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Succ Nova PvE Buffs
Mar 8, 2024, 16:44 (UTC)
1410 3
Last Edit : Mar 8, 2024, 16:44 (UTC)
# 1

This hasn't been getting any attention in class feedback or offtopic so I'm posting here. 

Succ nova has been in a miserable spot for a while now. It's been close to 3 years since she was gutted and had all pawn accuracy removed. Even with the recent addition last patch the hit count reduction put her in an arguably worse/even spot to where she was before. With less hits we now get less heals off of elixirs at high end spots and the damage is not noticeable with the 50% accuracy on some skills with pawns.

We are all do tired of seeing the other half of our kit, awake nova, being constantly buffed when it is not needed. Much like the recent warrior buffs the past Awake buffs for Nova cam at a time where she was already strong and further pushed her ahead of other specs in PvE. I'm not sure why you ,PA, choose to ignore the entire other half of the Nova kit. Did the class designer quit? Are you reworking her succession? It is by far one of the most beautiful specs visually and thematically. It is tragic to see if in such an unplayable state. If this spec was meant to only tank in PvP then at least make her block more useful or pawns accuracy in PvP a little higher so they actually CC. As of today Succ nova is the sweatiest PvE class si.ply because you don't pull 80% of what other classes do at a mid/high apm rate. In PvP you are a 1v1 Bully or dead. There isn't really an inbetween for this poor block class. Valk- has 100% and is insanely fast with heals/PA. Warrior is a 1v1 bully with a talented distance closing grab and decent dps/mobility. Guardian - just is. 

Succ nova needs lots of love at this point or a recommended rework to make this class actually function outside of Masochism. 


Last Edit : Mar 9, 2024, 16:54 (UTC)
# 2

Justice for Nova!

She has endured her exile for far too long.

OP classes have been introduced since her debut, and though they have been nerfed too, they're still very relevant, and have powerful unique features to them.

Nova has nothing remarkable.  She is queen of......... pawns that do nothing real.  Her HP recovery is a joke compare to other classes, esp. Succ. Warrior.  He's a true tank.

Nova ain't even close.........

Hear us, PA.

I am human

Last Edit : Jun 23, 2024, 08:21 (UTC)
# 3

That's a definite on both Pc and Console Succ Nova needs some MAJOR LOVE. There's no question that version of Novas kit needs to be buffed and reworked to really make her a good class to play, version of her at least. Because currently it's just not it with how you have things now PA. Get it together because you consistently bugging awak nova and other classes that don't need it but ignore such a beautiful class Succ nova and have for years. PA seriously you need to buff Succ Nova and rework the kit to make her an actually good tank character and class



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