters elf ears, you can make some pointy but they're not as noticeable as an actual in-game elf. Would like a headsize slider as well. More in depth customization for the bodies too (some of the female characters are rather busty no matter what you do). Come on PA it's 2024! Update your character creation! A few new hairstyles here and there aren't going to cut it. It needs a FULL rework/overhaul!

Bonus: If they ever add a fang option for all classes as well as be able to change fang size, that'd be amazing. Would finally be able to have a vampire character in this game. Would SO use it for my sorc, dark knight, and nova. Oh who am I kidding I'd use it on ALL of them, lol. It's just weird that you can customize almost everything else, but not their teeth. If you can it's very limited.

Last Edit : Feb 19, 2024, 00:13 (UTC)
# 8

Please also add number values to ALL sliders!

Last Edit : Feb 19, 2024, 16:36 (UTC)
# 9

They could sell hair packs and print money. Start off with all the hair (or "hats") available to each class in one or two packs. Example: Nova Hair Pack A and Nova Hair Pack B.

Then slowly release hair packs that are cross-class. Example: Female Hair (minus Shai) Pack A, Female Hair (minus Shai) Pack B, Male Hair Pack A, Male Hair Pack B, etc. That would be easier than "cosplay" a whole outfit just to have another class's hairstyle and Shai seems to be the only one with a really unique structure.

Some basic hairstyles still need to be added to every class, like a buzzcut and fade. Military haircuts are not just for Hash, they look good on women too: see Sigourney Weaver, Demi Moore, Sinead O'Connor, etc. Put in defaults for every class.

I also agree, the low rez tattoos are an eyesore. I'm not a big fan of tattoos but c'mon we know they can do better.

And yes to scars, moles, freckles and the rest.

Last Edit : Feb 20, 2024, 01:10 (UTC)
# 10

All I will say, LOOOONG hairs please :(

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