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QOL: Party Loot Improvement Idea
Feb 22, 2024, 04:53 (UTC)
122 2
Last Edit : Feb 22, 2024, 04:53 (UTC)
# 1

Family Name: Wolflind

Region (NA/EU): NA

Suggestions/Comments: Add a list that each party member has access to, of all drops in the zone you are currently in, accompanied by images of each drop and a check box next to each image. When you check the box next to the item it will prevent you from picking up that item after you have obtained it. This will allow you to still pick up all of the other drops aside from the one you checked so other party members have a chance to pick it up.

Example: Your whole party is grinding specifically for the Flame of Resonance. You all open the item drop menue and select the Flame of Resonance. When all members have checked their respective boxes, an additional box highlights itsleft for the party leader to check that will lock in the parties agreed apon selection.

As you are grinding, one of your members will get a Flame of Resonance drop. When they do, the selected item on the item list will grey out and they will no longer be able to aquire that drop again during the time they are in your party.

This funtion will remain in effect as long as you are in the party. So even if you enter another zone only your previous zones settings will apply.

Warning: This won't work on an Honer system!


1) For this to work, the system would have to keep track of every storage, the Market wharehouse and every inventory of every ALT that each party member has to ensure there isn't any shady moves such as sending the flame they got somewhere else so they can trick the system in letting them pick up more.

2) It would have to continue to block that item for all party members for a specified amount of time (say, an hour?) incase they make the exscuse that they need to break from the party to handle an issue IRL in order to sell their flame and rejoin the party thus resetting the drop limiter.

3) Figuring out how to handle division of both the Embers of Resonance and the Flame of Resonance at the same time, because if they get the flame they won't be needing the embers. And if they're getting the embers it would have to cut them off when they reach 100 pcs I guess? (This problem applies to all drops of that nature).

4) Does it matter if a part member gets a flame, leaves the party and finds another party to join so they can get another?

5) There could arise issues and loop holes if the party leader is shady and finds a way to minipulate the settings for their own gain.

I'm not sure how to solve those issues.

I'm open to ideas

Last Edit : Feb 22, 2024, 08:18 (UTC)
# 2

Afaik, in group zones, each member gets their own loot, so you're not sharing.

What you've described here would just make piloting services easier. BDO is not a game where you grind with a party member to share stuff (although it's possible and done quite often @ crypt).


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