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#Suggestions #Game Presentation
Teddy Twighlite's Lifeskilling Feedback
May 14, 2024, 21:34 (UTC)
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Last Edit : May 14, 2024, 21:34 (UTC)
# 1

What's up everyone, Teddy from the Twighlite Family over on NA here with something I normally don't do. For everyone that knows me, knows I LOVE Lifeskilling in the game. For those who don't however, Lifeskilling has always been a great way to relax in Black Desert. From 2016 when I started playing to 2024 Lifeskilling has seen a TON of changes: some that were good and a LOT of nerfs.

This is not going to be a post about just increasing the Silver we can make which is the NOT the solution but rather point out the flaws and give some suggestions on making Lifeskilling fun. I'll try to be brief and not TOO in depth with this but if you just wanna listen to some points videos are down below :D

Lifeskill Levels

Starting off is the general Lifeskill Levels. Back in 2016 to 2018 these were the ONLY thing Lifeskillers had to really worry about which was fine. Most of the skills relied off of the level with Master or Guru offering end game content we could tackle once we invested all the time into. Now, with the introduction of Mastery A LOT of the lifeskill levels are meaningless and with every update. Take Fishing for example

Hitting Guru used to be an endgame goal JUST for the hotspot fishing and the Harpoon Fish. This was one of the reasons why I tried so hard to hit Guru Fishing but then the nerfs came to Fishing lower in the form of Mastery. On paper and the tooltip Mastery looks great but once you start fishing you quickly realize at +3 you'll find 1 Ghost Whale every 2 to 4 hours and the price of the ghost whale is abysmal. Prize fishing out in Margoria is no better with % not helping any leaving only AFK fishing during the events that were added AFTER the nerf to make Fishing "Feel Alive".. This was done for almost all the Lifeskills already WITH Trading being removed*

There's no longer "endgame" or Guru Content to play around with every activity being made easier with other activities. This even includes how they'd rather extend the same thing from g51 onwards at some point down the line like how Gathering no longer needs underwater gathering for Coral Crystal being replaced with SMH (sea monster hunting) alchemy rare procs, and the worker sacks even with Mastery "increasing the chances of gathering rare drops" which leads into the next issue. 

Lifeskill Mastery

Lifeskill Mastery is a complete joke. Introduced back in 2018 Mastery was supposed to give Lifeskillers more to do in the game and progress with. In theory this was a great idea and I remember the Community excited for it... until the update dropped and we got to see all the different ways lifeskills were made into a silver sink.

A silver sink? Really..?

I know a lot of you will are ready to start typing out to mob grind or play a different game but why does one activity have to spend so much silver JUST to play that aspect of the game? Example: Tuvula is handed out Free, Boss Gear from Oasis, Costumes, and 95% of the login designed for combat gear while Lifeskilling has to spend 150 bil for 1 PEN Manos IF someone is either brave enough to take the 5% FIXED chance on wasting the 20 Concentrated Black Gems worth 10-20mil each and 25bil Accessory. Then, you find out you didn't need PEN accessories because all the new events and items added gives you 2.1k Mastery while still using the 2 TRI equalivant Manos that can't be enhanced like almost all the free PVE gear.

Is it really worth the Trillions for all PEN when a lot of the Lifeskills aren't benefiting from it? No, most of us consider TET to be the best and PEN a complete meme. This doesnt have to be the case though, take Processing for example. We should be able to speed up how fast we can process the materials opposed to the amount of materials instead. The amount can easily be moved to the Processing Stones or the clothes like Processing Success Rate.

But I get it, they've already made Processing OP with being able to Process things from your Storage and its thrown into the inventory or how the Fairy has a Processing Costume but that leads into the next issue. 

"Needing" Real Money

Where to begin... lets start back in 2016 with the Treants Camoflage added to the Pearl Shop that included that +2 Gathering or the Splat Fisher that increases Fishing Level. I remember when this was considered sooo pay2win that people refused to play the game, talk about it, and this hasn't exactly changed.

When you look at Lifeskilling compared to PVE or even PVP you start noticing a glaring problem with the Pearl Shop. Lifeskilling "requires" real money. And, I don't mean we HAVE to pay to participate but just to keep up with all the other Lifeskillers in the game or you feel left out. $40USD every month for 3 different buffs that are 90% pertaining to Lifeskilling, needing a hedgehog/llama, 1 or EACH costume (for some multiples), Fairies, storage, maids, etc. 

Why is it all everything Lifeskilling is locked behind a paywall? Shouldn't we be allowed to buy things off the central market? This doesnt mean there's nothing for Lifeskilling from the Pearl shop on the Central Market but for most of the items its like trying to buy an PS5 and settling for a PS2: it plays games but theres better.


A quick solution could be changing some of the redundant bonuses for better more "pay2win" for the money we spend for them or give us some in game alternative to it. A great concept was the Artifacts and Lightstone Combinations being able to be right under some of the Costumes or in some cases better but falls into the issue of everything being phased out. Anyone remember the Donkey Costumes... no? Well, that leads into another problem.

Shai is What Now?

Once upon a time back in 2019 PA revealed the Shai. This class was the only support class able to Mob Grind, Heal others, AND boasted an "aptitude for lifeskill activities like Alchemy and Gathering."

Cool, new class that can also be used as a lifeskiller but most went to Mob Grinding. What did Pearl Abyss do?

Thus mob grinding for the Shai was limited and forced to either reroll your class (and all the pearls spent on that toon) or lean into Lifeskilling that was nerfed to make less money while Mob Grinding Trash had the value increase after. PA made a class to nerf into being a niche class then nerfed the role. Its bad enough we're excluded from almost all costumes that comes out, gender locked while other classes has an opposite, and the ONLY class that has Lifeskilling skills.

Why not add Otters, Papu, the Bunny People, Turtles, Tiger, DWARVES, or ANYTHING to act like an opposite or even just its own Lifeskilling class this way the Shai doesn't have to be changed more for something thats being nerfed more?

In Closing

Lifeskilling needs more love instead of constant nerfing to always be JUST a hobby you do when you're bored. Being a lifeskiller went from a fun experience trying to get those Ranks to living from Central Market listing to Central Market listing like we're the lower class workforce of Black Desert which I mean come on! Its been YEARS since most Lifeskilling (not JUST Hunting) was profitable. Now its all based around how AFK you can make it and how much can you spend to make that 1bil

This is NOT to say Lifeskilling hasn't had some major improvements for the new player base and some even for the veteran players but when the motivation and incentive to do anything is being unified or simplified which results in the values dropping and forces us Lifeskillers to go seek it out elsewhere. 10% of the playerbase or not, PA can we get some type of hug or something to help make Lifeskilling meaningful in some way?

Share this, leave a comment, anything to get PA's attention! All the support is appreciated and yes, I know this is NOT for everyone. This is for those who enjoy Lifeskilling and still play the game after all these years like me. But, as always. Keep Gathering out there!

Last Edit : May 14, 2024, 22:27 (UTC)
# 2

To add a little more to the list that I didn't get to bring up the whole needing all that energy to invest into nodes for trading then after being told it was being removed, asking for a fishing chair or any boat and getting a chair to just sit on and several boats not related to Fishing, bartering, or solution to the only being able to use a cog or fishing boat to the dead harpoon fish.. Horse costumes limited to select horses all costing $30usd, the camel ohhhhh man I know it hurts to buy a costume for it to be told the Dine is better and a waste of another $22. How many reworks to Trading will we get and they're all designed to lose money and eat the materials devalued by the unified lifeskilling. No way of rerolling a fairy or the skills without real money unless choosing a whole new fairy? Imperial deliveries nerfed twice. Lets not even get into speculation with the cron stone update coming to mastery gear either. But even with all this I still don't think I've scratched the whole surface either. 

Not sure why I should feel bad for lifeskilling but it feels dirty and wrong gathering or cooking 😅 (sorry for adding on) again this isn't to direct hate at PA or to tell you NOT to lifeskill, make a protest or riot in the streets just a little support or criticism to help Pearl Abyss see there's still a handful of the community that loves lifeskilling like me and don't wanna see it thrown in the garbage another year. I love that I can call Black Desert my home for the last 8 years 😁

Last Edit : May 14, 2024, 23:00 (UTC)
# 3

I would also add that lifeskills leveling is highly unbalanced. Cooking, processing, gathering, hunting is relatively easy to get guru 50 but try to get even guru 1 in sailing...

When combat grind is not time gated - you can even grind 24/h if you can but some lifeskills are time gated. Energy recovery sucks if you don't want to leave PC 24/7 running, barter capped at 3 refresh per day.

The money from some of them is so low (even from active play) that one is discouraged to start at all. I would like to have really cool active fishing with decent money. Activity where you need to keep attention 100% of time should be more or less equal. So active fishing ~= active grinding.

I wish barter will be again at least decent money without any daily limit, sea monster hunting should give good money after 6 months+ of farming carrack with blue gear +10 and good sailors set.

Give as back nicely reworked trading that is not based on crafting packages for month and then trade them all in 1h for 10mil/h profit.

Last Edit : May 14, 2024, 23:19 (UTC)
# 4

Let's not forget about no farming too, we've been wanting something done with farming and what we got was a costume and fences requiring real money. Another time gated lifeskill that forces you to waiting hours before continuing. The value of materials makes only 3 or 4 Crops viable to make money with. Alchemy Stone ehnahcingnjust as bad as Mastery but oh the purifying lightstones. Complete money sinks designed to make us mob grind instead having no paywall, time gate, or investments like lifeskilling lol anyone else?

Last Edit : May 15, 2024, 02:44 (UTC)
# 5

Ohhhh boy! Crimson Desert must really need more Funding... They added MORE Lifeskill Ingredients we can now buy using real cash to be used at Beginner1 Farming using a Fence that says "requires master1" too! And, here I was forced to level up the old Fashioned way when I could've hit master1 using $110 for the 8 Fences and clothes. (lets be real, how long before we can just swipe our card for ingame Materials?)

Last Edit : May 15, 2024, 17:25 (UTC)
# 6

Another day, more slaps to the face! Let's start out with all the ways Pearl Abyss reminds the player base they're making combat the only focus of the game. Looking at how they offer lifeskilling items is 2 different ways, you have to buy them with real money or a raffle.

That would've been fine but then you realize Oasis Supressed Boss Armor/weapons, Tuv gear, free BS, and ALL the costumes for combat is given out. We get items that constantly have a rental period.. with energy and the lack of perma solution given out were limited to the energy and the duration/durability of the tool which only lasts a day if your really doing lifeskills.. at least give us some kind of appreciation instead of forcing us to mob grind. Leight tools were a great idea until you realize it's 50 contribution points and that's insane.. a fence or a storage box is 10cp each (best example of making a paid object obtainable using the game alone)

Last Edit : May 15, 2024, 17:53 (UTC)
# 7

Back again with another way pearl Abyss wants to make lifeskillers feel bad for playing, the ships skins... why are they so expensive and only give a small amount of stats for what they're worth??

$30 for a set that could be worn on all the boats up to carrack was tolerable but still kinda insane when the other costumes are $20 to $22 and the carrack skin.. the skin that can only be worn by the carrack, comes with a special visual effect, and Movement Speed +3%, Weight +600LT, Durability +100000, and Turn +5% for... $63usd?!

Carracks are being made sellable in the central market later on this year and the skins are still unlistable AND cost the most out of everything in the pearl shop!? They could've been made a treasure or some fun interactive way to earn the skins like the fountains for manors.

So put on those tinfoil hats on! The "Trader" ship that the blueprint is floating around is being placed into the game as a guild boat.. why are we adding blueprints for a trading boat that is labeled guild?? 

So we had trading removed to rework it again after the original trading failed, imperial trading failed, and the rumor trading failed..  only to be given a guild trade boat to do the new trading.. the boat will probably require a new $40skin, both boat and skin won't be tradeble either, and less weight than the carrack. The trader boat IS subjective to change keep in mind.

Last Edit : May 16, 2024, 19:43 (UTC)
# 8
Thanks Teddy for starting this thread!

I really miss active trading. It was fun watching everyone come together to try and trade during each rumor session. The amount of wagons on the road was amazing! I know it was a flawed system, but I hated seeing it stripped out when it brought so much life to the game.

I feel like lifeskilling has always taken a backseat to combat/pvp. It's an afterthought. I don't understand the alchemy revamp only to come in and combine all traces/fruits to the detriment of alchemy. Surely, it is time to make Imperial alchemy worthwhile.

Lifeskilling should be more profitable and fun. I know some sour sod is going to tell me to just go grind. But why should I? I've spent tons of money in the pearl shop for lifeskilling. Why must I feel like I'm doing something wrong? Why does combat pay more than active lifeskilling? I want to play the game how I want to play it. Is my $60 carrack skin, my horse skill tokens and resets, my wagon skin, my pearl shop lifeskill clothing not worth more silver and fun in this game? I'm quite honestly tired of being an afterthought. We lifeskillers do deserve better. Just my two cents.
Last Edit : May 17, 2024, 08:22 (UTC)
# 9

Normally, I'd just accept defeat and go to mob grinding and all but after playing other games that actively tend to the lifeskillers in their games its sad knowing we're an after thought meant to finance the other aspects of the game. There's many aspects of Lifeskilling that's been ignored and only get looked at partially a couple years after we've been complaining about.

Sure increasing the values of the items would be a quick fix but doesn't fix anything and has shown to do nothing but I mean we could get new Guild Missions that demand those unused materials or lesser demanded, new imperial boxes or something to use more dishes or elixirs or reworking the imperial deliveries for Cooking and Alchemy for example. We could even take a page from Archeage and make the Prize fishing valued more or just increase the amount of Prize Fish we can get. 

The second half of the Land of the Morning Light is coming out and it would be a perfect time to introduce Guru only activities over there which could increase the want to hit Guru or even drive more people over to the island to do Lifeskilling. A hub or anything can be placed out there but just the same thing on the otherside only for Guild Bosses keeps the the LoML barren as it has been since you can just Teleport to the bosses and no one bother LIfeskilling out there. 

I do have some shred of hope PA will eventually start looking at Lifeskilling as something a tad bit more than a way to charge us as much as they can but hey I could be a little too optimistic and should stick to Eve Online if I want to feel like I matter as a Crafter or Gatherer.

Last Edit : May 17, 2024, 13:55 (UTC)
# 10

As a pro lifeskiller in BDO, I support this post. 

We need much more endgame lifeskilling content. 

Give us 3k mastery.

Overhaul the life tiers to include tiers beyond guru.

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