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UTC 21 : 40 Apr 22, 2024
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#Dark Knight
Why i stopped playing succession dark knight and why it feels so bad to play it compared to before.
Feb 20, 2024, 12:38 (UTC)
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Last Edit : Feb 20, 2024, 12:51 (UTC)
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So i wanted to talk about succession dark knight becaues i feel like this class feels so awful to play and i want people to try to understand my perspective i understand this class is not liked by alot of people due to its insane pressure in 1vs1 but please be patient and try to hear me out.

the reason why i stopped playing succession dark knight is for multiple reason number 1 its weaker than awakening in PvE and number 2 id argue now awakening is better than succ DK in most matchup or content in general. now why is that isnt succession dark knight the highest damage combo class in the game??? doesnt this class has spammable CCs? isnt this class fully protected? hear me out.

so there was a patch they buffed the hell out of succession dark knight aka the C RMB patch where succession dark knight can 1 tap hard capped valk. i want to talk about this update in particular.

first they changed W F( prime air strike ) to full Super Armor and added stamina cost. basically this change means that if youre a good Dark Knight knowing how to W F at the right time this is a nerf because we dont always use W F to attack but rather we use it for the Iframe to avoid damage also this skill can be cancelled by Dusk. so it was so unnecessary to add super armor into this skill people might argue oh well I CANT USE W F VS RANGED CLASS as if the Super armor was going to change anything lol you will still get 1 tapped without CC........ but if youre new or not that great at using W F this is a massive buff to people who want to spam the SKILL nonestop to attack which is against the design gameplay of succ dark knight...... also why is a skill that can be used to TP at the back at the enemy FG BE SA? thats extremely unbalanced please I BEG PLEASE REVERT ALL THE CHANGES ON prime air strike i hate it so much its so unskilled this skill. if you want to improve this skill give it longer range simple dont have it protected its crazy dumb. because of the stamina changes we cannot move as the way we used to and basically at some point we will die thats just really bad for a class that has 0 defence.

Prime ravage rake is GOOD EXAMPLE of improving a class new FG thats good thats a great change.

Prime lunacy of vedir this skill got its Bound removed and the issue was in group play when someone was on the ground KDed by someone and someone is trying to pressure or grapple the succ dk we had to use it as part of our protection rotation but what it did was it would mess up the cc limit and i remember people would get annoyed by me because of that and its understable free kill but its gone because of that bound. so they removed it but what it did was that the skill because useless to use and infact its way more riskier to use the skill beacuse its a free grapple. basically meaning we use the skill less and we can recover stamina less it would be nice to add a stun CC on this skill to fix all the issue ive mentioned above the class feels imcomplete without this skill being useful. make it lingering Super armor as well so we can suprised with prime nocturne more often.

Prime Kamasylvia slash the the thing that broke succession dark knight for a while, before all the changes this skill was a decent skill not super good but its decent the issue was this skill had alot of damage but you can almost never use it to hit anyone unless you are fighting a melee class if youre fighting a ranged class basically you have 1 skill less thats how annoying it was to use it. there is still a bug where this skill doesnt work with chain dusk. so they added a patch where we can combine this skill with C twilight dash which was a great change vs ranged classes but the skill was way too powerful. it was an INSTANT LONG RANGED PROTECTED BLOCKJUMP THAT CAN 1SHOT YOU AND KD YOU!!!!! what were you guys smoking lol. so the skill obviously got nerfed but it got nerfed so badly for example. WHY DID YOU MADE THE SKILL USE CHARGED DAMAGE WITHOUT CHARGING IT????????????? all you had to do was remove the FG make it unprotected and make the damage uncharged. that would have balanced the skill. but nope you had the nerf the charged damage instead then the skill damage itself, and the worse part you nerfed how it lands on people which basically makes the skill RNG 50/50 on landing so basically my old Charged kama slash got worse then prebuffed.............. so explain to me WHY WOULD I CHARGE THE SKILL ALONE WHEN THE C RMB DOES THE SAME DAMAGE???????????? so there is an option to use in 2 different ways but in reality there is only 1, literally ruined the class.

S F with keyboard input will always consume dusk please make it like the hotkey one so it wouldnt consume dusk it would be a massive Qol change.

Prime pervasive darkness please make the second hit FG as well and remove the -DP and add -9% evasion. remove stamina comsumption as well lol it makes 0 sense.

there is a very old forgotten mechanic about nocturne you can change kama slash fully and combine nocturne and do a blockjump but the issue is there is a delay making it useless to use it please make it instant but Remove the FG. 

Succession shadow bullet -20% guard guage yea i can never use this skill........ why would you give me something i can never use it real combat LOL move this to prime slanted balance instead like you guys are so low iq no offense.

i miss playing succesion dark knight QwQ. it feels like the current succession dark knight does not fit my playstyle anymore therefore i quit it.


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