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Seasonal Tuvala Tips
Wizzleboom Feb 16, 2021, 00:15 (UTC)
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Posted Feb 16, 2021, 00:15 (UTC)
# 1

-You get enough Naru gear stones from finishing main story mediah quest to make TWO Pen sets which you can then trade for tuvala Pri gear.

-DO NOT USE FAILSTACKS ON NARU OR MEM STONES OR CRONS EVER. Just slam them to Pen, you have tons of stones to do this easily.


-Now that you have two sets of Tuvala you can enhance your main set to Tri easily (use the 100% stones if you want to get it faster).

-Now you can keep this set of Tri as your farming set and the second set will be the backup/enhancing set as you progress. This makes failing enhancements hurt less, it uses slightly more materials but in the long run works well.

-Be careful enhancing the accessories because they will be destroyed if you fail.

-Season is a good time to build failstacks as well, talk to the blacksmith to buy books to store your stacks or do the quest for naders band/visit the pearl store/loyalty.

Posted Feb 23, 2021, 23:53 (UTC)
# 2

- Failstacks I recommend for Tuvala:

DUO - 15 - 25.  30 max if you have an excess.

TRI - Use the Stones that guarantee enhancement.  If you don't have any / enough, use 25 - 35.  40 max if you have an excess.

TET - 40 - 60.

PEN - 60 - 80.  90 max if you're desperate or have an excess.


- Highly recommended not to use Crons on Tuvala since Tuvala cannot be sold.  It is a sunk cost.  Only benefit of Crons for Tuvala is saved time.  Best option when you have a bad RNG streak is to farm for more enhancing materials, build more failstacks, try again, and rinse repeat until full PEN.  It really is pretty easy on Seasonal, since all mats are so easily obtained.  It just takes time.  So if the time and effort is an issue, then it's up to you.  I wouldn't.  Because there's so many other things more worthy of Cron use.....things that can actually be sold for silver.  But if the RNG and time, effort is too much for you, I understand.


- Failstacks are quite valuable, especially high ones, like 90+.  I understand if some would rather Cron a TET Tuvala on a 90 stack, I guess, but my conclusion for them choosing to is that they do not have the time, do not have the drive (effort), or do not have the knowledge on how to make efficient use of failstacks and Cron Stones.  Need to make calculated decisions and intelligent enhancement attempts.

Posted Aug 3, 2021, 02:30 (UTC)
# 3

Hi, returning player here. For seasonal, what is the best way to go about accessories? Right now I'm rocking the free asula set you get from farming mobs. What is the next advancement? Should I pen the naru acc? Accessories scare the hell out of me cause I dont want to lose them.


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