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Install the Black Desert Launcher to start the game.

The launcher will appear if it's installed.
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1 Run BlackDesert_Installer_NAEU.exe to install the Black Desert launcher.

2 Start the game once installation is complete.


UTC 9 : 48 Apr 13, 2024
CEST 11 : 48 Apr 13, 2024
PDT 2 : 48 Apr 13, 2024
EDT 5 : 48 Apr 13, 2024
QoL Improvement: Mass Processing Whale Tendon Potions
Feb 22, 2024, 14:37 (UTC)
154 1
Last Edit : Mar 2, 2024, 01:22 (UTC)
# 1

Family Name: Veralium
Region (NA/EU): NA
Suggestion: Improve alchemy speed of converting green Whale Tendon Potions into blue by adding Ibellab Essence recipe

Much like the previous elixir issue we had before the implementation of Ibellab's Essence, it simply takes too long to simple alchemy green Whale Tendon Potions into the superior blue version. Please allow it so we can use Ibellab's Essence to convert them at 10x the rate, as opposed to being able to only do one at a time like the current iteration.



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