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UTC 12 : 45 May 26, 2024
CEST 14 : 45 May 26, 2024
PDT 5 : 45 May 26, 2024
EDT 8 : 45 May 26, 2024
Suggestion: Add this hairstyle for male classes~
Apr 24, 2024, 14:37 (UTC)
147 1
Last Edit : Apr 24, 2024, 14:37 (UTC)
# 1

Family Name: ScapeGoats

Region (NA/EU): EU

Suggestions/Comments: This is one of the best hairstyles in game, and since it looks so much like traditional male asian hairstyles I think it'd be a nice addition, either in Character Creation or as an "accesory" in the PS. 
The example shows a "male" Woosa wearing it to illustrate it:


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