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UTC 23 : 27 May 18, 2024
CEST 1 : 27 May 19, 2024
PDT 16 : 27 May 18, 2024
EDT 19 : 27 May 18, 2024
Triple characters tag
Apr 8, 2024, 13:57 (UTC)
162 2
Last Edit : Apr 8, 2024, 13:59 (UTC)
# 1

Name : Okimura

Server : EU

Suggestion :

Please give us the possibility of having a 3rd tag

The number of times we get stuck because of this...

-We tagged a 2nd character to test him but we have to untag him because we need to play a character we know for x content

-we have two character tags but there is a 1000% XP event so we have to detag for XP our alt

-we have two tag characters but there is a new class that has just been released and we would like to test it directly on end game spots

-we have two character tags but (group content) needs a Shai and none are available

-we want to tag 2 characters but we would like to keep our old main

there are plenty of cases where we find ourselves regretting not having the possibility of tagging a 3rd character.. please consider the possibility of having 3 characters tags instead of 2

Last Edit : Apr 8, 2024, 17:14 (UTC)
# 2

We really should have multiple tag slots to our main gear.  Only 1 character can get XP funneled to it, but we should be able to copy the gear to many characters, just increase the cost to tag every time.  If I could have a Zerker, Musa, and Woosa tagged to my witch, or even just 2 that would be a huge improvement.  I wouldn't have to decide, "who do I want to spend 4B silver to tag" or at the end of a tag event "Am I okay with having this class tagged for the next few months until it comes back?".



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