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Cooldown Slots "shimmer" effect allows only 1 instance of the effect at a time. (It only shows once every 3 seconds)
May 12, 2024, 07:03 (UTC)
687 1
Last Edit : May 12, 2024, 07:04 (UTC)
# 1

When a skill comes off cooldown, the cooldown slot has a little shimmery effect to indicate that it's 

off cd.


This shimmer effect can only occus every 3 seconds.

In this video I use the left skill first, then the right skill that has exactly 3 seconds CD.

If I use the second skill before the first one is off CD; it will be less than 3 seconds from the time the first one comes off CD.
With that in mind, you can see that shimmer effect is only on the left skill and doesn't appear on the right side.

After that, I use the second skill AFTER the first one comes off CD, meaning it will pass a little more than 3 seconds after first skill comes off CD.

With now that in mind, you can see how the second skill also receives the shimmer effect.

This would be nice to get fixed, because it would make it easier to notice them without taking the eyes off the action. Having a visual effect when a skill comes off cooldown is pretty standard in modern games to indicate for the user that the skill is available.

On the more technical side; I think the problem is that the system can't play more than one animation of this kind and since the animation lasts 3 seconds, "starting" a new one during that time won't have an effect because there is an already playing animation.


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