UTC 13 : 1 Jun 29, 2022
CEST 15 : 1 Jun 29, 2022
PDT 6 : 1 Jun 29, 2022
EDT 9 : 1 Jun 29, 2022
[Sage][EU] High (Re)Roller
Apr 13, 2021, 22:27 (UTC)
2994 13
1 2
Last Edit : Apr 13, 2021, 22:38 (UTC)
# 1

A Sage, Shai and Hashashin walk into the Golden Toad. The Sage looks around stunned at what has changed around him.

"You fools! I sealed myself away decades ago to combat this dark energy, yet you are rolling dice with its manifestation?!"

The Shai enthusiastically responds, "I mean, kills the time doesn't it!"

"Oh how times have changed...” the Sage laments in dismay.

The Hashashin rolls and a freshly cooked Balenos meal appears from thin air. “I shall wager you this delightful snack should you land doubles” he taunts.

The Sage lets out a weary sigh, "Give us a go then!" He grabs the dice and makes his roll.


High resolution version:


Family Name: Cherrycake4

Server: EU

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Last Edit : May 4, 2021, 14:04 (UTC)
# 3

I like this :D

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Last Edit : May 4, 2021, 21:08 (UTC)
# 5

Part of the fun of fan art can be seeing the game through another style.  I think that is a feature, not a bug.

Last Edit : May 4, 2021, 22:42 (UTC)
# 6
On: May 4, 2021, 18:35 (UTC), Written by Coaladex

This is barely average.  The art style doesnt match the games art style.  Sheesh.  The Shai doesn't even look like a Shai.  Still a decent drawing, but not really award worthy of any kind.  It's fun to draw things we like though so keep it up?  Is that the right thing to say? lol


Feel free to draw some art for everyone to critique too :)! I'd love to see your crack at the games art style, I'm sure people will reply with the same kindness and positivity you put out. I mean the Pearl Abyss team who look at art contests consistently for years should just give up I guess, because clearly they have nothing on your truely profound wisdom.

I hope life gets better for you buddy.

Last Edit : May 4, 2021, 22:42 (UTC)
# 7

This is awesome and brightened my day. Keeping it for my background image. 


Talent! <3 

Last Edit : May 4, 2021, 23:52 (UTC)
# 8

Very nice, I really like the lighting.

Last Edit : May 5, 2021, 19:35 (UTC)
# 9

I really like the style and movement of this. I'm also loving how the dice board looks. I wish that it looked like this in game. :D

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