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UTC 22 : 19 Jul 24, 2024
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Add Manor functionality
Feb 28, 2024, 20:58 (UTC)
980 4
Last Edit : Jun 12, 2024, 20:00 (UTC)
# 1

Family: Aaesyr
Region: EU


- add a manor (and eventually many differently themed manors) as one time purchase(s) on the pearl shop

- add a manor in game UI where you can check out your purchased manors and choose which one you want to use as default, you can access all the rest from this menu but for the default manor add a teleport button in the function menu (where the fairy and the tent are)

- add a teleport to manor and then back again function such as the existing function for black shrine/red battlefield to all manors

- add a storage container as a one time purchase on the pearl shop, wasting 10CP on the rentable one seems like a waste (edit: this exist and I bought one :P )

- add the ability to get vendor NPCs in your manor such as fruit vendor, cooking vendor, priest for church buffs, etc... even if each is a pearl shop item

- add a magnus well in the manor, again even if it's a pearl shop item

- add a stable to the manor ... even if it's a pearl shop item

Last Edit : Feb 29, 2024, 06:23 (UTC)
# 2

farming there

just something functional .. 

Having a manor is exactly like having a residence anywhere on the map, it just has more space.

Last Edit : Mar 7, 2024, 07:29 (UTC)
# 3

love the manor stuff, hate the pearl shop idea

Last Edit : Mar 7, 2024, 10:56 (UTC)
# 4

First of all they should remove fee for owning a manor.



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