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UTC 17 : 7 May 28, 2024
CEST 19 : 7 May 28, 2024
PDT 10 : 7 May 28, 2024
EDT 13 : 7 May 28, 2024
Can't progress with the Magnus quest
Apr 17, 2024, 21:34 (UTC)
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Last Edit : Apr 17, 2024, 21:34 (UTC)
# 1

This is a little technical for these forums maybe, but I don't know how to submit a ticket, can't find it here... So i have been offline for several months and when I came back I couldn't figure out how to procede with the Magnus questline, I left the quest Golden Lion of Serendia II halfway and didn't remember what I should do next or what i did before. So i forfeited it, planning it to do that quest again. Now it won't let me accept the previous quest through the spirit, when I enter the Abyss it says "press RMB to go to the NPC etc etc." but if I press RMB it simply says "no navigation for this quest"... I have no idea how to get back on the questline, nobody will talk to me in the abyss and there are no interactions I can do to get unstuck, there are no more quests I can forfeit... It's like I'm simply locked out of the questline halfway.

What do I do?

Thank you!

Last Edit : Apr 18, 2024, 05:57 (UTC)
# 3

I did try, but I can't find anything named "activate golden lion of serendia" in the altar. I went into the abyss but there is nothing I can interact with to continue...


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